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  1. bazarov

    Yep. It's the woodland camo US one. Was using a combo of a canvas sleeping bag cover and shitty...

    Yep. It's the woodland camo US one. Was using a combo of a canvas sleeping bag cover and shitty emergency bivy before - which fair enough, it did keep me dry through the start of a downpour, but after 40 mins water was starting to come through the first layer. Supposedly the military issue one...
  2. bazarov

    Got my first gortex bivy. Today I'm a happy hobo.

    Got my first gortex bivy. Today I'm a happy hobo.
  3. bazarov

    Experiences flying a sign in Flagstaff

    In my experience your success-rate flying a sign is totally random. "Beer" has been the most useful sign I use, even though at this point I'm not spending every dime I get on beer so it's kinda a lie but what ever. Even more paradoxically it seems like I get more drops if I have a visible tall...
  4. bazarov

    News & Blogs Voluntarily vagrant, homeless youth a 'crusty' urban challenge

    Follows the same template of every other article written about crusties; panhandling, drugs, dogs, side-walk sitting, places trying to criminalize being poor - musta been a slow day for this particular journo.
  5. bazarov

    Ontario To Vancouver/Tofino

    Hey man c'mon, Brave Dave's video was pretty good. good luck though I'd just like to add: Try to go into it humble. There's a helluva learning curve especially if you're planning to go full-time.
  6. bazarov

    Canada --> east to west, somehow, with music!

    @Raggamuffin Hitch out. Smooth sailing until you hit Montreal.
  7. bazarov

    Canada --> east to west, somehow, with music!

    Fredericton, my second favorite place (was there a few weeks ago!). I'm in Alberta and going west on Tuesday, will be in the AB/BC regions till late summer early fall.
  8. bazarov

    Lying about what you're spanging for is blasphemy?

    It's amazing how a little cardboard sign can offend some people so deeply and how it's assumed spangers are getting filthy rich "cheating the system". Insecure wage slaves thrown off by a glitch in liberal society. RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!
  9. bazarov

    Herbal Medicine

    I always have some Kratom on me. You're probably familiar but it's an mu-opiod agonist and basically acts as any regular opiate minus the destructive properties. It's a godsend when my muscles are aching or my ass is sore from sitting on concrete all day - the pain just disappears.
  10. bazarov

    Library Down & Out in Paris and London

    This and Homage to Catalonia are my favorite books by Orwell. I lost my copy of Down and Out in a big hippie bus while hitchhiking and wasn't even mad, seemed fitting.
  11. bazarov

    Hitchhiking with facial hair

    No, not really.
  12. bazarov

    What Do You Sleep in?

    What I'm using now; -5 sleeping bag, canvas sleeping bag cover, and lightweight emergency bivy. In the winter I had a snugpak hooped bivy and it was sick, but I unfortunately lose all my shit quite often so... it's gone. I'm planning to get a 1 man tent and adding a sleeping pad.
  13. bazarov

    Spange Canada?

    I'm currently traveling through Canada(in Toronto, off to Montreal in a couple days). I must suck at spanging because I rarely make $50 flying a sign, but I get a ton of weed and food. Cops never bothered me, one even got me a voucher for a hotel room, bus ticket, and meal - it was dope.
  14. bazarov

    Building a Stealth Squat on Wilderness Land

    No idea but I'm attempting the same thing. I'm going to build a yurt in the woods. Worst that can happen is someone tells you to leave.
  15. bazarov

    anarchism and justice

    @oak moth From my view there seems to be a great backlash against moral crusading occurring within the anarchist diaspora, which I myself am a participant in. Obviously anarchist activity and culture is wide ranging and extensive, and undoubtedly the militant-chique "radical as fuck" crowd is...
  16. bazarov

    Stranded as fuck in EL CENTRO

    The response to this has made me all warm and fuzzy inside.
  17. bazarov

    Stranded as fuck in EL CENTRO

    @Wyle E Coyote You don't get it bro, travelling is a secret brotherhood that only the worthy ones can be given the key to. *gives sign of the road /sarcasm
  18. bazarov

    Restless again

    I feel I know you like a brother now.
  19. bazarov

    Roadside Clothes

    I found an old pair of red wings boots. They were well worn in but became my everyday work boots for 4 years.
  20. bazarov

    Featured Anything you wanna know about living on the road in England?

    How do you deal with the constant rain?
  21. bazarov

    anarchism and justice

    "No justice, just us, comrades united." No idea where I saw/heard that from, but I think it's a concise enough sentiment. Personally, coming from a utopian pov, the concept of justice is negated in an idealized fraternity founded upon the basis of solidarity and autonomy for the individual...
  22. bazarov

    Stranded as fuck in EL CENTRO

    @Toadandspur Fair enough, I kinda see where you're coming from now. Never looked at travelling as a secret society type deal.
  23. bazarov

    Stranded as fuck in EL CENTRO

    @Matt Derrick magical response, so, "what he said." Furthermore, it astounds me how far reaching the ethos of ownership is. My mind can't comprehend how "I got mine" could penetrate into a predominantly homeless culture; this is both crude entitlement—ironic—and pitiful gatekeeping.
  24. bazarov

    hitchhike nightmare tips

    Here's one I came upon through years of alcoholism: Just met the fella/gal? Don't get blackout drunk. Bad, every. single. time.
  25. bazarov

    Nihilism or Determinism? OR???

    Nihilist. I have a hard time grasping the concept of "value" period. I don't recognize inherent or ontological meaning in any sense as the strands of thought that expound upon its existence and importance are as varied and conflicting as rival religious factions. That's not to say I wallow in...
  26. bazarov

    Lonely Anarchist

    In my case, as a fellow working class anarchist, I've purely given up on the idea of being "upwardly mobile" in the sense that I can't see myself sacrificing my spirit to wage slavery long enough to gather the necessary rubles. My own radicalism is in a cartoonish fervency now. I simply won't...
  27. bazarov

    Weirdest thing you carry

    Camp stool. I honestly feel like this is a revolutionary game changer for me. Instead of aimlessly fading off down the highway I pick a spot and sit there comfortably.
  28. bazarov

    Featured Anarchy newbie, recommended reads?

    Ooh oh, my favorite subject. I'm not really sure "dry" anarchist literature exists, but that may be due to my proclivities, there is a unique "evocative" quality that imo is special unto the "classical anarchist canon." What is Anarchist Communism by Alexander...
  29. bazarov

    Greetings from Canada, Eh!

    Starting my eastward (then west again, to Vancouver) journey from Lethbridge, Alberta on the first if any other canucks wanna meet up for an adult beverage or (hopefully) some relaxing herbal smoke.
  30. bazarov

    Xantera is the devil

    Every time I've worked at a national park I've gotten into long, drawn out, labour disputes.
  31. bazarov

    Craziest places you've slept for the night?

    Me and a buddy got stuck in the city and he convinced me it was too late to hitch out (which I'm of the opinion it's never too late, but I digress) so we happened upon this big horse racing stadium near the edge of town. We laid down near the wall and it started getting super cold and raining...
  32. bazarov

    Gear list

    Woah fuck how did I forget about earplugs
  33. bazarov

    Where to get free ebooks?

    Just google the name of the book you're looking for followed by the file type, so like "Brave New World .epub download" etc.
  34. bazarov

    Pretty sweet song

    Just found the song on YouTube.
  35. bazarov

    Pretty sweet song

    From the guy who brought you the cold beer song.
  36. bazarov

    Tent, tarp or bivvy sac?

    I'd just go with a waterproof tarp and wrap up in that bitch. Also if it's not exactly a heavy rain but enough to make you uncomfortable, string up that bitch or make a leanto, sit on your mat and enjoy a beer whilst pondering the mysteries of the universe.