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  1. DuHastMich

    Mail bombs to Dems and Soros? The cheese has slid off the cracker of society

    Believe me, equality had nothing to do with the fact some psychopathic 50ish year old male sent notable Democratic party members a device that could have detonated. Regardless what patch of political grass you graze in, nobody deserves to die.
  2. DuHastMich

    Mail bombs to Dems and Soros? The cheese has slid off the cracker of society

    Not sure if correct subforum. But what the fuck is people's problem? Mailing fucking bombs to prove a point? Look, I get today's political scene is a bit contentious. People are shitty about something, and probably with good cause. Seriously though. What level of "fucked up" must one amass...
  3. DuHastMich

    My First Post: Howdy!

    Yea, I remember Digihitch. One of the founders passed away, and his wife didn't want to dick with the site. Then it got hacked by some bullshit hacking organization overseas, and everyone disbanded from there. I made a last-ditch effort to buy the domain, restore the old posts and keep the site...
  4. DuHastMich

    Adjusting back to normal life

    It's a bitch decompressing after that long on the road. Hell, it was fucked up for me when I was beating the backroads in my 20s and would come off the road for a few months to gather some money. Keep your mind as occupied as possible. Even if you're doing menial shit like washing dishes...
  5. DuHastMich

    Hurricane Recovery Jobs in Florida

    I got an email blast yesterday from some idiot claiming they had a list of smaller companies doing hurricane cleanup they'd sell me for $40. Capitalist pigs.
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    How to safely survive in the bush/on the streets as a women by yourself?

    To add to @Coywolf - you're getting ready to start some brutal ass winter shit up that way (I know South Dakota got hammered with snow in late-September, so you guys are probably getting nailed. A quick Google search of shelters in Thunder Bay area turn up shit that seems like referral...
  7. DuHastMich

    Hurricane Recovery Jobs in Florida

    Yeah I feel ya there @SlankyLanky - buddy of mine got fucked doing work in North Carolina to clean up that mess. Got down there, was promised a 4-star hotel, blah blah. In the end, he shacked up with 5 dudes in a house they cleaned up, and instead of $15 an hour they got $9 an hour with no food...
  8. DuHastMich

    Cuddling with close friends

    I'm always down for some friendly spooning. Or hugging while laying down in whatever position seems prudent. Not necessarily a "cuddle whore", but I'll rarely turn down an opportunity to pass out extended hugs.
  9. DuHastMich

    personal ecperiences with tinder on road

    I'm sorry you went through all that, Candice! It does suck when dickwads like that ruin companionship for everyone else. In terms of meeting up with people, never give up hope! Good people in America exist - you just have to go with your gut. I met several women in my travels who led me into a...
  10. DuHastMich

    How to deal with boyfriend drinking too much and me being homeless and leaving him?

    It's unfortunate you're still in Canada. At least being in the Southern part of America affords you the opportunity to stay warm longer, plus the social services seems to be much better than your area. In terms of your BF, it does suck to see someone you love slowly erode before your eyes. If...
  11. DuHastMich

    Everything ok with ya?

    Everything ok with ya?
  12. DuHastMich

    Dilly dilly!

    Dilly dilly!
  13. DuHastMich

    What do STPers do in winter months?

    Yeah, just read that after I posted. I officially recant that suggestion.
  14. DuHastMich

    What do STPers do in winter months?

    Well, cartel activity is picking up everywhere. The bullshit going down in Sinaloa and other Mexican states is spreading like wildfire. Tourists are being kidnapped and used as leverage in drug disputes. True story. The government is saying to avoid travel to Colima, Guerrero, Michoacán...
  15. DuHastMich

    What do STPers do in winter months?

    Be safe down there - they're putting travel advisories all over Mexico (even in the traditionally "docile" areas).
  16. DuHastMich

    What do STPers do in winter months?

    Just wondering what folks tend to do in winter months (specifically in colder states). Do many of you have homes/apartments to go back to, does the scope of your travel change, are you "hibernating" indoors and saving money back for next spring? I used to hustle up money for the next year by...
  17. DuHastMich

    Losing yourself within yourself is the shittiest feeling.

    Losing yourself within yourself is the shittiest feeling.
  18. DuHastMich

    Fuck I need to find some land out west. An acre in Central Oregon sounds awesome.

    Fuck I need to find some land out west. An acre in Central Oregon sounds awesome.
  19. DuHastMich

    Owning land?

    Tax sales are held usually once a year in every U.S. county to help collect owed taxes. Once the sale (in auction format, most usually) is done, the winner would have paid the taxes, plus whatever excess money they bid above the parcel's sale amount known as a 'surplus'. (eg: taxes on a parcel...
  20. DuHastMich

    New to this but my life has no meaning

    Well, I chose this excerpt as my 'jump-off point' because this is the path you chose, which ultimately led to your life lacking fulfillment. When you chose to find someone to engage in a lengthy courtship with, you essentially include someone in your life - not live for them. When you decide to...
  21. DuHastMich

    News & Blogs SuperTarget SuperShoplifter School

    Man, have they ever. Although this guide is pretty comprehensive, make no mistake: Loss Prevention personnel at Target are demons from hell. Seen them tackle an older guy over some pickle loaf and cheese. Remain vigilant at all times when boosting. If working in pairs, ALWAYS work opposite...
  22. DuHastMich

    Video My first solo trip to Atlanta

    Well, if everyone had your courage, they may very well be able to. Bear in mind it takes more people like you sharing experiences to actually convince people it's possible. Many are stuck in a dark world they feel is their fate.
  23. DuHastMich

    Video My first solo trip to Atlanta

    Hey fellow travel brother. You getting up and walking down to the store alone takes courage, so consider your trip to Atlanta epic. Hold onto it, build from it. I have mad, mad respect for someone that tells the world 'fuck you and your fucking label, I will overcome!!' Keep posting your other...
  24. DuHastMich

    Featured How do you make your money?

    Well, I make money in any ethical manner available at the moment money is needed. I, too, freelance write and do SEM (search engine marketing) remotely. While you can find these gigs damn near anywhere (, Freelancer and Upwork are the current hot spots to find the gigs, just don't...
  25. DuHastMich

    Buying undeveloped land advice needed

    When I get the land bought and staked out, I won't swing a hammer until I'm there full-time. I just want to get a decent piece of land for a decent price with fair taxes, even if there are no city utilities or whatnot.
  26. DuHastMich

    Buying undeveloped land advice needed

    That's music to my ears. My hope is that I find at least a flat piece of land out your way that's slightly off the beaten path. Less police to fuck with me. Less b.s. I have to deal with when I'm there. I'm not reclusive, just like space and the thought of knowing I can spend a week or two in...
  27. DuHastMich

    Buying undeveloped land advice needed

    @Outdoorsisfree - I've seen lots of 'for sale' signs starting right around Tucumcari, NM all the way to Winslow, AZ. Seems the property is right around the price mentioned, although of course you have a few larger companies who want to gouge your eyes out. Bear in mind this land is best for...
  28. DuHastMich

    Girl friend wanted

    This thread. What a hoot. Let's summarize: Blacksheep utilizes an online dating-style approach to winning over some damsel in distress on a site irrelevant to his motif. Several individuals chime in, stating this site isn't meant for dating. Aforementioned individuals give tips (although...
  29. DuHastMich

    Buying undeveloped land advice needed

    Hey there Marmar, I'm kinda stoked to see how your journey goes from begging to end. Buying land can definitely be rewarding, especially if you're lucky enough to grab something up that's both fertile and aesthetically pleasing. I would like to give pointers based on my experience with buying...
  30. DuHastMich

    buying land to build an earthship

    I know that desolate areas of Arizona (for obvious reasons) will be cheap per acre. Man, I hope you got things worked out, I see it's been around 6 years since you posted - come back and let us know. I'd be willing to go halfsies with someone on a decent (irrigable) piece of land preferably...
  31. DuHastMich

    Most Dangerous Region

    Yeah, I've traveled through several reservations, but never stopped. Once I tried to hitch from Michigan to the Badlands, but was kinda getting bad juju from the South Dakota locals around Yankton, so got the fuck out and never made it there (to this day). That was in '97. Denver really wasn't...
  32. DuHastMich

    Girl friend wanted

    @SIB - don't trademark 'harshmellows' until I've used it at least 10
  33. DuHastMich

    Girl friend wanted

    Wasn't dead, @zim - a near death experience and trying to build my community crash pad, yes. Glad to see you're still around. Hope you are well.
  34. DuHastMich

    Most Dangerous Region

    I have to agree with those who say Billings is a fuckhole. My experience wasn't so much with meth, but a few Native Americans who would get drunk off Listerine and want to fight me. Besides, the serpico aren't friendly, either. Joplin, MO was "interesting". Chill one day, a completely...
  35. DuHastMich

    Hacking Greyhound

    I think (and this is probably rhetorical) that the only way someone would catch on and entertain holding you criminally liable is if you mass produced these with different people's names on them, you know, selling them on the side for spare cash. Not that I'm suggesting you do's just a...
  36. DuHastMich

    Girl friend wanted

    Well, let me be Switzerland here... @Blacksheep31 - Welcome to STP! Generally speaking, members of this forum share an affinity for the many modes of travel available. They also love discussing tips, tricks, memories and have a penchant for meeting up with each other. This site is, for the lack...
  37. DuHastMich

    Romance for the perpetually single

    I pulled this excerpt because I feel it's probably the best summary regarding romance I've ever read in my 43 half-ass decent years in existence. As overly commercialized as marriage appears to be, singularity is no longer a state of solitude. Of course, before anyone can really argue or...
  38. DuHastMich

    I wish you were, too.

    I wish you were, too.
  39. DuHastMich

    Event StP Dirty Scouts Jamboree; Slab City, CA - Oct 1st-4th 2015

    That's awesome, CrimCron. I'm an avid reader, so I'm sure you'll see me there pilfering a book or two while I'm there (promptly returning checked out items, of course). I, too, am extremely humble and do not mix well with wayward rapscallions. Not to say I don't like knockin' back a beer or...
  40. DuHastMich

    Event StP Dirty Scouts Jamboree; Slab City, CA - Oct 1st-4th 2015

    Well, there's mixed emotions around the Slabs. Seems one group wants to buy East Jesus while another wants to buy 3/4 of the Slabs. What used to be a great place to be free has turned into a free-for-all. Me, personally, I'm going to try my damnest to get there. Fuck the rhetorical...
  41. DuHastMich

    Event StP Dirty Scouts Jamboree; Slab City, CA - Oct 1st-4th 2015

    I've always wanted to hit Slab City, and will probably take the plunge this year. One thing deterring many from going is the Slab City Community Group...they think they "run shit". I mean, a squatter is a squatter.... To make everything clear to potential Slab City goers, the land is just as...
  42. DuHastMich


    Not that I'm trying to contribute to societal debauchery, but one thing I've noticed is some lawn and garden centers are rather 'lazy' when it comes to keeping employees there full-time. Friend on other side of fence, minimal camera exposure since it's rather hard to steal a riding lawn...
  43. DuHastMich

    News & Blogs Your rights are on the table...again.

    American people have been mentally conditioned to follow status quo. Who creates this precedence? Well, it's certainly not the presidents of the last 20 years. It's definitely not the sleazy senators pandering for donations every October. If I had to lay a wager on who's really running shit...
  44. DuHastMich

    News & Blogs Your rights are on the table...again.

    "....They argue a person who is arrested has a lower expectation of privacy." This is basically saying that you have no rights when the cuffs are slapped on, regardless whether you've been adjudicated or exonerated by a jury. This pretty much negates the 4th Amendment, ummm, probably your...
  45. DuHastMich

    Now playing: #786 - "Black No. 1" - Type O Negative

    Now playing: #786 - "Black No. 1" - Type O Negative
  46. DuHastMich

    What kind of things should I put in my Houseless care packages?

    How I wish someone like Thorne was passing shit out when I was in the middle of fucking Northern Montana in '93... Anyway, if you're thinking about the short term houseless needs: women's necessities small rain poncho granola bars socks (sounds like you got that covered) sewing kit matchbooks...
  47. DuHastMich


    Now that I've accumulated both road and life experience, I respect mmmmmmmichael for his strong feelings against kleptomania. Many people find earning their MGD or daily food allotment is more emotionally gratifying than taking it from stores. Having said that... Our government is one massive...
  48. DuHastMich

    News & Blogs Detroit auctions historic homes for $1,000

    I'm definitely down - maybe make 2 or 3 squats and one or two hostels. Only reservation I have is the fact we'll be handing out Mini-14's to everyone that stayed there. Of course, an idea like this doesn't have to be restricted to Detroit...many other cities have abandoned homes which I'm sure...
  49. DuHastMich

    News & Blogs Detroit auctions historic homes for $1,000

    Absolutely would. I have my sights on an apartment unit currently going for $550 and several others around $700. Closing costs? Not sure...usually run an 'x' percentage of final sale, but many are pushing $500-750 for closing. Inspection is a couple hundred more - HOWEVER, the grant link you...
  50. DuHastMich

    News & Blogs Detroit auctions historic homes for $1,000

    Believe me, if I can find an urban development grant or some type of credit/help making a property sustainable, I'll buy 12 of these houses and get all closing costs covered (I'd pray), then use them all for free squats, shelters, or safe havens for individuals. Detroit won't stay down...