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  1. japanarchist

    Never leave your pack alone, not even for a minute!

    I’m at the airport in Barcelona and I just got my pack stolen. I made a poor decision and went to the bathroom for about 5-7minutes and left my pack under a chair, when I came back my shit was gone. I was sitting right in front of a camera, and I foolishly thought it might be safe. Don’t make...
  2. japanarchist

    Heading to Barcelona around Aug 16, anyone around?

    Going to Spain for my first time and I’m trying to meet folks, dumpster food, find squats and anarchist spaces etc. if you’re around shoot me a message.
  3. japanarchist

    In Paris August 4-9th-ish, anyone around?

    Hey y'all, Im heading to Paris soon and I’m just checking if anyone will be around next week? I heard there’s an anarchist book shop somewhere, anyone know of it. I also heard of a bookshop called Shakespeare & Company and that they are friendly to travels?
  4. japanarchist

    In London 7/31/2019, Anyone around?

    Hey folks, I'm arriving in London next Wed the 31st. I'm going to hit up some of the infoshops and social centers and try to get connected with some squattas. Anyone wanna hang out while I'm there? If you have any recommendation for things to check out I'd appreciate that too! I'm heading out to...
  5. japanarchist

    Going to Europe in August -September and looking for tips?

    Hey folks, I'm making my first trip outside the US to Europe for a month and I'd love to get any advice y'all could share. I'm flying into London and my itinerary is France(Paris)-Spain(BCN)-Portugal-Greece(Athens/Exarchia) then back to London for my returning flight. I'm not exactly sure on the...
  6. japanarchist

    Couch Offered Open yard in Portland Or.

    Hey folks, I have a place with a friend and we have an open back yard that is seldomly used. If you need a safe place to camp for a few days you're welcome to come by. My roommate has kids that occasionally stay with us so this offer is only open to those who are trustworthy, non-aggro, cool...
  7. japanarchist

    Bay area anarchist bookfair Sept 15th & Bastard conference the 16th This Saturday the 15th in Oakland is the anunal anarchist bookfair. 10am - 6:30pm at the OMNI, at 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland. Also the Bastard conference is the next day on the 16th at the long haul infoshop. Anyone around plan on going...
  8. japanarchist

    Library Barbaric Thoughts: On a Revolutionary Critique of Civilization by Wolfi Landstreicher

    @japanarchist submitted a new resource: Barbaric Thoughts: On a Revolutionary Critique of Civilization by Wolfi Landstreicher - A Critique of Civilization Read more about this resource...
  9. japanarchist

    Library Marcel Duchamp and The Refusal of Work

    @japanarchist submitted a new resource: Marcel Duchamp and The Refusal of Work - Anti-work philosophical writings Read more about this resource...
  10. japanarchist

    Trying to start a reading group in Portland Or for those around

    Hey y'all. I'm getting back into the habit of reading more often and I'd love to read and converse with like minded peeps, so why not start a reading group! If anyone is around pdx I'm down to figure out a day to meet up to read & chat. I'm into a variety of different subjects but currently my...
  11. japanarchist

    “We’re Not Leaving”: Chicago Squatters Resist Eviction

    This statement published below comes from a group of squatters who have occupied a building owned by Barnett Capital, one of the driving forces of gentrification in Chicago. The squatters state that they are not leaving the building. As many of us are squeezed out by rising rents and real estate...
  12. japanarchist

    Anarres Infoshop & Community Space, Portland OR

    Hey folks, I wanna inform people about a really cool place to visit if you’re in Portland called Anarres Infoshop. Anarres is an anarchist Infoshop (currently the last one standing in pdx) that functions as: a bookstore for radical literature, community library, music & event venue, community...
  13. japanarchist

    Pdx Squatting

    So I'm in Portland and I'm about to get back into squatting after being housed up for a bit. Just out of curiosity, I'm wondering if anyone else here is doing the same? Or if you've squatted here before what were your experiences like? I've only met a few squatters here and most of the radical...
  14. japanarchist


    Just made it to Austin and it seems pretty cool so far. Anyone know about any good dumpsters or spots to chill at or whatnot? Hit me up if you want to chill 512-309-0359.
  15. japanarchist

    Tent recommendations?

    Anyone have any suggestions for a decent not too expensive brand of tents? I been looking for a one person tent that's not over 5 lbs, durable 3 or 4 season, big enough to accommodate my pack and in an inconspicuous colour, nothing neon yellow or whatever. I was thinking about going with a...