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  1. Rjratfink

    Well.... Hell i confuse me

    I don't even really understand why I'm making this post right now or then perhaps? It seems that when I try to fit in and get out of the band a job, lad I'm miserable don't know how to associate or "fit in" with anyone. It's easier to talk to people online however when I'm traveling it seems...
  2. Rjratfink


    I miss you fuck face. Your laugh. Your goofy fucking smile that says "you're an idiot but I love ya" I miss how excited you get over stupid shit. I miss how you always smell like a fucking French fry.
  3. Rjratfink

    This is not a dating site lol

    Just delete my drunkenness haha
  4. Rjratfink

    Ello gov'nah edited

    Well I was rather drunk when I originally posted this. I figured I should give it another shot haha. First of all, my name is Rj I am very easy to get along with as long as you're willing to give me a chance. However I am not very good at talking...unless I've had a few beers. My girlfriend...