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  1. chaosfactorxx

    Torn...more of a rant than a question...:\

    So, i'm leaving in 2 days to hit the road again, and I'm sort of torn. I'm pretty much in love with this kid...we used to date and we've pretty much been "together" since I got back in April, he's pretty much the only reason I stuck around for the last 6 months and idk what the fuck to do about...
  2. chaosfactorxx

    The word "Oi"

    Just wondering your thoughts on the word? I know kids that use it entirely too much and kids that fucking HATE it. Personally I use it, mostly because it gets kids attention and mostly because I'm just used to it at his point. I had a kid freak out at me screaming "my name's not fucking OI!"...
  3. chaosfactorxx


    Well, I'm Juli. I've been traveling for about a month now, and i'm completely hooked. I hopped from Philly to Richmond and then hitched from Virgina to Baltimore, which i'm currently in. About me? well, let's see, I'm 19, I smoke like a chimney, writing is what i do best, Summer is my...