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  1. PrisMiQue

    Photos Art. Dreams.

    ART. Recent painting. Made with pan pastel watercolor and ink. Sort of a cartoon style I guess. Recent drawing. Made with graphite. More realistic I guess. Still needs a some more work done. DREAMS. Lately I’ve been having some weird ass dreams; all directly related to traveling again...
  2. PrisMiQue

    Traveling with a child

    I’m getting ready to head out and hope to be able to travel more often from now on. Being a new mother for almost two years now I haven’t don’t much traveling and prior to that I wasn’t able to leave my city, so now Im really wanting to explore, even if at times I can only go for a weekend...
  3. PrisMiQue

    Photos Fine Art Friday

    Currently working on this babe and another, hope to show the other by next Friday
  4. PrisMiQue

    Tired of feeling like shit

    Ive been feeling clouded, murky. I’ve been trying to climb this ladder, trying to reach “success”. Im feeling kicked bruised, And brainwashed I’m tired of wasting life feeling unaccomplished ... it’s not helping. Instead I want to celebrate what I have and make some changes. I know everyone...
  5. PrisMiQue

    Photos New pinup painting

    Started her yesterday. Watercolor wip Her body in the works
  6. PrisMiQue

    Quitting my Job to Pursue Art

    I’m feeling Unsure about how I’m spending a majority of my time. some people may love being a bartender, and sometimes I’m ok but recently I’ve been Not feeling it. I told myself I would work on my art nights and days I have off but I just have things I put before it and I haven’t been as...
  7. PrisMiQue

    Book recommendations

    Ok to be honest I haven’t finished a book for my own read since I was locked up back in ‘15 lol terrible I know! Anyone suggestions appreciated!
  8. PrisMiQue

    Photos Medusa WIP

    Been a minute since I’ve drawn/painted due to medical reasons, but now that that’s handled I’m getting back into it. Sharing if anyone’s cares... if not fuggit.
  9. PrisMiQue

    Photos Surrealism Painting

    She flourished through the tears of her sorrows & thrived in the light of her dreams. sidenote: I Literally have been fucking slacking on my artwork... fml seriously need to discipline my ass!
  10. PrisMiQue

    Lil Kenneth Stults aka The Pest

    He was hopping from freight to freight and fell... died instantly. I met him when he was 15 and I was 16. He was living in a tent in an area known as Hobo Jungle. His mom, Sunshine, was also living in that same area. I was young and already getting into the crust hobo life but he had been living...
  11. PrisMiQue

    Back in Austin TX after about 8 or so yrs...

    I’m traveling and staying in Austin Texas until Saturday 3-3 I remember this hill that was wrapped by a sidewalk that had a pretty dope view of the city but can’t remember how to get there. Anyone know?? Going to head to Barton springs tomorrow! would like to check out that hill before I dip...
  12. PrisMiQue

    Supplements that help focus??

    Does anyone know of any supplements that maybe able to help me focus??
  13. PrisMiQue

    What's with me and pinups

    Guess I kinda have a thing for drawing sexy pinups. I'm not gay or anything but maybe this makes me a lil lol jk just like drawing pretty gals I guess
  14. PrisMiQue

    Photos Boy... I can't wait to meet you!

    I'm 3 months away from ripping my vagina open for another living thing aka my son Zeke. Adjusting to this parenthood thing won't be easy but I'm definitely up for it... A new adventure into dirty diapers and leaking breasts! But before I start that life, I've made plans to travel up the...
  15. PrisMiQue

    Photos Just some shit I drew

    Dedicating more time to my art. Still lots to do! Graphite portrait soon to be painting.
  16. PrisMiQue

    Dealing with someone who's schizo

    The person I'm dealing with is very close to my heart and they are schizo af! But they are in denial and refuse any medical help. He's been in and out of the psych hospital and jail because of it. Now he's constantly talking to himself and it's really fucking annoying but I really want to see...
  17. PrisMiQue

    Photos Monstrous

    Caution she's a beast
  18. PrisMiQue


    :rolleyes: it's the drive that gets you there :) Painting I worked on today
  19. PrisMiQue

    Any Communes in Cali

    Always wanted to see what it'd be like to live in a commune or just check it out for a bit, considering I'm still wrapped up in the system until I pay the government off. Anyways if anyone knows of one in Cali I can see for myself please let me know. Thanks!
  20. PrisMiQue

    Photos Painting n tha werx

    Hey everyone, been a while since i've shared any of my art with ya. Here's a painting i started on the beach and have been working on. It's done in watercolor, I call it "Beach Bunny".
  21. PrisMiQue

    December Suicide Awareness

    Yesterday there was a 25 year old guy who committed suicide in the city I live in. He was confronted by cops and he was yelling at them to kill him and then went at them with a knife so they did. I was asked to watch the video and I declined. I would post but I can't get myself to watch it...
  22. PrisMiQue

    Photos Lined my way thru it

    portrait done by me - - thanks @OstrichJockey
  23. PrisMiQue

    Photos She's hot but she's probably crazy

    Started this today
  24. PrisMiQue

    Photos Works on Every Orifice!

    someone will find this useful ::fuckinginbed::
  25. PrisMiQue

    Photos Skulls n bones

    The gun that rose left die n man's skulls in rows
  26. PrisMiQue


    Be yourself! The ones that mind don't matter... The ones that matter, don't mind.
  27. PrisMiQue

    Photos Salvador Dali ✨

    Drew up a replica of the Great Salvador Dali's 1932, "Ballerina in a Death's Head" Finished exactly two years from today. Created with charcoal and a little red ink for the flowers on her head. Here is the original with mine underneath. Thanks for viewing!
  28. PrisMiQue

    got nothing better to do

    Tha progress
  29. PrisMiQue

    Don't care if you like me

    Travels been on hold for a while due to legal shit but in the mean time I've been fueling my creative fires through art and music. Here's just a few seconds of my vocals. ✌️
  30. PrisMiQue

    Photos This is fucking awesome!!!!!

    This is something that everyone should own! ( Particularly in cold areas) You can just say fuck it I'm going to sleep ANYWHERE in the complete comfort of your own bed without having to unpack! LOLoLOLOLOLolOlOlol
  31. PrisMiQue

    Photos She's hi

  32. PrisMiQue

    Forever In Love

    Penguins have a single soulmate! They'll roam the earth searching for them even after they've past.
  33. PrisMiQue

    Photos To be continued...

  34. PrisMiQue

    Photos Perched

  35. PrisMiQue

    Rooted Beauty Thorned Society

    Rooted Beauty In a Thorned Society
  36. PrisMiQue

    Photos New Pinup Art

  37. PrisMiQue

    Photos Drawing/painting again!

  38. PrisMiQue

    "Once a 'bum' always one"

    My aunt said this to me before. I m sure it's not true but what is about the alternative way of life that makes it so....addictive ? In honesty I feel as though my life is at a stand still while I'm not traveling...ironically I felt that way before housing up too! Literally not in the same...
  39. PrisMiQue

    Rainbow gathering

    Hey to anyone bout it it will be in SoCal this weekend!!! I'm going with my friend Sheila. If anyone else wants to know details or wants to connect there get at me!!! Until then love n peace
  40. PrisMiQue

    Puerto Vallerta, Mexico and Cabo

    Anyone going to be in either one? I'll be there in Oct from the 11th to the 17th. Be cool to meet up with some peeps
  41. PrisMiQue

    Who believes travelers are born not made?

    I've been having an emotional and mental battle because I'm perusing a career in the arts but I am a born traveler and can't seem to want to stay put. Others/ housies oogles yuppies whatever u want to identify them as , just want to go out to vacation once a year or leave town for a week and...