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  1. IVth

    Seeking Couch Couch/Floor/Yard in Missoula?

    I'm on my way back to Missoula. Have a couple jobs lined up but don't want to be carrying this bag. Maybe you have some chores I could do? Who's in Missoula?
  2. IVth

    Places to busk in the cold.

    Has any one gotten much guff for playing in the subways in Chicago without a license? I don't want to wreck my guitar, but I'm trying to think of what would work best that still has foot traffic. I was thinking in unstaffed metra stops. Ideas or experiences with this in any place? Doesn't...
  3. IVth

    Josh from Eugene to Sacramento

    I doubt you're on here, but i'm hoping you're still around. We met in Eugene; I got robbed and beat up in a blackout, you got my bag back, then we hitched down the 5 to Sacramento with a Ukrainian man with a van full of cabbage. I purposely ditched you because I was loosing my mind. I'm sorry...
  4. IVth

    News & Blogs The Green Book: Celebrating 'The Bible of Black Travel'

    These word-of-mouth suggestions for safe passage through a sometimes-hostile America were, "sort of a 20th Century version of the Underground Railroad, and this annual travel guide was the Bible of black travel," says Brent Leggs, the director of the African American Cultural Heritage Action...
  5. IVth

    Friend in Portland Maine

    Hi, my name's Joe. I used to ride trains and hitchhike around the West Coast a little bit. Somehow I wound up in Portland, Maine. Now that it's spring I'm wondering if many travelers pass through here. I saw a few last summer but there don't seem to be a whole lot. I'm not planning on being...