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  1. beastcoast

    where the farm punx at?

    Looking for farmers who are punks and punks who are farmers. After my gig as a circus cook wraps up at the end of august im trying to find work on a farm, and id rather it be one with radical values, dirty kids and diy systems. This wouldn't be my first time at the rodeo either, ive done a fair...
  2. beastcoast

    Speed run

    What's your fastest coast to coast time? I'm posted up in VT and looking to get out to CA for some work, heading out in early may, trying to arrive by mid may. When your really cooking and that thumb is hooking in rides how long does it take you to make it across?
  3. beastcoast

    mad decent folk-punk I saw these guys play last night, banjo+accordion with a fair piece of shouting.