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  1. MoKarnagexvx

    Screeching Weasel April 23, Philly

    Hey! I just found out Screeching Weasel is playing on the East Coast, Philly on April 23rd. They have been one of my favorite bands since I was a baby punk, and I have never gotten to see them. Tickets were supposed to be 19 bux, but now they are sold out and Scalpers are asking like 80...
  2. MoKarnagexvx

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    So I recently realized that the way that I feel about a certain situation is post traumatic stress disorder. It has been realy hard for me to figure that out because normally I am not a sensitive person. I deal really well with stressful/emergency situations. But apparently, sometimes...
  3. MoKarnagexvx

    Hey Yall, from Richmond, VA

    I'm Mo from Richmond, Virginia. I'm not super experienced with hopping, but I'm hoping to go on some more rides once it is warm out. I live in a collective house in Richmond that we bought, its where we do Richmond Food Not Bombs and have sober shows etc. Definitely down to hang out with...