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  1. Jamie charlton

    Ride Offered from upstate ny to anywhere but here

    I am currently up in up state ny in amenia right by the ct border, Im leaving here in about a week an a half. I dont know where im going, but anyone that really needs to get somewhere or just wants to ride along to somewhere i have an open seat in my truck. Only stipulation is either have to...
  2. Jamie charlton

    Traveling on a minibike/over powered moped

    Right now I am getting ready to start traveling again. I was gonna go with one idea but circumstances changed that. I am going to be taking my Mini-bike/moped instead. It gets a nice 75 mi to the gallon, and im sure it wont be hard to gas jug for it. the main problem/question is the fact of...
  3. Jamie charlton

    Green house bus?

    Me and a friend of mine are thinking of either taking an old RV that the engine runs and tearing down the back and making it into a travelling green house or taking a bus and turning it into a green house. Problem is we don't know if the bus (almost all seats removed and converted to a green...