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  1. QueerCoyote

    Dear Brother

    Anyone who knows me knows I'm a shameless fan of the band Medicine for the People.. not a fan of most of their other fans and ambivalent on the artists themselves, but the music has wedged its way into my life and helped me through a lot of shit over the past 8 years. Anyway.. this song has...
  2. QueerCoyote

    Coyote here

    So I never actually posted an intro here to my knowledge, though now I've been here a while. I apologize if this is verbose, I've had a really rough day/week and am kinda loopy on my pain meds right now, tramadol turns me into a sappy puddle of feels. Hillbilly Castro / Andy told me a long time...
  3. QueerCoyote

    winter prep

    Gonna be staying in a 12ft travel trailer for winter in rural new york using an electric heater. Person I'm working for in exchange for the space told me to run it continuously... I don't feel comfortable doing that. My cat will be there while I'm gone so it does need to be warm enough for her...
  4. QueerCoyote

    Post your ugly mug*

    *Post a portrait of your lovely face, if I feel led to you'll end up with a drawing of it.
  5. QueerCoyote

    Handpoked tattoo

    Picked up some 5rl tattoo needles and ink and gave and got my first tattoo, stick n poke style. It's not finished yet, there will be some pointillism trees in the background to come.
  6. QueerCoyote

    New York State Recreation Maps

    Recently had given to me a bunch of those nice expensive maps for parks in New York. By request I will take pictures of them and send them to anyone that needs them (they're large and there's a lot here, so I'm not uploading them all at once.) Please message me the map you need if you're...
  7. QueerCoyote

    Wifi passwords for airports around the world

    This came across my dashboard today, figured it might prove useful to y'all. You can contribute to his map by commenting as well, and he keeps it pretty updated apparently.
  8. QueerCoyote

    Traveling with health issues

    A good friend today approached me with concerns regarding my traveling plans. I'm finishing up a degree now, but after that I plan on taking my bike to the west coast and just going with the flow, doing some wwoofing, freelance art and modeling, etc. I have a musculoskeletal condition that...
  9. QueerCoyote

    Featured Making Money Modeling While Traveling

    Warning: This is kind of a novella of a guide. Okay, so I haven't done this while living on the road yet, but I do it frequently when traveling and you can earn some cash from it, and if you're interested in the artistic sense you can get the satisfaction of earning a really nice portfolio. I...
  10. QueerCoyote

    Ridding a ride you owe on

    Yo, So, due to my unacceptable gullibility, I am $12k in debt with a car with 67k miles on it. I wish to get rid of said car. Besides cosmetic damages (non-severe, a double dings and a crack in the front bumper) there is nothing wrong with it and it's in pretty good shape. I have a cosigner on...
  11. QueerCoyote

    Photos hobby artist

    Yo, I am a hobby artist and figured I'd post some of my stuff here.
  12. QueerCoyote


    Meet my new ride, Liberation. She's a Dahon speed P8. Can't wait til the cargo rack and panniers arrive. :) Decided to go with a folding bike after @Buffalo sold me on them. The idea of being able to hitch and use public transport were winners.
  13. QueerCoyote


    Yo, figured I should join the site since I've been lurking for months. I'm heading out next May once I finish my degree that's kept me stuck in Syracuse. Until then I'm just studying biology, working, doing art, and drinking coffee. I backpack and have a few friends that have been traveling for...