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  1. Tatanka

    Got a full load here.

    Would like to see what others have hauled. I’ve also hauled my 70 pound dog too. Using the ole trailer this weekend on a town run for hoped for dumpster goods and grocery extras fall festival. Another trip tomorrow for slab wood.
  2. Tatanka

    Multi bandanna use

    A good bandanna is quite useful. Dust protection, like sweeping out my dusty shack, to tying limbs together to haul out of the woods for a fire, small gear container etc, and my latest today, meat bags. I harvested the back straps from a large roadkill buck, also his antlers, and wrapped them in...
  3. Tatanka

    Generalized Anxiety

    So I have been going through this little rollercoaster as I posted before about. I really believe it stems from the cocaine and drinking I was doing with a family member in a time when I needed quiet and sober days, on top of generalized anxiety that I was pushing down with the drugs and under...
  4. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    so the last week or so, after spending a few weeks partying with an older uncle, cocaine and drinking heavily, and anti anxiety pills to get to sort of sleep four or five nights when on cocaine, stupid stupid, my mind sort of hit a bad spot and I am paying. While doing this I had anxiety and was...
  5. Tatanka

    Nomadic Sheep Herder Seems he used to be on here but guy is inspiring. Never had thought on sheep too much till now as a sustainable, even nomadically, animal to walk around with. His other site is Great stuff
  6. Tatanka

    Can woodstove

    in my ever present striving for less reliance on the machine I have now given up even using a backpacking stove. No more buying fuel and then having an empty canister to deal with. I've made two I guess #2 sized can stoves and here where I am living the winter I burn our paper stuff to make...
  7. Tatanka

    Wintering Over Florence Oregone

    Of course nothing pops up for old threads for here ha. Wintering over on the west coast first time ever. Renting a spot to crash with my pops and sister. Mostly sleep in my tent. Indoors just ain't all me. But considering it rains a lot such as wildly, now, it's nice to have a place to cook...
  8. Tatanka

    Northern California and East

    I've only ever spent a night in North cali right across the nv border outside of Reno. But I will tromping down towards there again from Oregon either I-5 or some secondary roads. Plan to head towards Reno then back south depending on my winter plans. Any good towns, forests, etc? Definitely not...
  9. Tatanka

    Road Food, Healthier Eating

    So now, typically I carry mostly rice, sometimes a little flour to fatten up a meal and salt and pepper, may be a few different herbs and a few bouillon cubes. High sodium but they make a little stew a bit tastier and taste can play a big role in mentality. I wanted to say about how I acquired a...
  10. Tatanka

    Cuervo and his mules

    hey there anyone run into this old fella. i read an article he built a mud hut and still lives there with his critters. seems like my kind of dude. animals, off grid and likes to drink and forages edible plants.
  11. Tatanka

    Donkey Days

    So I wasn't at my land and cabin more than a week, back from the west, when I acquired a donkey from a guy about an hour away in Southern New York. He delivered him for 50 bucks on top of the few hundred I paid for the guy. Which I come to find out is something youd maybe pay for breeding. Not...
  12. Tatanka


    Just got into the idea of, when carrying my sometimes extra dog food, extra water on my semi heavy pack, why not rig of an impermanent tumpline to use my neck and noggin to take a little weight off the shoulder and hips. Gonna try her out. Checking out primitive gear and packs got me on it. Even...
  13. Tatanka


    so how does anyone else deal? I try to stay busy, keeping things in future mind, look forward to my few visitors and seeing family and friends for winter. Though sometimes loneliness is just there and there ain't much you can do. Unfortunately too I tend to tip em back a lot more to fight this...
  14. Tatanka


    may have to try a long term multiple tarp teepee for the winter. Basically a few, probably 4 tarps set up in trapper lean to fashion. Gonna try to rig up wood stove or purchase a collapsible one my critter can haul. A 8x10 is quite ideal for room and storage when set up with good pitch too for...
  15. Tatanka

    Trapping, Fishing, Hunting

    So I try to trap as much as possible usually squirrels and or chipmunks. But I am sort of dappling in snares. Hard to make. I use 110's conibears. Used to use rat traps but they weaken. I am now getting into catching mice and processing them for my dog I believe. Read a lot about it. They fuck...
  16. Tatanka


    pack frame coming in a month and saddle pad then headed south to family and maybe beyond. had him 3 weeks now up in north pa. done hitching. anyone wanna walk and be a little tribe maybe contact me. it ain't easy and they can be lpoud but its fun
  17. Tatanka

    The Hoop Horse Nomads

    Anyone ever run into these people who run a big hoop up near NE Oregon? I've discovered them on the web of course and the tramp around a lot on foot and with pack animals, they are big foragers and they spend most winters in tipis or small cabins. Planning on meeting up with them at some point...
  18. Tatanka

    MSR Whisperlite multi fuel stoves

    I had used a pocket rocket for years and this past the threads wore out so I bought a walmart similiar design for like 17 bucks. I love these stoves but want to get away even further from waste and the semi seclusion of having to buy these canisters at certain places. The whisperlites are not...
  19. Tatanka

    Roseburg OR

    so I'll be driving a van for my father to this town or vicinity in mid April then on a wide open ended foot walkabout looking for anyone's personal fav towns in OR and things to check out. I'll be on the tramp for long term camping spots in the big wilderness parks, other travelers lady tramps...
  20. Tatanka


    So this morning on my mutt and I's walk to Kmart for me to have my bowel movement I figured I'd spend the day without speech. Not even to him which isn't much anyway. It feels good to just grunt and use hand signals to him which is a lot of how we communicate anyway. Dogs don't care. My dad came...
  21. Tatanka

    Guilty until proven Innocent

    So my van dwelling buddy and I rode out in his van to an old spot we knew well off the appalachian trail on some state game lands. We pull into a wrong parking lot and swing out, after mistaking it for the area we were gonna camp, my buddy jokes about the game officer sitting there, saying he'll...
  22. Tatanka

    To squat or not to. . .squat?

    As some will remember or recognize my name on here I have now owned land and a tiny hut/cabin for almost two years? i think, doesn't really matter. Well I have come to receive a letter from the township telling me I will be fined 500 dollars which will come with a hearing or eventually warrant...
  23. Tatanka

    prostitution, prostitutes, "massage" parlors

    So one time a few years ago I found this cool place a few miles from where I used to rent an apartment and it was dinghy and i just knew. Long story short, paid for an expensive 100 dollar handy from a chubby yet sexy black woman. Filthy man. . .well it was more for the experience and I have...
  24. Tatanka

    Breakdown Bow and Arrows

    anyone carried or thought on it? There is a few on amazon rated to 55 pound draw and breaks down to 16 inches. Feasible for a pack and not illegal as carrying a breakdown .22 or something. silent and easy to get away with. I used to shoot longbow all the time and miss the hell out of it. I enjoy...
  25. Tatanka


    Was, seeing, going with, partnered? whatever with a girl a few weeks ago, for couple weeks. Met her at a bar, blah blah, had a boyfriend, was into poetry and weird things whatever. we aren't talking anymore and I'm back at my site but she was into pissing and blood. I pissed all over her in my...
  26. Tatanka

    janitor adventures

    I was staying with family in altoona, Pa, sleeping on their back porch with my pooch and riding a bike- working a job at a dish T.V. office as a janitor. starting pay 9.00 bucks. first day I hated it and knew 8 hours cleaning up after 50% morbidly obese that ate a diet of all day soda and...
  27. Tatanka

    Goat Leap.

    Finally did it. Checked out 3 Nubian alpine pups and decided on the larger, mellow one, 60 bucks.Hell grow to be nearly 200 pounds. Able to pack probably 50 pounds when of age. No more long hitches or freight trains for us. Just good old fashioned leather tramping. Pick the guy up first week of...
  28. Tatanka

    Pack Animal Travel and The Prison of America He's striving for change and a little leeway of movement in our closed off mindless slave America. To even sleep somewhere, with respect and cleanliness as he does, still doesn't suffice. Look at his site and see how many convictions this poor old guy has to suffer due to...
  29. Tatanka

    '75 VW Vanagon with some goat farmers

    So, i had intended to meet up with my buddy who had left Pennsylvania a few weeks before me out west( this was a few months ago now too). he was boogying getting good rides with truckers and I ended up putzing around like I do, motels, chilling in my tent due to rain and general lack of knowing...
  30. Tatanka

    Kindle. . ..

    Was given one by my moms boyfriend. Despite my kind of detestation for tech. It is kind of neat. I figure I can always sell or trade later. I tried the prime free signup and downloaded tunes and movies but I don't think they'll play once it runs out and without WiFi. Anyone have ideas or tips or...
  31. Tatanka

    Goat Homestead Nomadism

    As with most of my posts, besides input on things I really have done, this a hypothetical idea, especially being I'm picky about company and am kind of a misanthrope at times. I am making an attempt to buckle down, with some friends and some family and imbibe in some, longer than a few weeks or...
  32. Tatanka

    Weird Ornery Pooches

    So my dog has been around, I've had him since a pup and he's my dude and goes everywhere I go. I love him to my core. I prefer him by my side for travel or generally anything than any person. I wake up every morning stoked to say good morning to him, humans I can't always say the same. Also even...
  33. Tatanka

    Photos My new infrequent shack

    Built this 12x12 with number help of my carpenter dad and grandfather. Recycled main support 6x6 posts and some 2x4s and other assorted lumber. Cost me less or about a thousand bucks. I own the land and its in a cornfield about 50 yards off a dirt road surrounded by a few sparse cabins and...
  34. Tatanka

    Open Mics

    Don't believe there is a dump for these yet. Figured I'd start one and see how many we can get posted on here. Open mics open to anyone music and or poetry? I know two in PA. Olga's in small town Coudersport Thursday evenings. And one in Harrisburg at midtown cafe Thursdays and Fridays. I...
  35. Tatanka

    Rabies Vaccs

    Anyone travel without this vacc? Not really intending too, did a bit bout a month ago but now am thinkin on this. Just curious legally speaking more than safety
  36. Tatanka

    Wilderness Gardening

    To attach to another thread I made about wilderness wandering or long term living, I've thought on planting seeds-if you were staying put a bit or had land or whatever- and seeing how they'd work out. Obviously you'd need a clear area and plenty of sunlight. Anyone have suggestions for plants to...
  37. Tatanka

    State depression. . ky

    Man I'm helping at a sheep farm in KY. Spent two weeks here and they were alrite. Some days maybe its me but it is really tough. Good people too but ky in the area I'm in is quite boring but I'm helpxing but it feels like a job in a way by repetition. Wake up fees chicken , feeds sheepz feed...
  38. Tatanka

    Wilderness Extended

    Okay so reading Neanderthals posts and having convo with him. I'd like to hear some extensive gear lists if someone was choosing to.head in to the mountains for awhile. Let's say rockies and your starting in spring. And your either with pack animals or just in your pack. Hunting, fishing, wild...
  39. Tatanka


    Mannn all my lymph nodes swollen nearly two months now.that had me freakrd till i got a blood test and it saod mono in early september.had a slight headache every morning and fogginess for nearly two weeks and sleeping nearly 12 or more hours a night. I dont have severe symptoms like some but...
  40. Tatanka

    Dog food?

    Curious as to what other people feed their pups. I've been using taste of the wild. Expensive but cheapest of expensive good food. Thinking of trying wild blue or whatever it is. I have been given free food before and kick downs and though it wasn't always great food I tens to integrate it in...
  41. Tatanka

    concealed Carry anyone?

    anyone else on here have a Permit to carry? I have my Pennsylvania concealed now and hitched last week for nearly 5 days with my .22 revolver stowed away in my pack. good for 5 years. I've traveled without a gun more than a concealed now and really just carry for more hunting eventually and for...
  42. Tatanka

    pack animals

    Anyone travel or have pack critters? I.E. pack goats or burros or mules? I've been thinking a lot about a pack goat or small burro. I've spent a good bit of time just walking while on the road before, by choice. I get sick of hitching real quick after all the time I've spent doing it on the road...
  43. Tatanka

    Hitching and general travel with Dogs

    So has anyone had someone try to take their dog yet? There's been a few times where i was crawling out the front passenger door to go to the back door to get my buddy out thinking, damn if they took off I don't know what i'd do. Had a thought today about just keeping him at my feet at all...
  44. Tatanka


    its like 75 or 100 bucks a year. ive had it for awhile and its pretty sweet and has come in good use. I'm rubbertramping up in north pa for a week or a few days with the cash i made workin for my dad's small construction company. went out into the hills at the pennsylvania grand canyon, tioga...
  45. Tatanka


    Gettin an amtrak to alburquerque and then trying to hitch 40 west to cali, but from the station i think we can get a bus to atleast the highway if not its not a far walk. but whats up with the city ive checked out crime rates and background info. but whats other people's experience with the...
  46. Tatanka

    Okay now flying with a dog and these tags. . .

    anyone flown with the "Service" tags. My sister and her friend are wanting to go to FL and need someone with some traveling experience to tag along plus the tickets are cheap, i didnt work a part time job to not spend the money. Service dogs are allowed I know, I researched that but I'm just...
  47. Tatanka

    Dogs on amtrak

    anybody have trouble with people or getting kicked off of amtrak with a dog with the "fake" service tags?
  48. Tatanka

    Working, homeless with a dog

    i have a van i live in and when i had a part time job, i just quit, my dog stayed in my van the few hours i worked. now if i hit the road hoofin it im not sure what i can do with him if i find a job working for like a store or something where i cant be with him except breaks and lunch. does...
  49. Tatanka


    Does anyone do anything alone anymore theres so many that travel with 5 or 6 other kids. thats cool but doesnt anyone need to be alone anymore. I spend 90 percent of my time alone not just travel i mean all around life, any other loners
  50. Tatanka

    Ridin, not trains

    Anyone else here ride a motorcycle. I got a 99 shadow I kinda bobbed out and still doin shit to. I'm thinkin bout a week trip it, rode up to north pa when i was still in highschool. Anybody else get the adrenaline rush like I do from blaring down the road with a backpack on Ridin an iron horse...