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  1. NattyKiwi

    Photos Any other Dreadheads out there ?

    Aloha! Howzit guys ? I was looking for a thread about dreads and anything that has to do with them weather it be pictures, stories, or pros and cons about them while on the road. Mine are about 2 months old now but the ocean has helped a ton. So ill just post a pic of mine now days, and lets...
  2. NattyKiwi

    Video Hawaii Nomad Livin

    Aloha Nomads! Im back again with another video for whoever wants to see it. This video is a montage of some of my time here so far. Da palm trees, clear ocean, cliff jumping, clear skies. and chillin at some locals spots. Its lookin like ill be staying here for another full season before...
  3. NattyKiwi

    Video Real Camping In Hawai'i

    ALOHA Nomads, Iv been in Hawaii Since Nov 2015 and am loving it. Iv been staying at a farm doing 20hrs of work a week for food and a room. I still like to go back to the basics tho and camp out! Nothing like it in the world. Here is a video of a camping trip in March.
  4. NattyKiwi

    Any trimming work in NorCal ?

    Hey Nomads, It feels good to be back. I was looking into getting a trimming gig this fall Anywhere in Northern California. Does anybody have any info on good farms or good areas to talk to people ? If I just went there with no leads id probably find something right ?
  5. NattyKiwi

    Busking with laptop and Keyboard ??

    So I was walking down Ali'i Drive the other day and seen a group of travelers playing guitar and singing for some cash. They weren't bad, but played alot of songs i could of guessed. I was wondering if i set my laptop and bluetooth speaker up and played live mixes on the corner. Some stuff...
  6. NattyKiwi

    Photos Left home in April

    So, I thought id say hey to everybody and share some info on my journey so far. Iv wanted to leave for a very long time, and always talked about living a more free life of travels, meeting people, sharing, and just experiencing life in general. Good and Bad. Everyone who knew me would pretty...