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  1. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Follow Up: RVs on the Move Around Colorado Springs

    Hi All... This is a follow up on the ordinance in Colorado Springs, CO on RV parking...
  2. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Events Coming to Milwaukee, WI

    Hi All... If you are touring the Great Lakes area and planning to come to Milwaukee, a lot going on and I thought I better post them here now than later. And if you're interested in busking, these are the places to be!!! 2019 Summer Solstice Street Festival Milwaukee's East side June 22, 2019...
  3. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Reminder! No More RV Parking in Colo. Springs, CO

    Hi All... A couple months ago I posted that the city of Colorado Springs, CO passed an ordinance that RVs no longer can park on the streets. This took effect on the first of this month! Be aware if you are heading out there this summer in a RV...
  4. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    It's That Time of Year-Dumpster Diving!

    Reminder: the college year is ending and students moving out! Time to hit the college neighborhoods and start dumpster diving! Look for stuff to sell or find things for your next road trip!
  5. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Salem, Oregon Police Arrest Two Suspects For Attempting To Kill Homeless People

    I'm sure people who are homeless in Salem, Oregon can rest easier and for future squatters! This is sad what these scum bags did, glad they got caught and hope they rot in prison:mad:
  6. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Tennessee Veteran Returns Home From Deployment To Find Squatters

    At least he's not going after those who squatted in his home! Middle Tennessee veteran returns home from deployment to find squatters -
  7. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Colorado Springs, CO bans RVs Parking on Streets

    Seems like a lot of cities are getting on the ban RV parking on public streets. Colorado Springs City Council approves RV parking ban -
  8. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Suing Railroad Companies/Railroad Police

    This is an interesting article I dug up. How interesting states like Wyoming and Minnesota prohibited railroad police from having law enforcement authority.
  9. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    News & Blogs How Hitchhiking Changed in 40 Years

    Still on the road: How hitchhiking has changed in 40 years Amid the tangle of deadlines in modern life, hitchhiking has fallen out of fashion. Simon Calder remembers his best lifts, longest waits, favourite vehicles and the strangers’ stories that will stay with him forever Lonely planet: on...
  10. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Hi All New To The Site!

    Hi All! I am glad to see sites like this! My type of people. Anyway, I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin my native town. However, my second home is Colorado Springs, Colorado, used to live there. Hope soon to move back to the Rocky Mountain West. I know places where if you want to avoid homeless...