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  1. balaperdida

    shipments to U.S. embassies

    I am wondering if anybody knows if you can receive a shipment at a U.S. embassy. I will be close to Bangkok and I need my head meds sent from the states. it was no issue In terms of price when I was in scambodia, but I paid way too much in Thailand. I would rather not have to return to phnom...
  2. balaperdida

    Photos Street art of south east asia

    So far, I've been travelling through Vietnam, cambodia, and now I am in thailand. Been really enjoying the street art, graffiti on French colonial buildings and kicking it with local bums...well sorta, this one cunt stole 700 baht from me but I was dumb enough to ask him to find me some uppers...
  3. balaperdida

    It's about time

    Hey STP, Im finally doin it. Been years of working and paying the rents trying to jam myself into the mold of what is expected of me, dreaming daily to just drop it all wander the earth by any means necessary be it hoppin freight, hitchin rides, sleepin rough, eating scraps. After years of...