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  1. Chazten

    Ocala Rainbow gathering 2018

    Any of y'all lovely people on here planning on being at the Ocala gathering? Gonna try to slide through since we'll be in central Florida here soon
  2. Chazten

    Hitching off a 14er

    It was midday Saturday and I was getting off work early, so I called my friend Casey who lives at the foothills of the local Colorado Springs 14er(a mountain with a summit higher than 14k ft), pikes peak. We arranged to climb the mountain for both of our first times, it's 13 miles one way from...
  3. Chazten

    Free Chick-fil-A Breakfast all of September

    Don't know if this belongs in this section but if any of y'all have smart phones you can download the Chick-fil-A app and redeem new free breakfasts for the rest of the month as long as you keep using new emails! It gives a choice of three different meals to so you can't wear em out ;) enjoy