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  1. roguetrader

    #SorryNotSorry : Reintroduction Spectacu-LARRRRR!

    wow that's the most informative introduction I've ever seen on here - almost like a resume ! I liked the bit when you referred to 'my backstory' - sounded like Spiderman !
  2. roguetrader

    Foreskin restoration on the road?

    so I get the impression that pretty much all males in the US are circumcised not long after birth - am I right ? I'm 'intact' and I kinda like it that way....
  3. roguetrader

    Trying to contact Wizehop

    not seen any postings by @wisehop for a while though - maybe he's defected to r / vagabond and huckstahs clique !
  4. roguetrader

    What are you listening to right now?!!!

    @Older Than Dirt - speaking of Suzie Q, I heard 'Devilgate Drive' the other day - first time in years... love it ! lately I been spinning a compilation of Dow Jones & The Industrials trax - they were an abstract punk / new wave band from Indiana....
  5. roguetrader

    looking for a mentor

    and if your ignorance kills you ? all part of the fun ? seriously, freight riding is no joke - many people die every year, even the experienced... I'd wait for someone who REALLY knows the score to mentor you - plenty bullshitters in all travelling scenes...
  6. roguetrader

    Its winter time, im homeless and got no where to live/go? what do i do?

    @Childgodess - you've been starting threads asking similar questions for months and it seems like you've got precisely nowhere - people have given you as much advice as you're gonna get but it seems like you think some amazing solution to all your problems is gonna fall from the sky ! sorry if...
  7. roguetrader

    Why you DONT want to be a Gypsy (from meeting the real gypos.)

    @BusGypsy - can you give me an example of one of these other 'gypsy cultures' ? cos as far as I'm concerned gypsy means Roma full stop.. it seems like you just don't wanna face up to this inescapable fact... as I stated previously I have known Romany Gypsies / Irish Travellers / New Travellers...
  8. roguetrader

    Why you DONT want to be a Gypsy (from meeting the real gypos.)

    yes but not matter how gypsy-like you may feel inside you cannot change your ethnicity - I fully support your 'right' to express yourself in any way you feel but you will never be a 'real' gypsy unless you are a true born Romani ! but yeah please call yourself whatever makes you happy....
  9. roguetrader

    Land owner in need of squaters

    @Willis - in the other thread he mentions a 'compulsory purchase order' which is when the government forces you to sell land to them... it's used when they're building motorways / airports / army bases etc
  10. roguetrader

    Dealing with damp in my house on wheels

    yeah the stove top fans you mention are great especially in larger vehicles / spaces
  11. roguetrader

    Why you DONT want to be a Gypsy (from meeting the real gypos.)

    cool - I hope we can get on better in other threads....
  12. roguetrader

    Why you DONT want to be a Gypsy (from meeting the real gypos.)

    there is no mob, we are not ganging up - again I apologise I am not here to upset or opress people and neither are the others participating in this discussion.... can I get you a bubble tea ?
  13. roguetrader

    Any hip hop fans?

    ha ha you knew I'd have to peep this thread didn't ya ? being the old school fool that I am..... and yes I love old electro just as much as underground hip hop... 'spin on your hands and spin on your knee's, spin on your head and then freeze'
  14. roguetrader

    Dealing with damp in my house on wheels

    I've had vehicles with bad insulation jobs and it's a pain in the ass - bought a converted lorry once and the previous owner had put thin ply straight on to the box walls with NO INSULATION at all - man did it get cold in there overnight and horrible black mold appeared regularly ! if poss you...
  15. roguetrader

    Why you DONT want to be a Gypsy (from meeting the real gypos.)

    @AlienMoose - I am sorry that you have felt attacked / bullied - I genuinely want to have productive discussions with people on this forum - please remember we are only disagreeing over the meaning of a word, it's nothing serious......
  16. roguetrader

    Why you DONT want to be a Gypsy (from meeting the real gypos.)

    @AlienMoose - in actual fact the term Romany Gypsy DOES refer to a distinct ethnic group / race which originated in Northern India over 1000 years ago.... like a lot of words many people use it incorrectly.. you are right in saying that the term is a derivative of 'Egyptian' - it was used by...
  17. roguetrader

    Why you DONT want to be a Gypsy (from meeting the real gypos.)

    @BusGypsy - terrible logic - the one thing I do know with absolute certainty is that you are not a Romany Gypsy ! I am not feeling hostile towards you and agree that you are completely free to call yourself anything that you please, however pretentious it may appear to others.... for the...
  18. roguetrader

    Why you DONT want to be a Gypsy (from meeting the real gypos.)

    with regard to the original post the guy is obviously generalizing wildly.... we have three main itinerant groups in the UK - Romany Gypsies / Irish Travellers and 'New' Travellers - like any group of people the behaviour of these nomads varies massively - some are aggressive, criminal scum but...
  19. roguetrader

    Why you DONT want to be a Gypsy (from meeting the real gypos.)

    @BusGypsy - is your family / heritage Roma ? no ? then you are not and can never be a TRUE gypsy - obviously you can refer to yourself by any name that you wish but in this case it just makes you sound foolish, ignorant and a wannabe...
  20. roguetrader

    Call for Contributions: Radio Static & Field Recordings

    I'm a big music fan, any genre considered - but I find there to be a fine line between experimental / noise and just plain pretentious shite......
  21. roguetrader

    Price of the road

    @Matt Derrick - I find that I have more of a varied 'full' life living out of my vehicle compared to a back pack... I've got all my tools, music / instruments, books, a full kitchen, heat from a wood burner, space to do projects etc - plus somewhere I can get a good night's sleep... when I'm...
  22. roguetrader

    Calling all dumpster diving friends

    OP you just gotta keep going out and searching and eventually you'll find the good spots.... things vary greatly from place to place - a store that's good in one town isn't necessarily good in the next... another thing to consider is that places that are heavily hit by travellers / bums often...
  23. roguetrader

    Inside front: crinethinc 90s punk/HC zine now online

    I'll give it a read - never heard of this particular title but I'm always up for more punk literature - strange coz I rarely listen to the music these days, especially that folk punk shit .... I'll never lose the attitude though - Crass roped me in for life when I was 14 !
  24. roguetrader

    Hi from the uk, the unmystical land of drizzle

    what part of Wales you in ? I'm from the NW originally so used to get over to North Wales on family holidays when I was a kid, then Mid Wales for parties / free festivals when I got older....
  25. roguetrader

    Hi from the uk, the unmystical land of drizzle

    fellow brit here - at your service if you want a local perspective on the travelling culture - i been EVERYWHERE you see, from Aardvark Avenue right up to Zulu Central.....
  26. roguetrader

    Your favorite books?

    @train in vain - yeah know what you mean I'm a big reader but I never had a life changing experience through books, only from serious psychedelic drugs ! but every now and then a book has me grinning from ear to ear and I can't put the fucking thing down.....
  27. roguetrader

    An Introduction about Myself, looking for others who are similar.

    unfortunately you probably won't find many people on a heavy Christian trip on this site.... personally I think people who believe there's' a guy in the sky watching everything you do so he can pull you up about it later after you're dead are seriously delusional..... and come on how can you...
  28. roguetrader

    Your favorite books?

    The Great War For Civilization - Robert Fisk / Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts / Cryptonomicon - Neal Stevenson (and most of his other books).... and about a million others when I've got more time to post - I spend hours reading everyday... EDIT : also anything by Rohinton Mistry - he's a...
  29. roguetrader

    Polar Votex Brings Crippling Cold to Midwest

    we're getting a taste of polar vortex in Europe too - last year we had the worst snows for decades and that was in March !
  30. roguetrader

    Anyome in Europe right now?

    I currently live in SW England in the county of Devon - not currently travelling as i'm working in a vineyard for a few months..... I can give you advice and information about the UK and some of Europe namely Holland / France / Spain / Portugal - any questions then fire away ! I might take me...
  31. roguetrader

    what instruments do you play and in what musical styles?

    @Cam3J - totally agree : the first three White Stripes albums are fantastic - such a shame they went downhill when they got famous, but that's the way of many a good band ! one of the songs I'm trying to master singing and playing is Death Letter Blues as covered by The White Stripes and...
  32. roguetrader

    what instruments do you play and in what musical styles?

    I play guitar and bass well, mind you I should do coz I been at it for 30 + years.... lately I've been trying to improve my singing coz thats the weak point in my performances - I wanna busk more but I don't think instrumental guitar will be as impressive as vocals / guitar so as I say I gotta...
  33. roguetrader

    The Bizarre Houseboats of Britain

    while bizarre houseboats may be found floating in the odd Thames-side hipster borough of London, generally the houseboats over here (Britain) are pretty conventional and boring ! I'd be happy to be proved wrong with someones zany photos though - if you can find the relevant link.....
  34. roguetrader

    How to make better money for hotel room with panhandling, odd jobs, stealing, etc???

    @Jackthereaper - very ingenious scheme - buy one night get 50 free !
  35. roguetrader

    Greetings and Collecting info about Spain, Portugal and France

    I'm not sure about big cities but security on skips / dumpsters in more rural areas of France / Spain / Portugal always seemed pretty lax to me - they were normally unlocked and unguarded even in areas with lots of scavengers about .... In France one good source of cheap food is the Croix Rouge...
  36. roguetrader

    Ride Offered Heading down the 101 in a shitty van, Lincoln Beach OR to LA

    what about a bit of maintenance to the POS van ? might last you a while longer then
  37. roguetrader

    What do you call a train kid that doesn't hitch? A liar!

    200km down the M1 motorway (interstate) on the back of a tiny flatbed builders wagon - the two Asian guys in the cab had no English so it was kinda hard to get across exactly where I was going.... I got to London in the end and later sat outside a squat party there's a massive sonic boom in the...
  38. roguetrader

    How to deal with girls talking and wanting to drink and party with my bf?

    I think the feelings you're having are pretty common - drinking / drugs / partying go hand in hand with the travelling lifestyle and we're always going to find ourselves in mixed groups, getting wasted with people we perceive as attractive to our partners... personally I wouldn't try and control...
  39. roguetrader

    Is it possible to survive in a winter wilderness shelter in -21 weather?

    @Anagor - we had two heavy falls of snow, both early March I think... Devon got it particularly badly for some reason - it was the deepest snow I've ever seen in England without a doubt - 6 foot drifts and country roads impassable for days !
  40. roguetrader

    Is it possible to survive in a winter wilderness shelter in -21 weather?

    it is totally possible to live in a shelter in the wilderness in harsh winter weather -but unless you are wearing high quality mountaineering clothing you will spend most of your daylight hours collecting wood for a fire strong enough to keep you warm the whole time - this is not always easy...
  41. roguetrader

    Best tablets for travel?!

    I use a Nexus 7 but it's 5 years old and despite the devices popularity Google decided not to release a new version for some reason..... so I'm thinking of getting another brand, can I ask why you went for the Lenovo ? I've been thinking about an iPad myself - I'm generally Android orientated...
  42. roguetrader

    Any Good Zines Recommendations?

    anyone seen Factsheet Five this century ? this was a great resource - basically a huge list and reviews of zines covering every topic imaginable - I ordered some great stuff from some real interesting people.... it was also so cool to read through a Factsheet Five list and comprehend the fact...
  43. roguetrader

    Banned fenrirfox banned for trolling

    have to say a lot of people try very hard to stereotype themselves - looking and behaving in the way they think fitting for the particular social group they belong to.....
  44. roguetrader

    why do people come on this site just to behave like assholes ? is there some perverse...

    why do people come on this site just to behave like assholes ? is there some perverse satisfaction in irritating a whole community of people ? \/ \/ \/ (not you Shaggy, the fool below you) \/ \/ \/
  45. roguetrader

    Currency Conspiracy Spotlight

    @Toadandspur - mind me asking how you found out about all this ? I totally believe that the rich elite conspire against the general population to keep their cosy position at the top BUT there are also a million crackpot 'conspiracy theories' that muddy the waters severely....
  46. roguetrader

    Dude from India. Really not a pervert, I swear. Just a broke assed third worlder who dreams of seeing the world.

    make some friends on the internet and try and get a reciprocal arrangement going so if you ever make it to the West you got some places to stay for free - for example I sincerely hope one day to visit India and spend a long time there - if you (or some other native Indians) were to show me...
  47. roguetrader

    Mailing myself to Europe

    @Skab - are you happy giving us a few details of how exactly you did the self mailing trips to Canada and Alaska ? on a vaguely similar tip I know a guy who used to travel around and live in a geodesic dome - when it came time to move he packed everything down onto a pallet and paid a freight...
  48. roguetrader

    My trip to the Gaza Strip and Podcast

    thanks man, I read fuck loads about the Middle East and Western Foreign Policy - two books I would highly recommend to anyone interested in the subject - The Great War For Civilization by Robert Fisk and Blowback (How The West Fucked Up The Middle East) by Michael Luders....
  49. roguetrader

    New member old squatter/traveler looking for inspiration and opportunity

    where did you used to squat amigo ? If yer 44 you might remember the crescents in Hulme, Manchester - they were WILD ! I'm one of the few regular Brits on STP - although some others post from time to time.... I'm from the NW originally but live down in Devon these days - more of a vehicle...
  50. roguetrader

    My music list...

    definitely agree with Union Station - all great musicians but the lap steel player is incredible... in that vein as well, I love the first Old Crow Medicine Show joint, shame they were never as good again... in the classic rock area I love Creedence Clearwater Revival - something about John...