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  1. Gudj

    [Aug 14, 2011] West Coast Week of Solidarity (oregon)

    WEST COAST SOLIDARITY DAYS: A CALL FOR ACTION In defense of ourselves and our comrades in resistance. AUGUST 14TH-21ST Even set against the background of state inflicted violence and outrageous exploitation that colors our everyday experience, the events of the past few months have been a...
  2. Gudj

    5th Providence Anarchist Bookfair! Aug. 14th

    It's part of a bigger fest on that day. Dropdead is playing. This is more of a call for workshops and table-rs, but here: COME TO THE 5TH EVER PROVIDENCE ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR! FUN! BOOKS! MUSIC! DANCING! REVOLUTION IN THE STREETS! August 14th from 1pm to 1am on Empire Street...
  3. Gudj

    Featured Alcohol and it's role in our culture

    So, there are alot of threads about alcohol on here, and the straightedge thread to. But this one is to discuss the reasons that alcohol is so prevalent in the traveling culture, and how some of our scenes are even alcohol/drug-centric. I know alot of us are from shitty situations where...
  4. Gudj

    Photos Gudj's pictures

    HEY! I moved the blog to I will hopefully be updating it there for real. Here is a link to what I thought would become a regularly updated picture blog... oops. Anyway, I might put some more up, alot of these are traveling pictures, alot are not. Be warned: many of...
  5. Gudj

    EF! Round River Rendezvous Maine

    Hey I was just posting this to see if anyone is planning on going. It's in Maine from June 29th to July 6th. 2010 Earth First Round River Rendezvous! | Maine Earth First! For details.
  6. Gudj

    Carrying chocolate bars...ALL THE TIME

    So, my friend and I would ALWAYS try our best to have chocolate bars on us while traveling. Usually we would buy some before going somewhere, put them in our packs and then just break a square off every now and then, sort of like cigarette but much more sporadic. When they were gone, we would...
  7. Gudj

    Fresh Fest Tallahassee

    Is anyone going to be at Fresh Fest and want to meetup? I am headed to Tallahassee asap from Orlando and plan on attending. Skillshares, Direct-Action workshops and bands. Sounds alright.
  8. Gudj

    Anti-Civ discussion

    So, there are already threads about "green anarchy", but this is different. What do you think about the idea that this civilization was destined for more harm than good from the beginning and the sooner it's over the better?
  9. Gudj

    Two of my projects

    So I just finished making a tape of my generic folk music. But on side B there is electronic dance music. Anyway, you can here it here: Wolf Mode Also, some older metal stuff of mine.. ACRE: ACRE on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Originally an...
  10. Gudj

    Ramming a dildo up yr boyfreinds ass

    It seems weird that this thread doesn't already exist, but hey. Anyway, does anyone have any ideas on how to properly ram a dildo up my boyfriends ass? (or similar activities).
  11. Gudj

    You favorite Right-Wing news sources!

    So, I enjoy reading far right news websites and stuff. It's possible that I do it to see what sort of stupidity we are up against, and learn their arguments; or to just laugh at the blatant lack of logic and excess of advertisements; or maybe somewhere deep down I am a fascist idiot. I don't...
  12. Gudj

    Cooperative Games, Anarchist Games, ect.

    Alright, so I am stuck in Bro-country (aren't we all) and I am sick of going to parties or get togethers just to watch assholes play beerpong and stuff. One solution would be to only hangout with fellow radicals, but that isn't always possible and isn't always the best option. I want...
  13. Gudj

    How many psalters fans are christian?

    So, I've been seeing alot of psalters patches and cd's around. This got me wondering if y'all like them because you share their faith, or just because they are cool and travelers.
  14. Gudj

    Getting out of Providence

    Hey, I'm trying to hitch from Providence south to the I-80. It seems like, since there is a huge lack of truck stops or anything here that I would probably have to use an on-ramp (I much prefer truckstops). Does anyone have any advice on the best ways out of this place? Also, how to not get...
  15. Gudj

    How to PREVENT dreadlocks?

    Yeah I know, "cut your hair". My deal is that I have long hair that locks itself tight and fast. I need to know if anyone else has a similar problem / hair type (Really thick and pretty curly) and has any solutions for not letting it lock up. It was suggested to bring a brush and brush...