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  1. Jubbs

    Udon Soup Best thing I've ever tasted!

    Annie Chung's Udon Soup I had to share this with people. Its 100% Vegan and full of protein and fiber. It comes in a neat biodegradable container. I found you can fit two of each ingredients in one container, awesome for ramblin' Noodles: wheat flour, water, tapioca starch, lactic acid...
  2. Jubbs

    Banjo Strap.. Works Perfectly

    OKOK, Riged up something to hold my banjo on my pack. Ended up only spending $0.75 on some strong thread. MATERIALS: -Suspenders, Elastic works great -Car seat buckle, Nice Adjustment system -2 D-clips I found that almost any thing can be straped on my...