1. DB30DE87-018D-4B89-B072-25C8D0BD3ADD.jpeg


    Port Royal Bay - South Carolina (Pentax k1000 35mm)
  2. SoloDrifter1980

    Looking for ideas on Abandoes

    So I'm going to be making my way back east and attempt to make New England (my last General bravado) this year once again. During my trek first north, by rail, and intially on east by rail and was wanting to incorporate visiting Abandoned Structures/Things along the way. Does anyone have any...
  3. Cornelius Vango

    Photos Slab City Library 2018 update

    This past winter season at SCL has been INTENSE. Mostly in a great way. We've had ups, some downs and were thrown a few loops. Overall, I feel like we've grown quite a lot. This is the first summer since I've re-established the place that it's been able to continue running without me for an...
  4. Cracker

    squatting washed up boats

    There's a shitload of boats washed up everywhere in Florida after the hurricane. Even when there isn't a hurricane there's abandoned boats all over. If you could paddle to them on a raft or kayak or something they would be a great place to squat. I'm living on a boat right now and there's a...
  5. Linda Hansen

    Photos Introduction

    Hi, everyone. My name is Linda, just recently turned 52. Living in my van with 2 dogs, whom I dearly love. Tired of boiling to death when my older dog decides to climb in the driver seat BEHIND me! He's still pretty much a puppy, just turned a year old in May. I am trying to find out the best...
  6. VikingAdventurer

    Video StP Cribz!

    Here's a little something that @sofarfromhome & I made today. It's a video tour in the style of "mtv cribs" of the squat we've been living in for the past few months. Enjoy!

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