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  1. Evie217

    our own VTJAKE

    Jake ended his life. I met in person through here VTJAKE I love you man. Watching the sunrise in West Texas with my dog Tuxedo. Watch over him man his favorite toys are sticks skunks and squeeky turtles. I still have your Elvis zipp I love you
  2. Evie217


    Ted and Evie are looking for a kid named puppy. You were down as fuck split ways in 2014
  3. Evie217

    Crash Dummi QJC

    The most fun I've had this year. Boy I am gona miss him. Only boy that can make me vomit instantly and laugh til I cry.
  4. Evie217

    Corey "MC" McMillan

    Never had the pleasure of knowing this fella but a brother regardless.
  5. Evie217

    Sleep paralysis

    Has anyone on here experienced it? If so I'd like to hear about experiences and what you do to overcome it. Im curious how common it is. I told a friend a moment ago that I was sorry for keeping him up (if i did) all night by my restlessness and told him about the night terrors..not sure if...
  6. Evie217

    Finally made it

    Hey all! Evie, 23, from Texas. Currently in Raleigh, NC. Made it in about 4am today. Never in different states too long unless im home in Texas area. Gona wait winter out here in NC then possibly head to Philly for a bit. I have never been.. maybe plans will change by then. Does anyone know what...