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  1. Timothy Englert

    Best Rides Gotten at the Crack of Dawn

    I've hitchhiked about 50,000 miles in the 80s. USA, Canada, Europe and I usually got the longest friendliest rides at daybreak. I guess all the perverts and criminals are home or passed out and the optimists I surmise are out to start the day. The worst time was in the afternoon when people are...
  2. Timothy Englert

    The Bizarre Houseboats of Britain

  3. Timothy Englert

    Saddlebunch Keys near Key West

    Has anyone tried squat/camping on Saddlebunch Keys? YOu can ride the bike trail form Key West to there. Old State Rd 4A/ 939A goes on for 5miles from Sugarloaf Key along the ocean side. Seems pretty empty ....just perfect to hang and camp If things go my way I want to take my bike down there to...
  4. Timothy Englert

    Photos Great Air Matress for Bike Camping

    Though I posted this but I guess not. Bought and tested this air mattress. Comfy in any position and inflates with 20 breathes. It costs $60 but is worth every penny. And folds up small enough to fit in your hand. I'm 64 and it works for this aging body.
  5. Timothy Englert

    Don't hesitate if you are young and want to travel

    ..............Time flies fuckin' faster than you think!....... I am almost 64 and I was just 30 the other day. If you want to travel start planning now and leave as soon as possible. You will never be the age you are again. I was encouraged to explore when I was younger and I glad I...