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  1. Uncle Mom

    RIP Irish

    RIP IRISH, you were a dear friend. You will be missed. Irish was found in Chicago, IL and coroner's office has confirmed that foul play was not suspected. i love you like a brother........
  2. Uncle Mom

    FREE DIRT FILM, a project about taking traveling artists seriously.

    I figured I would start this thread. I guess the best way to describe this project is just to paste here what I have been posting as my fundraiser. I would love feedback, ideas, even criticism. This is not a scheme to make money, I don't plan on making any money at all. In fact, I plan on...
  3. Uncle Mom

    The History of Playing The Spoons - SPOONOLOGY

    SPOONOLOGY - The History of Spoon Playing In America people usually associate the playing of spoons with the image of an old man on his front porch slapping a pair of spoons between his knee and his hand. Although this mental image is not completely inaccurate, there is much more to spoon...
  4. Uncle Mom

    Traveler friendly venues... Where to book gigs.

    So I figured I would start a thread about traveler friendly venues. If you know a venue that is friendly to traveling bands, post it here. Maybe this can help others along the way. I'll start: DINO'S RESTAURANT 411 Gallatin Avenue Nashville, TN (615) 227-8998 Dino's is one mile...
  5. Uncle Mom

    FREE DIRT - Satisfied (a song off our first album) DF4Ay7c4qFUk%26feature%3Dshare&h=61035 Song off of our first album... Anyone have feedback?
  6. Uncle Mom

    Banjo Ben Shirley

    These are some videos and recordings of a buddy of mine, Ben. It was my first attempt to match up the video I took with my shitty camera to the audio off the 8 track. Opinions? Thumbs up or down?
  7. Uncle Mom

    Anna Trevor - Music from the road. D5S__77UC5mU&h=20c13 Dz0h4hnhrzJ8%26feature%3Dautofb&h=20c13 :applaud::hf::yourock:
  8. Uncle Mom

    Uncle Mom's Electric Spoons

    Any thoughts on this?
  9. Uncle Mom

    Free Dirt - Train (Music Video)

    This video was fun to cut and paste... Any thoughts?
  10. Uncle Mom

    Pinched Nerves. Help?

    Does anyone know here know anything about pinched nerves? What foods do you eat to make your muscles relax? On my left hand my ring finger and pointer finger is going numb, I'm having trouble typing and rolling cigarettes. I know it's my shoulder, I've had trouble with it before... but is...
  11. Uncle Mom

    Uncle Mom the toothless spoon-playing milf.

    Hello. Nice to meet you. If I've already met you then hello again. I travel around a lot slower than I used to, usually stay around Nashville now. But, I still get around. :goat:
  12. Uncle Mom

    Spoon playing. Uncle Mom gives lessons.

    [/URL] I give lessons :)