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  1. TayNZ

    Looking for work in Australia!

    Hey yall. Planning on heading to Australia very shortly. Looking for full time work for all of august preferably with accomodation around NSW or Victoria. My job of choice would be beekeeping but keen on any work. I have experience beekeeping, picking, planting, and also hold qualifications in...
  2. TayNZ

    "Hit The Road" Hobo Symbol Tattoo I got in Fiji

    My First Tattoo that I got when I was black out drunk in Fiji a couple weeks ago. Found some guy on the beach who was a tattoo artist and got it done in a Hotel room with a few other friends I met. Was a fucked up night. Now im trying to decide on my next tattoo.
  3. TayNZ

    Big Manly Beach - Whangaparoa, NZ

    Down the South Eastern corner of the beach is a Public Toilet, Changing room and Shower. Good space for freedom camping. The road is treating me well so far.
  4. TayNZ

    Potentially looking for Road Dog - New Zealand

    Have no plans set in stone except that I plan to leave from the Lower North Island Late April/Early May and I want to work the winter to help make some extra cash to explore during the summer. Can go North or South doesn't really phase me. I have desires to go south and experience a proper...
  5. TayNZ

    G'day From New Zealand

    A born and bred Kiwi, I am hitting the road in April, heading to the South Island in search of a job and accommodation for winter. In spring I plan to head out, hitchhike and explore my amazing country. Safe travels everyone!