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  1. trufeats

    Where do you leave your backpack when going into a store?

    Hey, this is a very simple and perhaps maybe even a dumb question. I'm wondering what you do with your pack when you go into a store or find a place to charge your phone or fill up water. Do you always keep your pack on you? Do you hide it someplace in the woods before entering a business...
  2. trufeats

    Hitchhiking/Train Hop to the Spartan Races

    I've got a unique vision in mind. I'd love to spend a few months-a year hitchhiking around the US from Spartan Race to Spartan Race. These races are fun, but also provide plenty of volunteer opportunities the days of the races (and the weeks prior building the course). Every time you...
  3. trufeats

    Vince - Insta: @gyxv_

    "Good morning, and in case I don't see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!" As you can probably tell already, I'm obsessed with quotes from my favorite movies, books, philosophers, and travelers. Almost every one of my Instagram posts is a quote from someone who has inspired me...