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  1. Hazardoussix6six

    Couch Offered Couch offer in CinCinNati, OH

    Got anyone passing through the old SinSinNati, OH area. Catch my girl and i on a good night and take ya out for beers, free food from either of the bars we wprk at most days. If you like beers amd bikes well get along just fine lol.
  2. Hazardoussix6six

    Appalachian trail, 2018.

    Believe this fits here, cause I'm looking for others to join. here or destinations but that didn't seem right..idk please move if wrong area thanks! Anyways I've been thinking about hiking said trail for a few years now. have done a decent amount of research, and have logged many years on the...
  3. Hazardoussix6six

    NOLA jambo?!

    so it seems most active users, at least, are either going to the jambo at the slabs or Halloween in NOLA. being one of the unfortunate to not make slabs this year , how about an STP members Meet up in NOLA? sorta east coast mini jambo!? Anyone interested I'd definitely contribute some bottles...
  4. Hazardoussix6six

    my mistress, the road

    so as a travel sick being I always seem to find the one love of my short life...'The Road. she's always there when I need her, always welcoming with open arms, an always there no matter where I roam. when I'm housed up doing the 9-5 life, with a gf and car etc...shes always in the back of my...
  5. Hazardoussix6six

    Seeking Ride 2 kids 1 dog trapped north of Waco,TX

    2 kids looking for a ride from fort worth down to or towards Austin Texas. Any help would be tight. Can gas jug and spange like crazy
  6. Hazardoussix6six

    Seeking Ride South Denver to Colorado springs

    As most people know I've been home bumming in Denver for a minute. Regardless been actively trying to get south for a few days and have found out southern Denver sucks. Home bums run every corner so no luck on bus fares. And every entrance ramp on 25 is gawdawful. Hindsight says I should of...
  7. Hazardoussix6six

    The Pie Hole; Denver, CO

    If anyone is ever out in Denver you gotta hit up this pizza joint call ThePieHole. Dollar beers and some amazing pie! Munching on a potato slice right now. Also the entire inside is decorated in graffiti just a cool little punk pizza spot! Check it out!!
  8. Hazardoussix6six

    Denver what's good!?!

    Be in Denver tmrw afternoon, what's good? Anyone around wanna chill drink some brews? Also what's good to check out in the area!?
  9. Hazardoussix6six

    Seeking Ride So close, yet so far away Indy > KCMO

    If anyone is near the Indianapolis area I really need a ride west! Not even that far! If I can make it to terra haute,IN from cloverdale,IN (roughly 25miles) I have a ride all the way to KCMO to meet up with a friend who will be arriving in KCMO tmrw sometime! Have to get there by 5am...
  10. Hazardoussix6six


    If you know what a steelie is...kudos. turns out you love cheap ass booze. Also tho, that shit creeps, for the price steels r king. Can get 2 24oz steels for 2.67$ in Indianapolis. Not so bad. A single pbr of the same oz is like 2.25$. Who's got a good/cheap beer story?!?!
  11. Hazardoussix6six

    Got jumped in a hick(ass) town.

    So first of all this did not happen while I was traveling. Happened in my home town actually, About 2-3weeks ago. So details are a bit fuzzy *insert copious amounts of alcohol here* but here's a jist of it. Little background on the town. Lawrenceburg,IN located about 40 miles west of...
  12. Hazardoussix6six

    Seeking Ride West of Cincy, OH. Help!!!

    Trying to meet up with road dawg north of me now. Currently in lawrenceburg,IN need to catch a ride to Hamilton area and beyond if possible. Only about a 40 mile ride to meet up with him. Hitching this area is notoriously non existent! Small town very conservative. Help!!! Also thought I'd...
  13. Hazardoussix6six

    Float, 2 the unknown.

    Here it is, my exit from a more than toxic city for myself. Cincinnati,oh the downfall of my trust and reliance in friends. After years off and on here I learned Cincy is the fakest city I've ever encountered. After my x cheated on me with my good friend of years, I realize Cincy is too clique...
  14. Hazardoussix6six

    Florida sarasota

    Found myself in Sarasota area today. No real plans but want something to do for the fourth some people to chill with. Anyone in the area or passing by?
  15. Hazardoussix6six

    Float returns to the road.

    Hello STP. My names James a.k.A Float. Travelled back in 201`1-2013 but stationed up here in cincy an been here ever since. This week I'm back to the road though. Plan on heading straight south till I hit the coast then west through Nola and Austin. No set plans obviously just have a rough...