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  1. Inuyoujo

    Question I'm a "newbie"? What happened?

    Before the update I was a vagabond, and I just saw a few days ago I've been busted down to "newbie". Why is that that?
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    The Minnesota Shuffle

    You may have heard of the Florida Shuffle, but have you heard of... "The Minnesota Shuffle" Losing a place to live due to shady landlords, "Minnesota nice" - meaning passive-aggressive, manipulative, shady housemates, or getting the building bought from under you and the new owners taking over...
  3. Inuyoujo

    My NEW website!

    This website is focused on things other than traveling. The travel site is still alive, but I wanted something to showcase the other parts of my life, and it would a start step in my own business. The new site has my zines and stuff on it! Check it out! It's very basic!
  4. Inuyoujo

    Seeking Ride Broke-ass Vacation Adventures! - From Minneapolis MN to OR or WA

    I'm bored, with no job to hold me down, so I may as well go on the road for a little bit. Recent times have been more stressful than I like, so I vacation would be a great idea! I'm fine with Oregon or Washington, because I feel like it would be easy for me to get back to Minneapolis in fall...
  5. Inuyoujo

    Bootleg Street Medic

    Hello community, Do to scarce availability in street medic training, I'm taking to the internet to look up medic techniques. I've been wanting to be a street medic for years, and I've gotten to the point of being tired of waiting on someone else's ok do to so. I already know the consequences of...
  6. Inuyoujo

    Last Day on the Job Antics!

    On my last day of work, I made a point to eat my boss's partner's food. It had already been sitting there for over 6 months, mind you, but I was DETERMINED to eat it out of spite! What have you done on your way out of a job, that may be inconsequential, but you're very glad you did...
  7. Inuyoujo

    Couch Offered Minneapolis couch for the vouched!

    Possibly couch in Minneapolis open for a few months, with people that are WELL VETTED.
  8. Inuyoujo

    In Mpls for another year?

    Hey community, It looks like I'll be in Minneapolis, for another year. If anyone wants to come hang out, I'll buy us tea, and we can chit chat!
  9. Inuyoujo

    Seeking Ride Seeking ride to Chicago from Mpls - last week of June!

    I'm looking for a ride from Minneapolis to Chicago for the last week of June, for events! It's just me, one pack and one bag. Can get snacks and contribute to gas - I don't have my own gas jug. Can't drive. I listen to all different kinds of music and I have plenty of mobile data, so make sure...
  10. Inuyoujo

    Any Digital Nomads and/ or Rubbertramps in Minneapolis this summer?

    If you're passing through Minneapolis this summer, hit me up. I'll be glad to show you around a buy a pot of tea for us! There's plenty of wifi and cheap food and soup kitchens, in Mpls/ StP!
  11. Inuyoujo

    Digital Nomad in the making?

    A lot of these websites sure make being a digital nomad look easy, but you gotta spend money to make money for this. I'm working on getting myself together as a digital nomad for my next round of travels, coming up in 2 or 3 years. Couchsurfing has fallen throw too many times, and I've been...
  12. Inuyoujo

    Over it.

    The insane cold of MN has me look for warmer times and better days, in the near future. It's been 4 years, and I have at least 1 more to go. I'm staying put, so I can vote in the 2020 perz election, but then I plan on leaving mid-2021 or early 2022. I don't even know if I would say I feel antsy...
  13. Inuyoujo

    Detroit, to live?

    I looking for a new homebase out of Minneapolis. I've heard some things about Detroit, but it seems to be in extremes. I've heard it's not bike-friendly and the public transit is a mess. I would need a car to get around. But, I know a lot of punks and hippies moved that way and they are turning...
  14. Inuyoujo

    Event PRIDE Dinner potluck!

    I'm having a PRIDE Month Potluck at my house! June 17th from 7pm to 11pm. No tobacco usage allowed. Wine and beer welcome. 420 friendly. ::cigar:: No kids. Pets welcome in the yards. Clean up after your pets. Food will be in the house, but the party will be in the front and back yards, and...
  15. Inuyoujo

    Tucson, AZ to live?

    Hey community, I'm considering moving from Minneapolis to Tucson, either at the end of this year or sometime next year. Does anyone have any wisdom on the area, that will help me survive for a long term stay? Community activity, punks and hippies, food shelves, connections, etc. I know the gem...
  16. Inuyoujo

    Dish washing on extended stays

    Hey community, I'm about to be a dishwasher soon, and I'm wondering how well that job travels. I looked around Minneapolis, and that does fine. Must dish washing jobs here pay more than minimum wage. I looked in Albuquerque and Phoenix, and saw a lot of jobs not be up front with how much they...
  17. Inuyoujo

    Punkhouse un-parable

    So, I’ve tried to run a punkhouse. Unfortunately, we had people move in saying they were down with the culture and willing to participate in such an environment, and turned out to be selfish posers looking for cheap rent. They don’t want to clean up after themselves, do chores, an didn’t...
  18. Inuyoujo

    Work shoes or boots?

    Will normal toe waterproof work boots or shoes work just as well for hiking? I can get a pair easily, if that's the case? What are the pros and cons of traveling with work boots/ shoes?
  19. Inuyoujo


    Things I didn't know I needed until I traveled: A hat Something waterproof to cover myself and my pack Hiking boots (wanted lightweight, waterproof) Walking stick (I did a lot of walking in GA) I traveled through of of the southeast, where it can be sunny and day and pouring down rain all day -...
  20. Inuyoujo

    Grant for Travelers Aid program

    In light of my recent journey, I got the idea to learn how to write grants to have a travelers aid program outside of my house. It's the basic idea of coming up with half the ticket money of whatever a person is traveling by. They have to show me what they're ticket is and half the money, to be...
  21. Inuyoujo

    Back home and loving it!

    I 'm in my house after 3 months of traveling, and it's so good to be back with my friends and housemates! I'm facing the issue of having to be a part-time housemate, as I'm on the couch until my sublet leaves in May. I'm going to look for other places to stay, so they can have the living room...
  22. Inuyoujo

    Just geting back to Mpls!

    After 3 months of visiting the southeast, I'm glad to be back in my safespace bubble in Minneapolis! I know I'm reading the place I live, but he reasons why I love it are the same reasons I crit it. Not going to argue with having healthcare, though! I went to St. Louis, Memphis, Nashville...
  23. Inuyoujo

    What happens when people find out you're trans?

    Being a traveling trans person NEVER needs to stop being a sound conversation in the traveling community. ::nurse:: As a non-binary person, i have to do the "I'm not a man or a woman" talk with most people, but in short encounters I correct people on being the opposite of what they've...
  24. Inuyoujo

    Racism on the road

    A threat for times we experienced racism in travelers from rides, housing/ crash spots, other travelers, police, and people - in general. Me traveling the way I did, I never tried to hitchhike or anything. But, I can say I've been denied places to stay because I feel like there was racism...
  25. Inuyoujo

    SEXXX can suck!

    Inspired by the zine of the same name, made by Anna Bongioanni! I wanna read ALL the bad sex* stories. *Consentual adult sex My bad sex with a guy that was suppose to be a play thing I was camping mates with, along with someone else. He took himself too seriously and told me not wanting to...
  26. Inuyoujo

    News & Blogs The Transgender Members of the Ghostship

    In wake of the Ghostship Fire of Oakland, CA the community is faced with the hardship issues of what befalls most transpeople when they die - dead naming, and the biological family's denial of their trans identity. The Gayskull Armory of Minneapolis, MN sends love to the queer members of the...
  27. Inuyoujo

    Starting a punk house

    While I'm sitting here I figured it would be a good idea to start a punk house. I have not-a-clue what i'm doing, but I'm doing it! I'm looking for housemates and a house. An apartment is doable, but I would prefer a house. I've already decided I want to host shows. I'm considering having self...
  28. Inuyoujo

    Repeal the 19th?!

    A few days ago, Twitter was lit was #Repealthe19th hashtag after Tonald Drump found out that he would win the election if only men voted. The same was said on the opposite end for Hillary and women, but I didn't see a massive social media movement calling to end men's right to vote. We live in...
  29. Inuyoujo

    Starting a job at the co-op!

    Even trash like me can have some nice things, or so it seems. When we went over the terms and legal stuff (way too early in the morning) even I could point out all the ways they could screw us over and things that didn't make sense but we're just supposed to trust them not to mess anything up...
  30. Inuyoujo

    Any Zinesters out there looking to help a new Zinester?

    Howdy community, The world of self-publishing called and I answered! Right now, I'm planning the Zines I'll be making in the near future, and I'll work on them over winter. If anyone want to help me with any part of the creative process and collaborate with me on them, I WELCOME THE! I'm...
  31. Inuyoujo

    Neck surgery

    I got some bad news a few days ago. I have a cyst on my thyroid that needs to be removed. I feel like the universe is saying I just don't go through enough. I've been having some bullshit with my roommates, bullshit at my bullshit job, hope I don't get shoot by the cops, and trying to pull...
  32. Inuyoujo

    Suggested propertions

    Let's get math-y in here. This thread is about experience and suggested methods of sleeping bag/ bed roll usage in an area and temperature. The format is as follows: Brand name, nickname of sleeping bag or bedroll with contents Any add ons that you or someone else else added Time of year Your...
  33. Inuyoujo

    My Birthday Gathering!

    My DAY of BIRTH is coming September 11th, and I'm having a gathering that I would love for the StP community to be apart of! :cool: I have my celebration as a CouchSurfing event!
  34. Inuyoujo

    What I learned this summer!

    I learned to camp this summer! The few of you that know me know I'm more of a shelter hopper. This year, I got job and staying in the shelter with a job wasn't a good option. The other clients have no respect for themselves or anyone else so I left and started sleeping outside. I met a guy and...
  35. Inuyoujo

    Within less than a month

    I'm not yet 2 weeks into my job when I decide to stop sleeping at the shelter. The other shelter clients wouldn't be quiet at night and staff was making a lot of issues among the clients worse. ::rage:: On my first night outside I meet a guy through a mutual friend and we start doing hand-stuff...
  36. Inuyoujo

    Minneapolis for med reasons

    Hey all, I'm sitting in MPLS/ STP for a while to get a job and deal with medical and dental issues. I already have 2 jobs lined up, both part time. The other part of that time I plan on getting my teeth back in order and dealing with basic medical stuff. ::nurse:: I don't think I have any...
  37. Inuyoujo

    Birth Control!

    Heya community, Let's talk about birth control, shall we? What you use, why, and any comments, suggestions, advice, or grievances with it. ::soapbox:: What is birth control? According to Google: birth con·trol noun noun: birth control the practice of preventing unwanted pregnancies...
  38. Inuyoujo

    Looking for fruit, nuts, and vitamins

    Hey all, I need food/ drink, fruit, nut, and vitamin suggestions on mood stuff (mostly depression), protein, dry skin and hair, menstrual stuff (ALL OF IT), and allergies/ congestion, and falling and staying asleep. I don't have access to herbs, and even if I did they would be costly. I know...
  39. Inuyoujo

    From MN to West Coast?

    I'm considering bike-touring from Twin cities, MN to the west coast (most likely Seattle, WA.) I've never bike toured before, but I'm sick of GreyHound's bullshit. ::banghead:: Right now, I don't have any gear. I don't even have a bike, but I have a lot of time to gather what I need, if I decide...
  40. Inuyoujo

    WORST places to get Food Stamps.

    There's a different post on the best places to get Food Stamps, but it's just as good to be aware of the other side of that. ::nurse:: The 2 worst states I know from experience to get on EBT are Colorado and Minnesota. They both have workfare and Colorado wants to unload workfare hours on...
  41. Inuyoujo

    Handbook of the Streets! Don't go hungry or naked in Twin Cities!

    The handbook is printed for '14 - '15 but it's still very useful! ::joyful:: Day and night shelters, places to get clothes, food shelves and soup kitchens. Even legal support and advocacy. The website and The Handbook via PDF. Good luck and safe travels, family! ::drinkingbuddy::
  42. Inuyoujo

    People have been suggesting camping

    Recently, I've been getting a lot more suggesting to camp out instead of looking for a squat. It turns out it's a lot safer and a lot more peaceful and private. Just like with squat, I have no sure appropriate gear, but I need to expand my options and way of thinking for the sake of my survival...
  43. Inuyoujo

    Squatting while scared and alone

    I've been feeling this way for a while, but now I know how to say it. I can't be the only that feels this way. I'm a lone poor traveler. I usually couch surf and stay in shelters, but I know it's time for a change. I want to be by myself or in a small group, now, and I really want my privacy...
  44. Inuyoujo

    Experiences with adult sex assault victims?

    My current long staying situation has my placed with an apartment full of traumatized people. Non-sexual child abuse I'm use to. Sexual abuse I'm not so well versed on. I can tell one person is just not right when it comes to sexual stuff. I'm not saying they are abusive but after some research...
  45. Inuyoujo

    Why don't you have sex?

    A question a lot of people insist on asking. For those of you sexless people that are open about your reasons or non-reasons for not being sexually active, why? If you're not open about it, no pressure. This isn't a threat for others to come in and talk people out of their of their reasons and...
  46. Inuyoujo

    Is this a date?

    "Is it a date if only one of you has declared it to be one?" The answer is "no". Going out with someone CAN be called a "date" with the social meaning that comes with "date" includes romantic intent. Romantic intent has to be addressed and consensual. I learned that today.
  47. Inuyoujo

    Free WiFi across the USA!

    This is a thread to list of cities, neighborhoods, and such areas that are linked with free wifi! Albuquerque NM - At the large bus hubs, and the downtown bus station Most of downtown Boston, Mass. Old Brooklyn neighborhood in Cleveland, OH Add to the list, if you know any!
  48. Inuyoujo

    Putting together a traveling tech article.

    I need some feedback on technology people travel with and what they use it for. The ideas of interest are smartphones with or without service, tablets, mini laptops, and regular size and big laptops. This is including different makers, models, and default software. Operating systems aren't so...
  49. Inuyoujo

    Boston for workers rights!

    I'm looking at being off the road for a while as I'm helping some people with some worker's rights stuff in Boston. I will still be going between Providence and Boston, but not at the frequency I was looking at. I'm currently taking up French, Spanish, and Portuguese because of the place I'll be...
  50. Inuyoujo

    Where should I go next?

    Hello community, Where do you think I should go next and why?