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    Homeless/rubbertramping in Portland, Oregon

    Sweet this is super helpful! Thanks!
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    Homeless/rubbertramping in Portland, Oregon

    Haha Thanks! Wait! before you go: Do you have any pointers or advice?? Thanks!
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    Homeless/rubbertramping in Portland, Oregon

    Hey Ya'll! First off. I'm so glad this website exists. Thank you so much to those who put it together and keep it running. This was an awesome resource for my partner and I two years ago when we hitchhiked and walked the Appalachian trail for a bit, now we're going to be hitting the road again...
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    Help me choose a music app

    Tool was totally on there at last summer/fall. Spotify must have pissed them off.
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    This is very kind and humanitarian of you :) Thank you for being a good person. The world needs more people like you. Thanks for supporting the outsiders and the livers of life. We support you too!
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    Help me choose a music app

    If you don't mind paying a subscription fee. I recommend Spotify. Been a paying customer for about 3 years, and I swear by it. Pretty much all the music you want is on there. Offline playing. Create Playlists. Good Stuff. With the free service you cant select specific music to play. you can...
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    camps in st. Augustine

    Thanks! Can we massage you for more details?
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    some of my drawings

    Very Awesome! Do you sell your art on the road?
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    DIY Tarp Bivy

    Nice! Thanks. Great share ;)
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    sales tips & tricks

    Awesome article. Thanks for writing it. People don't buy things. People buy people. People buy experiences, so I second that engaging with people and making an exchange of some type, tangible or intangible, is the best way, even if it's a simple as your own story. No one likes a mooch, and...
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    Photos Ultimate Trackpack - Oakley Kitchen Sink

    nice bag. thanks for the post
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    News & Blogs 3 "Drifters" Face Murder Convictions

    thats pretty scary and a terrible tragedy. a reminder to always stay alert, don't trust any, and be able to protect yourself at all times. Thanks for the share :(
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    Maps for free and cheap camping.

    Thanks for this :)
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    Featured News & Blogs An Insider’s Look At The Communal Squatting Lifestyle In London

    Perhaps a lifestyle to try someday. very cool.
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    New Female Traveler. Learning the ropes.

    Right, that's the point I just made. I'm not anti-firearm, but there's a lot of responsibility that comes along with owning one and using one. I'm not into the risk.
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    New Female Traveler. Learning the ropes.

    I entrance the people with the allure of my Cheeto dust cloud that follows in my wake. No one can resist the cheese cloud. :P Lol idk. But yea I don't think a gun is a terrible idea. It can certainly have it uses getting you out of certain dangerous situations, but you have to know when to pull...
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    New Female Traveler. Learning the ropes.

    Oops! Mah bad haha. Sorry Matt :p
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    New Female Traveler. Learning the ropes.

    Hello! My name is Nettie, and I am a first time traveler setting out at the end of march with my partner. We plan on heading south together and then we will separate and go our own separate ways on our own. I'm so excited and a little nervous for this new lifestyle, and I'm so glad I found this...