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  1. Faceplant

    A Delayed, More In-Depth Introduction

    Almost immediately upon returning from riding with Lupo in June, I began planning on another ride, one that had been in the back of my mind to do since a cautionary post by Brodiesel on StP, regarding catching out of Whitefish, that he made towards the end of March. Since the idea of riding has...
  2. Faceplant

    Ultralight Gear For Trainhopping?

    After my recent incident that precipitated my user name change in Dunsmuir, I am thinking about going from heavy-duty military grade gear to ultralight stuff to lighten up a bit. I am top heavy enough with my gut, and 32 extra lbs. up high just about shoved me to the ballast when I slipped...
  3. Faceplant

    Call Your Mother!!! Like, Now!

    It’s important.
  4. Faceplant

    Ride Safe & Have a Warm and Wonderful Christmas

    That applies to all travelers, and housed-up people for that matter. I am new here, and enjoying it.But I have a soft spot for you who are riding hard steel, cause that’s what I hope to be doing myself in the New Year. I do get to follow your adventures now, though , and am greatful for the...
  5. Faceplant

    Introduction -What Else?

    Just want to introduce myself. I am another middle aged man - husband, father, grandfather, and wannabee freight trainrider. I will spend the next days and weeks reading all I can in the archives/library here. Brian Cray told me this would be about the best place to perhaps find a sympathetic...