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  1. Aria

    Providence RI, anyone?

    I have learned I can't do this alone, I go insane. I'm also kicked out of my previous housing gig. gotta act fast.
  2. Aria

    the Universe gave me free weed

    better to be charged for one crime than two
  3. Aria

    the Universe gave me free weed

    I ain't gonna get caught with a nugget, I'm not old enough for it to be legal yet
  4. Aria

    I wouldn't mind a road dawg!!

    yo, I'm headed outta Providence RI soon, wanna meet up somewhere?
  5. Aria

    the Universe gave me free weed

    as I walked out to go hop a train, I was walking in a construction zone. behold! a nugget of the dankest kush I've ever seen. So I headed back to my roommates apartment to share it with them. I have put off the last day, and will leave soon.
  6. Aria

    rode doge in Providence RI?

    oh rad
  7. Aria

    rode doge in Providence RI?

    I'm hopping outta Providence in a few days, looking fer a homie. contact me on discord @ Monika#8670. I'm on both the StP and Vagabond/Runaway servers.
  8. Aria

    Hi, good to be here. heres an intro.

    Hi all, I am an 18 y/old trans woman, currently finishing my last year of high school. My dad kicked me out after our relationship deteriorated, and i have nowhere to go next. I am currently living in a shipping container full of football equipment. I figured i might be able to get some tips...