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  1. Myatezhnik

    Seeking Ride Hitching Merced CA to Abq

    Back to Abq tomorrow from Merced, California. Anybody around headed that way ish??
  2. Myatezhnik

    Westbound to ABQ or flagstaff

    Yuuuuuup Rollin outta AR and stopping in Albuquerque or flagstaff tonight
  3. Myatezhnik


    Possibly stoppin in at OKC today and kickin it for a night. Onward west bound from there! Hit a lady up . . . I F Y O U D A R E
  4. Myatezhnik

    Hopping out of Little Rock

    In search of non scummy road dog. I mean, be scummy, I’m scummy, you just gotta be the right kinda scum. Hopping freights preferred. Have some badass RR maps I can share. In personal pursuit for work but am thoroughly intent on enjoying some rails along the way
  5. Myatezhnik

    Hopping outta Little Rock

    Leaving in a few days. Hopping out, likely Memphis bound.
  6. Myatezhnik

    Alright where the fuck did my post go

    Jesus Christ. Gonna shorten this one up: Getting on the road after 8 years. Hopping out of Augusta ga in a few weeks not sure where I’m headed. Looking for apprenticeship type work in anything that has to do with metal. Blacksmithing//welding. I don’t like bitch work. I thrive in hard...
  7. Myatezhnik

    S’been a lawwwwng time

    Howdy. My name is not important I don’t go by trashcan or smashtray. But those are the closest words to my garbage dump of a name. Anyway. Long story short: fiancé left and I’m stuck in Augusta, GA Decided to do what I do best and get movin’. Gonna ride some freights after 8 year hiatus and...