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  1. wombatt

    Any tips for a new squat?

    yeah fer water you should check the basement and see if you can turn on the pipe flow for cold water. for con edison stuff please be prepared that if you use yer real name you will require a substancial amount of debt if you intend on staying in that squat for any real time. my electric debt is...
  2. wombatt

    Mormons are fantastic road dogs

    Fuck yeah. Utah is beautiful and Seattle FNB is cool beans. Glad yer doing good shit and congratulations for finally letting go of all the bullshit. Welcome to STP!
  3. wombatt

    Spices on the road

    I always keep some of those Taco Bell things and some of those little packets of maple syrup. Also if you mix Taco Bell sauce or siracha with peanut butter you can make a damn fine spicy peanut pad Thai kinda sauce for your ramen.
  4. wombatt

    News & Blogs Top 10 Bands for Oogles, Gutterpunks and "Travel Kids"

    I think even though not all traveling kids are punks it's a very significant part of the community and Very many of us get into traveling through punk and surrounding subcultures. Also filth is the fucking best. Also I'm suprised days n daze aren't on here. They are the biggest oogle band...
  5. wombatt

    Switchblades/automatic knifes

    I wouldn't Cary a switch because they are illegal in most states and even the ones where it's legal cops will give you shit for it (more than any other knives) and sometimes lie about its legality to try to confiscate it
  6. wombatt

    The weapon that makes you feel safe?

    I keep a small fixed blade on my side and its relatively intimidating if taken out but is never something I'd use for self defense. Knives take skill to manouver and are generally not great weapons for people with no training but they are very intimidating and if you just want to feel safe or...
  7. wombatt

    ?Which boot is "your" friend on the steel?

    I got kicked down a pair of grinders that I've been traveling with as of late and I really like. The soles are great on ballast and they aren't too heavy. The steel toes get pretty cold but I don't notice because I wear good socks. Plus they have had no water sneaking in and despite having...
  8. wombatt

    rethinking of the mss

    I don't know how all you heavy packers do it I hate it if my pack ever surpasses 30 lbs. I have done the two patrol bags together thing before. It's good but is wierd packing because to take up less space you have to have them separate and that means you have to put them back together each time...
  9. wombatt

    Easiest places to shop lift from in your opinion.

    Yeah ringing things up as potatoes is even cheaper though.
  10. wombatt

    Easiest places to shop lift from in your opinion.

    Oh no I have been associated with hippiedom eew. Nah gotta steal markal for Puting my train tag on stuff. And sharpies for flying signs. Also they are in like every small town in the Midwest and northeast. Which is where I do a lot of my traveling.
  11. wombatt

    Easiest places to shop lift from in your opinion.

    Yeah Walmart for sure. Most the cameras don't work and everyone there hates their job. Same thing with michaels arts and crafts. In most stores the only part with functional cameras is the jewelry so if you can steer clear of that your basically good to go.
  12. wombatt

    2 packs, which is better for train hopping?

    That orange pack is the way to go more comfortable, good frame and more space. As far as color is concerned It will just become that muddy black brown color that all your other shit is once it's been on a few trains. An old road dog of mine traveled with an assault pack for a month and it was a...
  13. wombatt

    Killing time on the road

    Read books. Throw rocks at stuff. Play with your dog. Sew clothes and gear. Practice embroidery to make kick ass patches.
  14. wombatt

    I think I have too much stuff

    Ditch the sleeping bag!?!? It is fucking winter even when you get SW it is cold as fuck at night plus we don't even know this kids methods of transportation. I think sleeping bags and sturdy packs are the most important pieces of gear out there. How do you travel without one? (Not intended to...
  15. wombatt

    I think I have too much stuff

    Please for the love of god ditch the drum you already have one instrument and it is a small one that not everybody hates. Also for sure ditch the sleeping pad (cardboard is free). If you feel comfortable without a tent I'd suggest leaving it as well because the bivy is waterproof and awesome. I...
  16. wombatt

    Tips for winter squatting?

    cardboard with blankets on top for the walls. the more insulated your sleeping space is the better. also getting a dog is great for heat and is a better friend than anyone else you could meet.
  17. wombatt

    New Butt Flap

    thats a pretty neat ass flag. Keep up the good work!
  18. wombatt

    DIY Backpack (Linyera Project)

    this is super cool. thanx for posting.
  19. wombatt

    Featured News & Blogs Non-conformist teenagers formed a punk society in the abandoned buildings of Leeds

    Oh those pictures are purdy. Few things make me happier than organized and productive squats. I feel like so many of the squats in the US are little more than hideouts where you and yer friends can shoot up and give each bed bugs. But maybe I'm just a downer
  20. wombatt

    riding solo

    I used to strictly travel solo (besides my pup) or occasionally with one other persyn. Because people exhaust me after a while and I can't deal with junkies/alcoholics the vast majority of the time (not to mention how much easier it is to hop out on yer own vs with people) but Recently I have...
  21. wombatt

    Rockaway Beach

    The rockaways are real and are a free spot to sleep at. There are gangs but they won't bother you if you don't bother them. But if you really want a cool beach spot in NYC than I'd suggest Coney Island or Brighton beach (also there are plenty of squats/squattable buildings scattered across NYC...
  22. wombatt


    I agree, long boards are the wrong boards
  23. wombatt

    Tent, tarp or bivvy sac?

    For rain protection I'd say use a bivvy only if it's the military kind with no poles because those can be a pain to set up on a daily basis if not just use a tarp for sleeping bags you deffinately want a synthetic bag that goes to at least 0 degrees (Celsius I don't know Fahrenheit) for padding...
  24. wombatt


    I love skating and have for the past month or so been traveling with my board. I just strap it to my pack and take it off when I'm skating around. So far it'd been a worthwhile thing to have but I have to un strap the board to put my pack in grainer holes and if you are someone who hops on the...
  25. wombatt

    How many pairs of clothes do you take with you on your travels?

    all clothing I bring for each season wintertime stuffs: 1 pair of carhartt bibs self insulated with flanel 2 pairs of canadian military undies (super antibacterial and are pretty awesome just to say you own) 1 pair of moisture wicking longjohn bottoms 2 T-shirts 3 light longsleeve shirts (I wear...
  26. wombatt

    My gear list so far. (Feel free to chime in with suggestions)

    also for starting fires if on cotton ball.
  27. wombatt

    Gear Stolen

    so so sorry a similar thing happened to me in Kansas City Kansas. exept it was a shitty dirty kid named bile. shoulda guessed by the name that they were shit. hope you can get shit together in talahase.
  28. wombatt

    Turnstile hopping

    Often times you can just go through the wheelchair door but if not my preferred technique is pulling the turnstile back a bit and sliding yer legs through, stops that have the barred off revolving doors are relatively impossible to get into though so for those I'd suggest you just ask for a...
  29. wombatt

    Can Skanks Bring Trouble?

    As someone who grew up in and often stays in areas considered to be 'the ghetto' I can say that I have never gotten fucked with for wearing a skank and nobody in any real gangs gives half a shit about what colors anyone is flying let alone some dirty kid with a dread mullet. But someone might...
  30. wombatt

    Wasteland Weekend (California City, CA) [Sep 24-27, 2015]

    If I can work up money for the tickets I have been wanting to go to wasteland weekend for a While now. Would STP have it's own tribe?
  31. wombatt

    Squat in Olympia

    awesome possum! what kind of projects are you looking into starting more specificaly.
  32. wombatt

    Who here travels with a high end smartphone/electronics?

    For the past little bit I have been traveling with an iPad I groundscored in boston it's in one of those waterproof otter box esque cases and it held up fine to being thrown on and off trains, sat on, tossed over fences etc. Also if you are traveling in sub zero temps (Celsius, I don't know...
  33. wombatt


    why thank you, EphemeralStick.
  34. wombatt

    got a dog?

    What kind of traveling are you doing, ie: rubber tramping, train hopping, hitching, etc?
  35. wombatt


    Sure, that would be nice but the whole world is constantly labeling each other and if people who are already singled out and marginalized have an identity they can hold on to and feel like they are not alone it can make the world feel a little less isolating and bring power back to the people...
  36. wombatt


    Super duper queer. I hate the term pansexual (makes me think of people being attracted to the forever boy) but that's probably the best way to describe me. Most of my serious romantic relationships have been with boys and gender queers but sexually I have had more relationships with gals...
  37. wombatt

    The Rideshare From Hell

    That sounds horrid, glad you made it out without any confrontation. That dude was definitely on something.
  38. wombatt

    ACAB Patch

    of those two the handcuffs would probably be easier but the bacon more interesting but honestly maybe we should stop calling cops pigs, pigs are cute dirt playing animals who are extreemly intelligent and look adorable taking off and putting on suspenders while cops are the paid henchmen of the...
  39. wombatt Free music Downloads and a New server!

    I totally forgot about this site. used to be pretty active on the political theory stuff there.
  40. wombatt

    Photos squating for the night

    hammocks are super cool.
  41. wombatt

    If only a squat/commune was still possible in nyc..

    There's still plenty of squats in NYC. They aren't quite as organized or actively revolutionary as they used to be but they still exist. Best spots if you want to start your own are in the rockaways or Coney Island if you really want to escape gentrification (also the Bronx but there's no good...
  42. wombatt

    Video The Punk Syndrome - Kovasikajuttu

    This is my favorite band. Fuckin A! Their documentary is pretty cool and they got solid politics. It's pretty rare and super awesome to see good disability representation in punk communities and these guys do just that so 5 stars of awesome.
  43. wombatt

    thought I would throw this up for fun and day dreaming

    this is a daydream I have had as well. actually stayed with someone who had a renovated caboose as their tiny home it was pretty spectacular its super cool and if you have acess to land on which to put it things are not that expensive at all, at least relatively.
  44. wombatt

    What's in your bathroom bag?

    as far as with my actual hygene stuff I keep it seperate from my first aid because my kit is not the smallest but anywho. dr bronners toothbrush I shortened with a file to fit in the bag hand sanatizer toilet paper tab things (its like a buck for 12 of them) or wet wipes currentlly carrying some...
  45. wombatt

    What's in your bathroom bag?

    this thread has become so beautiful. but on topic HAND SANATIZER and dental dams.
  46. wombatt

    proper satire

    too funny. hard times is the best especially the one about the punk house made entirely of patches or the one by the best deffense attourney in the goddamn tri-state area who wants his oogle son back.
  47. wombatt

    News & Blogs Frenchmen st. musician shoots gutter punk

    Well put highwayman, Nola is full of disrespectful dipshits making a bad name for all travelers and squatters (not saying there aren't good people there but it really is a bit of a wasteland). One of the problems there is that a lot of people don't understand that the reason you have that "sick...
  48. wombatt

    How to keep warm in winter with cardboard boxes as a shelter?

    you really need to make sure there is something keeping you off the cold ground the more that is the warmer you will be. if you can try to get honey comb style cardboard, it takes longer for the corrigation to break down and is better for insulating. stay warm and safe.
  49. wombatt


    I dont know why but it seems like every kid who just found out about riding trains is fucking obsessed with the FTRA. where did this come from why are people so terrified of a bunch of old folks duct taping them to a boxcar? I dont mean to sound repetative but I think the real problem is not...
  50. wombatt

    Weirdest thing you carry

    yeah I have heard about that I just keep mine in a little vile but I might make a necklace out of them in the vile.