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  1. chaosfactorxx

    my first train ride went like this...

    My first ride was on a junk riding south out of Philly. I'd been on the road for about a week I think, and it was freezing cause my dumb ass left in February after a horrible winter. Luckily my roaddog had been doing this for a while, so we found the hop out along with a kid we'd met the night...
  2. chaosfactorxx

    "Lucky" in new Orleans

    Damn dude. This sucks that I'm just finding out about this. I kicked it with Lucky for a minute. He was an awesome kid. We raged Ybor city and gainesville together. RIP Luck, you were awesome. :\
  3. chaosfactorxx

    Untrustworthy and shady people (old thread that inspired this section).

    If its the same person, then sid was in jail at the time. she was nodding out and generally being a junkie. robbed me and my ex in philly
  4. chaosfactorxx

    Untrustworthy and shady people (old thread that inspired this section).

    does sylvia have a dog named montana and a tattoo of the state of montana on her leg? if so, I met her in philly last year and i'm pretty sure she robbed me in my sleep.
  5. chaosfactorxx

    Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine

    I'm totally in LOVE with Vermont. It's definatly one of my favorite states. Most of the people there are just so chill and I definatly agree with Bratt's drop in! It's pretty easy to catch out of too.
  6. chaosfactorxx

    Torn...more of a rant than a question...:\

    Thanks everyone. I'm going to talk to him tonight before I leave and see what's good with us. I've tried to get him to rubbertramp it with me and he said he doesn't want to do all the driving, since I don't drive, which is understandable, no one wants to be driving for hours on end without a...
  7. chaosfactorxx

    Torn...more of a rant than a question...:\

    So, i'm leaving in 2 days to hit the road again, and I'm sort of torn. I'm pretty much in love with this kid...we used to date and we've pretty much been "together" since I got back in April, he's pretty much the only reason I stuck around for the last 6 months and idk what the fuck to do about...
  8. chaosfactorxx

    Coolest ride/kickdown ever

    So, last year, me and my road dog were in Philly, and had just gotten a bunch of new gear and were getting rid of our old stuff. My road dog puts this cowboy hat out so if anyone else wanted it, they could take it. About 5 mintues later, this guy and his friend walk up and ask about the hat, so...
  9. chaosfactorxx

    Favorite hitching sign

    I've flown "I got stories." which got us pretty decent rides. But i've always wanted to fly "don't make me walk!" and see if it worked.
  10. chaosfactorxx

    taking newbes on the road

    I know this thread's kinda old, but fuck it. I've took 2 green kids out last year and they actually ended up saving my ass. I put them on their first train and we kicked it for about 2 months? They were actually really excited and weren't retarded and blowing shit up. We got pulled off a train...
  11. chaosfactorxx

    Favorite quotes?

    The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every...
  12. chaosfactorxx

    Alkaline Trio

    I love them! Of course they're new shit's kinda ehhh with me. But they're old shit's amazing. Fuck the haters.
  13. chaosfactorxx

    names for my new rat??

    Oh man. I was gonna say Rizzo, like from the Muppets. damn. that sucks man.
  14. chaosfactorxx

    stupid knuck tattoos

    I have "Dumb Idea" on mine. My friend Tapes has Tape Deck her old man has "Dumb Luck" and he wants to get "Nub life" on his lower knucks since he's mising the lower half of one of his pinkies.
  15. chaosfactorxx

    The word "Oi"

    Just wondering your thoughts on the word? I know kids that use it entirely too much and kids that fucking HATE it. Personally I use it, mostly because it gets kids attention and mostly because I'm just used to it at his point. I had a kid freak out at me screaming "my name's not fucking OI!"...
  16. chaosfactorxx

    Newbie w/dog prepping for the road

    I agree. I waited to start looking for a dog until I'd been on the road for a year. I knew i had to learn how to take care of myself first. Cause if you can't take care of yourself, you can't take care of your dog. Also, if you really treat your dog like shit (not feeding enough, beating it...
  17. chaosfactorxx

    Places You Hate Most

    Washington fucking DC. I hate that place. Also, pretty much anywhere in PA.
  18. chaosfactorxx

    college towns

    I'm in love with Burlington, VT. And gainesville's pretty chill. I raged it there last winter. Also, it's not really a "college town" but Ybor city is the shit if you're ever around Tampa.
  19. chaosfactorxx

    Newbie w/dog prepping for the road

    A bit drunk when i wrote it...He's usually pretty quiet, but he CAN get mouthy is what i meant...yikes.
  20. chaosfactorxx

    What to pack?

    I have in my pack currently: 2 pairs of longjohns 1 thermal 2 sweatshirts ( I desperatly need a jacket since I lost my carhart) 1 sweater My sleeping bag My patchwork stuff (material, needles, floss, the usual) Dog food Water Hobo tool Hat Map and crew change That's pretty much all I carry...
  21. chaosfactorxx

    What up lady? How goes it?

    What up lady? How goes it?
  22. chaosfactorxx

    Newbie w/dog prepping for the road

    I've had my dog for about 10 months now, I rescued him from Florida in January. I agree with everyone else. Make sure your dog comes first. Personally, I always make sure I have at least 10 lbs of dog food and a full jug of water. I was lucky with him because he's usually pretty quiet. He's only...
  23. chaosfactorxx

    Just a few questions for those that travel with dogs

    I rescued my dog on the road and he's gotten me out of some tough shit. I carry both a bowl and a jug of water with me. Yeah, it's a decent extra amount of weight to carry, but i've been stuck in the middle of nowhere with no water, so it's always nice to have some with you, for both you and the...
  24. chaosfactorxx

    hitchhiking out of philly

    The last time I tried hitching outta there was like, 2 years ago and I didn't get one ride at all.
  25. chaosfactorxx


    I have a knife that I carry in my pocket and it's got a box cutter on the end, so it's pretty convient. I had a small crow bar that I used to have that i put in my side pockets, so it was concealed but easily accessible, though I lost that in Mass last summer. I was surprised I didn't get fucked...
  26. chaosfactorxx

    Featured Alcohol and it's role in our culture

    For me, drinking is a good and bad thing. I've gotten stuck in shitty towns for weeks because me or someone I was kicking it with just wanted to get drunk instead of trying to hitch or hop. I know for sure that every time I've been arrested it was because I was drunk and someone started acting...
  27. chaosfactorxx

    hitchhiking out of philly

    I usually always just hop out of Philly. I'm from the burbs around it and I've always had such a hard time trying to hitch out. I agree with taking the Chinatown bus or hopping. There's hopouts everywhere around there.
  28. chaosfactorxx

    Finding a place to sleep...

    Pretty much anywhere ninja. I much prefer outskirts of towns to big cities. Less of a chance of getting woken up by cops.
  29. chaosfactorxx

    Featured favorite spange lines

    I really like "spare change cause i'm too ugly to prositute?" or "spare a dollar for condoms so I don't reproduce?" they usually work better in drunk/college towns though....also, "hey...i remember were that guy that owed me a dollar." it works for the most part.
  30. chaosfactorxx

    Worst Hicthing ever

    I just recently got stuck in Florence, South carolina for like, a week due to rain and generally shitty weather. We ended up getting a shit ton of hotels because it was FREEZING and pouring rain. And the one day it was actually nice out, we get told by the cops that we can't hitch and we "can't...
  31. chaosfactorxx

    Where to go?

    Vermont's pretty decent in the summer. It's pretty gorgeous up there and people are super chill. I'd definatly suggest checking it out if you get the chance.
  32. chaosfactorxx


    Yeah, the city's not bad so far, i'm just happy to be out of D.C. that shit sucked ballllls. And if i'm stuck here any longer, i just might have to take you up on that offer. :]
  33. chaosfactorxx


    thanks! and i think i'm in central baltimore? i just got here like, 2 days ago, so i'm not really familiar with the area yet. some guy housed up me and my road dog for a few days.
  34. chaosfactorxx


    Well, I'm Juli. I've been traveling for about a month now, and i'm completely hooked. I hopped from Philly to Richmond and then hitched from Virgina to Baltimore, which i'm currently in. About me? well, let's see, I'm 19, I smoke like a chimney, writing is what i do best, Summer is my...