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  1. Tatanka

    Suggestion Editing/removing your content from StP

    Well ole outlaw I’ll be messaging ya beforehand ya do. I’ve wanted to delete myself but couldn’t figure it out. This forum isn’t like FB most day so anyway, likes and smileys etc. there is very rarely quality content
  2. Tatanka

    Stressful year but wonderful year pt 1

    160 pound pack huh? No offense taken I hope, but your either illiterate, under the influence or using a small keypad for typing this. . .
  3. Tatanka

    What do STPers do in winter months?

    I still get around a bit, between families places and my own where I am now as I plan to spend at least part of winter off grid, hunting and surviving in my one room shack. Then if I don’t stay all winter, in December I’ll go down to my grandparents a few hours south of me and house sit there...
  4. Tatanka

    Got a full load here.

    Would like to see what others have hauled. I’ve also hauled my 70 pound dog too. Using the ole trailer this weekend on a town run for hoped for dumpster goods and grocery extras fall festival. Another trip tomorrow for slab wood.
  5. Tatanka

    Pioneering land/homesteading?

    I’m kind of homesteading right now on my 1.69 parcel in a 12x12 cabin. Been busy as hell cutting wood for winter with a bow saw and axe, save chainsaw for really big stuff, all of which I mostly scrounge off the side of the road and beyond my land on an abandoned part of a tree farm, no vehicle...
  6. Tatanka

    Multi bandanna use

    A good bandanna is quite useful. Dust protection, like sweeping out my dusty shack, to tying limbs together to haul out of the woods for a fire, small gear container etc, and my latest today, meat bags. I harvested the back straps from a large roadkill buck, also his antlers, and wrapped them in...
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  8. Tatanka

    Hello World , from here and now to those of you elsewhere

    Where at in eastern Pennsylvania? I’m in north central Pennsylvania right now
  9. Tatanka

    Photos My new infrequent shack

    Edge of the hurricane up here. Movie evening
  10. Tatanka

    thinking of getting this yakka men's jacket. thoughts?

    Buy used at all costs, Cheaper and your not guilty of supporting corporations and producing waste
  11. Tatanka

    Nutrisystem Hook Up- Suggestions for outdoor winter storage?

    Should be quality diarrhea food. I believe that is highly processed food?
  12. Tatanka

    the "conform to social norms" anxiety

    once and a while my mind will convince itself these people living like that are happier or handle things better, but they aren't and they don't remember that. most of the american and world way, money house kids wife job is a brainwashing, a way of control for larger power and a doing away of...
  13. Tatanka

    Photos My new infrequent shack

    Some last summer photos. Be up here again in a few days.
  14. Tatanka

    Best signs to fly

    I have, and plan again, to fly if in dire need, looking for any work(underlined). Or if I’m avoiding hard ten hour day labor, much of only work to find in my land region, I may fly Will Work for Land Taxes or Need Help With Homestead.
  15. Tatanka

    Photos My way North (NY-Alaska)

    Gonna read this later man. Thanks for something to look forward to!
  16. Tatanka

    Banned creature banned for flaming other users, staff harassment, general insanity

    I found a lot of his stuff pretentious and annoying. Long drunken posts to verify his “creative artistic” angst?
  17. Tatanka

    incompatibility with reality

    I have family so I can’t say I have no one but it starts to sour and yet again I can’t relate. I guess I really onyl can relate to others when I’m in a hole as well. Then I’m back to my anti society and feral ways of thinking which alienate me from everyone. I go through bouts of depression and...
  18. Tatanka

    To greyhound or not to greyhound?

    I’ve rode a lot of greyhound with my service dog and can’t say I’ve had any horrible experiences. It’s mass transit so shit happens. Obviously like said if you do a long haul you will have an unexpected layover somewhere most likely. Chicago is good for that. My last haul back across to the...
  19. Tatanka

    News & Blogs Man Bikes Around the World With $2 in Pocket

    since a question was asked on here I'll answer on here. I have eaten for months at a time and in general, I've hitched around with rice and lentils soaking in a cup to be cooked that evening. a big meal I'd have at my shack and even when living with my mom or house sitting whatever has been...
  20. Tatanka

    Generalized Anxiety

    Well went to ER last night just to get a short anti anxiety script to sleep and I slept hard finally. To kind of kick the cycle a bit. I probably got 8 hours. Going to a clinic today to see about options. I was doing good and bottomed our again.
  21. Tatanka

    Generalized Anxiety

    Hey dude I’m guessing you deal too. That’s what I take from it.
  22. Tatanka

    Generalized Anxiety

    So I have been going through this little rollercoaster as I posted before about. I really believe it stems from the cocaine and drinking I was doing with a family member in a time when I needed quiet and sober days, on top of generalized anxiety that I was pushing down with the drugs and under...
  23. Tatanka

    hella anxiety meds

    what a great thread to bump. Man, others have dealt with this shit. Good to read. CBD and THC 1:1 is helping me i believe. First try last night, of proper dosage with valerian and lemon balm. slept great.
  24. Tatanka

    PTSD, jail, mental health

    I suffer from anxiety as well. Fucks up my sleep cycle. I was on a cocaine and booze bender with my uncle for a few weeks, with only a couple days here and there of a break. then started anti anxiety meds i was given from a friend, for like 5 or 6 nights of the cocaine and booze. Brought to...
  25. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    Ashwagandha and valerian and lemon balm not all to be combined I think. I was back on my shitty schedule and heart rate seems up I slept but not till late late
  26. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    Ashwagandha and valerian and lemon balm not all to be combined I think. I was back on my shitty schedule and heart rate seems up I slept but not till late late
  27. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    YeAh or too much at night I started taking more than recommended dosage and it gives ya night sweats and it wasn’t better. Now trying lemon balm capsules and Ashwagandha. Won’t lie just researching the potentials of herbs is got me excited
  28. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    Oh shit. Yep same here with a night or two of good sleep. But I’ve always found too much sleep leaves me groggy good part of a day. I guess I’ll get used to sleeping little and the anxiety should slacken as it does at times. I as well come from a family that normally doesn’t sleep a lot too so I...
  29. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    Yeah it seems to help but I also had nights where I had no supplement and still had sleep anxiety till I eventually sleep later in the night and then still wake up a bit but do sleep 4 or 5 hours. Just gotta deal I guess
  30. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    Also trying lemon balm for the first time tonight mixed with valerian I read is okay. I won’t do meds because as someone else posted it never ends good. Also meeting older people who tell me you’ll be fine and have been through rough patches a lot really fuck Helps. Telling me the ups and down...
  31. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    Bump. How’s everyone doing. I had a great stretch of decent days with decent sleep but kind poopy today again with troubled sleep last night but didn’t wake up shitty but came on today. Didn’t realize it’s only been a month. Most I’ve drank is a half bottle of wine at night for two nights. Red...
  32. Tatanka

    Fuck yeah make it to Alaska? Been really thinking on it for like a summer migration. Update...

    Fuck yeah make it to Alaska? Been really thinking on it for like a summer migration. Update passport get a little pick up and gun and hot tent maybe
  33. Tatanka

    Fuel-less home

    Wow. I’d quit drinking 211 immediately first off. I lived over a year without a personal vehicle. Using a family car again. But a good bike is nice yes. But personally I’m okay with one that works for me from a thrift store.
  34. Tatanka

    Herbal Medicine

    Valerian people. Definitely helps with sleep trouble, calming. Can even be taken daily as anxiety help I read. I don’t have daytime too much lately, besides usual bull but at night I’ve been taking it organic Oregon tilthe valerian, 17.00 a bottle but beats drinking heavily or pharmaceuticals...
  35. Tatanka

    States or misery!

    yeah in this country poverty is the scum of all. this country mostly, not everyone of course, looks down on anyone they think are homeles, or not normal, or weird, or mentally ill etc.
  36. Tatanka

    Hitching from Laramie to Portland

    Yeah eastern oregon is hot right now. I've hitched from South middle oregon to pasco WA and it wasn't terrible. Did greyhound out of pasco though. doable is always possible, if you wait awhile it is what it is. sucks sometimes but you'll be alright if you stay positive. have fun
  37. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    @wokofshame i agree on the being an organic human but I don’t want to feel the anxiety I did again so will put off drugs. I’m done with that and heavy drinking if it’s gonna fuck up my system now. I guess as we age things change
  38. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    Oh yeah where in oregon
  39. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    Nope I left an 8th oregon home grown in my cabin to get away from all stimulants awhile. Where are you that that'd even work
  40. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    I think too I'll get back into edibles in oregon and see how that goes if I'm not evened out by then
  41. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    Oh ha okay yeah I thought about a few and haven' tried it. I think I got a spotty 6, 7 to 8 last night may be. Excersise helps I think, but I did ten or eleven miles the other day and still struggled. I'm gonna stay positive it'll pass and keep on. Since I imbalanced my chemical self for weeks I...
  42. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    Thanks for replies everyone. Good to relate to anyone. Well my sleep cycle is fuck d up it seems. I'll lay down at say ten nearly fall asleep and come right out and that continues a bit till I'm laying trying to sleep for hours than probaby 2 or 3 I start to settle and have a sleep till...
  43. Tatanka

    Anxiety/Insomnia-ish Depression

    so the last week or so, after spending a few weeks partying with an older uncle, cocaine and drinking heavily, and anti anxiety pills to get to sort of sleep four or five nights when on cocaine, stupid stupid, my mind sort of hit a bad spot and I am paying. While doing this I had anxiety and was...
  44. Tatanka

    All I want to do is drink beer, ride trains, and be free...

    May be take the job for a year? and stack some money and then bounce or buy land or something and just be okay with your odd jobs. Future? I think "monetary seCurity" is a set up, trap. I get where you come from in a way though. I work for the two man family business at times when I am back...
  45. Tatanka

    Event Anti-Civ Gathering in Upstate NY April 28th

    I would have tried to make it but it was out of the question with an aunt dying and my uncle, husband to dead aunt, asked for my help with some roofing work. Hopefully the camp can post some pictures and w rite up of the meeting. I'll be hitching and walking to New England in june or july I...
  46. Tatanka

    What are the big differences between North America and Europe according to you ?

    As another who has never been to Europe, I think architecture? Historical buildings aren't as big deal here it seems. Seems some European countries still enjoy their old buildings? America is a lot of suburban prefab sprawl General consensus for america is if you smell a little-not like soap...
  47. Tatanka

    Anybody in East Washington? -SpokaneStuck-

    passed through there past spring on greyhound, hitching from pasco- rather was but had a hellish wild day one exit north of town, was gonna try to sleep around spokane but damn its large, ended up buying a ticket to missoula. honestly looked dismal and typical. why are you stuck? what binds you?
  48. Tatanka

    Photos Heading to the At trail head out of Atlanta any tips

    Ma you can google maps it and find the a..t on there and locate it that way. . . There definitely is a lot of information about the trail on the internet. Whiteblazes I think it is is a big A.T. forum.
  49. Tatanka

    Are you bikecore?

    sweet everyone. defy those petroleum machines I say. I'm excited to get back to my hut and get back on my mountain bike and trailer for hauling wood, my dog on downhills and water. Will use it to haul game this fall as well-packing out meat back to homestead. good stuff
  50. Tatanka

    Spreading peace and love.

    I love walking into mcdonalds or burger kings etc with my gallon jug and filling up their cold, sometimes filtered water, I've never had shit but once in southern VA, I always say if people look questioningly, water is a basic human need. . . good luck with that positivity, hitching will weed it...