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    Safe parking & food in Midland/Odessa TX

    I have a few nice spots , some that are great & safe for sleeping at night, others that are shaded during the day. They’re all public, & free. There are a couple I don’t want to blow up, cause there is a time limit, but if you’re not conspicuous, they don’t seem to care. There is also a...
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    Free or cheap fast food

    This may be common knowledge, & I apologize if so. But, I download all the apps on WiFi o see the deals, so... 1. If you sign up on steak n shakes website, for promotions, you get a free double cheeseburger & fries. Done this multiple times. 2. Jersey Mikes gives a free 1/2 sub on your...
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    Howdy, wanted to say hi & thanks y’all

    Just wanted to say hi; long time lurker, about to post a thread for the first time, figured I should do this. Not sure how to classify myself- former neo-hippie, sporadic & current rubber tramper, occasional hopper, general tightwad & spendthrift. Spent the majority of my life in Southern...