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  1. Geraldo


    Anyone ever had a BOB yak or a BOB Ibex before? I'm going to be bike touring with my bae and my 10-lbs ball of fluff that someone decided is a dog. I've found a couple used ones on Craigslist for a decent price. I really want the Ibex instead of the Yak because, at 10-lbs, he's very easy to...
  2. Geraldo

    Ride Offered Portland to ?? (Probably East)

    @MolotovMocktail and I tired of Portland and wanting to gtfo. We are leaving on August 17th at 3 pm sharp. I've had far too many people in the past get pissy when they message me hours after the departure time asking where I'm at. I have a gnarly truck that can seat six. Tell me where to go and...
  3. Geraldo

    Complain about your pet here

    I get it. Everyone loves your dog/cat/rat, "he/she is the sweetest thing alive" they say. You know the truth, though. Your little lovely pet is a douchebag. Let's complain about the little assholes we love dearly here! I'll start: Cujo is such a fucking housie scum. He loves me so dearly when...
  4. Geraldo

    Ride Offered PDX -> DEN -> Ft. Worth -> Austin

    Welp. I'm taking the big fat gnarly truck out on her maiden voyage. It's gonna be me, Cujo, and one of my friends. My friend is an amazing guitarist and wants to busk a bunch, I have a semi-decent singing voice. If anyone's interested let me know
  5. Geraldo

    My pack. The nice expensive deathtrap (Advice?)

    I just bought the most amazing pack in the world. It's three pounds, fits me like a glove. All the weight is on my hips and not my shoulders/back. I fucking love this pack. But there's a teensy tiny little problem: SWEET HELLO KITTIE JESUS THIS THING HAS SO MANY FUCKING STRAPS AND HOOKS AND...
  6. Geraldo


    My name is Geraldo, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. The chick with purple hair and the "I will fucking murder you" eyes in my avatar is me. That terrified-looking ball of fluff in my avatar is my dog, Cujo Jonathan Bear. I'm planning on heading out in mid to late August. I've taken off...