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  1. SammyG

    Albert Lea MN?

    You'd be way better off hitching up i-35 into the twin cities.
  2. SammyG

    My hitchhiking summer gear

    Hammock with tarp > Tent
  3. SammyG

    Yoho A Carribean Life for me...

    There's ways to get there without a passport, it'll cost ya though.
  4. SammyG

    Yoho A Carribean Life for me...

    Cuba is honestly a way safer bet.
  5. SammyG


    Dude I in Minneapolis I've thought of doing this for awhile. Just hard to find info on.
  6. SammyG

    Gear list

    You seem to be questioning yourself a lot, I've found that while traveling you just gotta say fuck it and learn by experience. Take what you think you'll need and you'll learn what was and wasn't necessary.
  7. SammyG

    Blow out/ditch kit

    Can of fuckin fix a flat, some flares, beef jerky, and a god damn steel reserve
  8. SammyG

    Newbies looking to Hitchhike cross-country! ?

    I got a couch for y'all in Minneapolis Minnesota if you pass through!
  9. SammyG

    1996 Chevy Suburban

    Anyone live out of a suburban before?
  10. SammyG

    Rubber Tramping Vehicle of Choice

    I just acquired a 1996 Chevy Suburban with about 270k on her, should work just fine.
  11. SammyG

    Favorite Hitching Routes

    What are your favorites routes and destinations? Most fun cities?
  12. SammyG

    Hitching with more than one person?

    How much less viable is hitching with two people? Do you get less rides? Is it worth it?
  13. SammyG

    Where to safely leave your pack if needed?

    I've had success just zip tying my shit to pipes under bridges or just about any obscure piece of metal out of sight and out of mind.
  14. SammyG

    New to stp

    Welcome !
  15. SammyG

    Your First Time On The Road?

    IN all honesty, just fuckin go at it. 100% winging never fails.
  16. SammyG


    I'm still pretty green, but this sounds very ambitious, there is a high chance that you will be lost, stranded in a cornfield, or taken the wrong way. This is not to discourage you, You should definitely do careful research, read the guide posted in the train hopping section, find someone...
  17. SammyG

    Rubber Tramping Vehicle of Choice

    For all you rubber tramps out there, what is your vehicle of choice and why? How do you afford gas?
  18. SammyG

    We are absolutely crazy! Silver spoon to living in a pickup and having the best sex ever.

    Just followed ya on instagram, slipperywhenw3t, love to meet up and road dog sometime,
  19. SammyG

    Vape instead of Cigs

    I have heard all kinds of stuff about vapes not being tested and juices having harmful chemicals, however this could all be nonsense, especially compared to cigs.
  20. SammyG

    If I pull a knife should I use it?

    By all means if you are to pull your knife, use it and use it well. That being said, learn to judge situations, and people very well so you can be sure it IS necessary to use.
  21. SammyG

    Got fucked up and now i gatta go

    Hitching in the South isn't easy.
  22. SammyG

    Photos Bandos in the Minne

    Just a compilation of photos I've taken fuckin around and exploring the Twin Cities, Some of the photos are from an abandoned Halloween attraction in a cave, some from drains, some from old grain elevator basements,
  23. SammyG

    Photos Bandos in the Minne

    Here are some photos of places I have explored throughout the Twin Cities.
  24. SammyG

    Adventure Fails

    It was warm(for Minnesota) day in February, the river was cold as hell.
  25. SammyG

    Adventure Fails

    got washed out of a drain in flash rain storm..
  26. SammyG

    Sleeping bag/bedroll vs Hammock/Tarp

    Eno Hammock+Tarp=set for summer.
  27. SammyG

    Most Dangerous Region

    Definitely Missouri. Fuck missouri.
  28. SammyG

    sales tips & tricks

    Working as a retail manager, this shit is so damn accurate.
  29. SammyG

    Photos Chernobyl

    Little late i guess, but damn Chernobyl is pretty much the Mecca of urban exploring, I gotta make a pilgrimage soon.
  30. SammyG

    Experiences with German version of Gortex?

    I have a full set of german cortex gear ranging from pants to pack, they seem to be of comparable worth as they held up in flash flooding in NOLA a few months ago. I find them to be of similar quality.
  31. SammyG

    New Directions

    Come stop by Minneapolis/St.Paul
  32. SammyG

    Planning a trip to detroit

    Probably sometime in June.
  33. SammyG

    Planning a trip to detroit

    Planning a trip to Detroit, looking to check out as many abandoned sites as possible. Any tips, locations, ideas, etc are welcome and appreciated!
  34. SammyG

    Best Dumpster Dives

    I would approach one of the younger(teenager) kids doing stock work and ask where a pruduct that is out of stock will be coming in.
  35. SammyG

    Best Dumpster Dives

    Working in the grocery business, you should ask an employee at the store when their "load days" are, these are the days they receive new shipments and days they will be tossing their "Expired goods"
  36. SammyG

    Photos Ultimate Trackpack - Oakley Kitchen Sink

    How has it held up against the elements thus far?
  37. SammyG

    Anyone ever have weird run ins with human trafficking on the road? What's your story?

    Backpage is one of many sites full of human trafficking, the deep net and the silk road play a role as well.
  38. SammyG

    Working for an airline?

    Any of ypu giys ever considered working for an airline for the free flights?
  39. SammyG

    Hot to Squat

    Welcome sir!
  40. SammyG

    Introducing myself, as it were.

    Welcome, best of luck on the subway.
  41. SammyG

    Stealth Camping in Woods

    The twin cities in minnesota are fuckin great for stealth camping. The city barely cares, theres tons of space, the only downfall is winter..
  42. SammyG

    Crossing Borders from U.S. to Mexico

    What is the process of crossing into mexico from murica in a car?
  43. SammyG

    Spots in/around New Orleans?

    Just was in NOLA about a month ago, sleeping in the French Quarter is always promising, people will give you food, drinks, and all kinds of other assorted shit. Otherwise heading to the Gentilly neighborhood is a good bet. Lots of bando apartments, housing, and places to squat. Best of luck.
  44. SammyG

    Shower Credits

    DM me!
  45. SammyG

    An introduction to me

  46. SammyG

    Slab City?

    Slab City?
  47. SammyG


    Hello all, My name is Sam, I currently call Minneapolis MN home, I work as a grocer, I look to learn more about this community, culture, and way of life that seemingly fits my vision for myself so well. I am very interested in becoming a better hitchhiker, learning to ride trains(the right...
  48. SammyG

    NOLA to Minneapolis: Complete

    NOLA to Minneapolis: Complete