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  1. tootalll

    Seeking Ride Greensboro NC headed south

    Yeah for sure hit me up on FB
  2. tootalll


    I had a great experience In Austin in 2017 December to May. Just goes to show everyone has a different perspective.
  3. tootalll

    Seeking Ride Greensboro NC headed south

    In Eden, NC headed to greensboro NC then south after the first. 2 bodies 2 packs
  4. tootalll

    Looking for a Buddy to travel with.

    I’m in VA about to hit the road give me a shout looking for a good road dog 434 429 8818
  5. tootalll

    Need some help out

    if you dont have enough room for it you dont need it. pack light. edit: and listen to matt.
  6. tootalll

    Thoughts on Austin?

    austin tx treated me very well it was the first place i went. the springs is where i camped hung out and it was like a 5 minute walk from downtown which is where food spange and help is if you are looking for it.
  7. tootalll

    Been lurking here for awhile

    keep your head up! im back home working and just itching more and more to leave and ride trains, i myself have never so i am def gonnna need to get a teacher lol