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  1. MolotovMocktail

    Seeking friends to join in explorations of the Pacific Northwest (WA/OR/ID)

    Totally! Looks like the closest destination on your map to me is the mausoleum in Friday Harbor. I'd be down to meet you somewhere close and take a ferry there some weekend!
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    Banned AzureSoul for racist comments in discord

    I'm guessing this is because of the racist shit they were saying in Discord and I'm not disagreeing with your actions but as far as I know, we never really came up with policies on enforcing rules on Discord vs. the forums. I'm pretty sure there have been people who have been banned from...
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    Smart phone vs flip phone

    The first time I hit the road, I had a flip phone, a shitty digital camera, and an iPod that could connect to wifi. Having a smartphone is basically like having a better version of all three of those devices in my pocket. It made traveling way easier by allowing me to look at maps, search StP...
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    Dick's in Seattle has 19 cent cheeseburgers TODAY ONLY—Jan. 29th!

    I can only imagine how crazy work will be for Dick's employees today. Thank you for your service.
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    Featured A reflection on five years on StP

    Ah yes, how could I forget?? That was the first time I trusted Lucia with my life and it turned out pretty well. I was fully prepared to potentially lose all my gear and go in the water but we made it. @Geraldo is the...
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    Featured A reflection on five years on StP

    So I just realized that October marked five years since I signed up for StP and wanted to get some thoughts down about it. I discovered the traveler scene when I was 17 completely accidentally. I was chilling in a park and there were a couple interesting looking people there so I asked if they...
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    Chiang Mai was my favorite city in Thailand! I'd love to go back someday. Have fun.

    Chiang Mai was my favorite city in Thailand! I'd love to go back someday. Have fun.
  10. MolotovMocktail

    Yeah, I grew up in Seattle but am in Bellingham now for school stuff. It's alright but I'd...

    Yeah, I grew up in Seattle but am in Bellingham now for school stuff. It's alright but I'd definitely rather be traveling internationally. :P
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    The Anxiety of Being Mexican American

    I can't tell if you're trolling or not but you're definitely flaming people so for that we've issued a warning. Other folks have been responding to your posts in a polite manner and if you can't have a conversation without name-calling, we will show you the door. While you wait out the 30...
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    Writing prisoners? Anyone with experience or wanting to start?

    This is something I've been curious about for a while as well. All I know is that there are very strict rules about it and if your letter breaks a rule it won't get delivered. Hopefully someone here will have some more info!
  13. MolotovMocktail

    In all seriousness, what do you think the world would look like if tomorrow everyone decided to become a vagabond?

    I think this is an important point and would argue that vagabonds (at least the kind that are present on StP) are as reliant, if not more reliant, on society as other people are. If nobody is producing gasoline, how are you gonna hitchhike? If nobody is working for the railroad, how are you...
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    Korean Ramen, "pb & j"

    Depends on how much your bag gets jostled around I guess. If you've got eggs in a thermos in your bag and drop your bag on the ground, your eggs are gonna be scrambled even if that's not what you want. :p
  15. MolotovMocktail

    Korean Ramen, "pb & j"

    Haven't tried it with cheese but poaching an egg in ramen always makes it a thousand times better. I've only ever traveled with eggs in a vehicle. Any tips for keeping them intact in a backpack?
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    STP memes

    "Uh, thanks for the 35 cents in Canadian money from your ashtray. I'll be sure to use it when I'm not in fucking Wyoming."
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    Banned user 'it's me ryan' aka ryan nash, for staff harassment

    Alright, let's begin the process of dealing with this. First of all, I'm locking this thread. Enough of us know Matt to know this is bullshit but we don't need this to escalate further into a flame war. Threats and insults get us nowhere, even if they are directed at someone who's being shitty...
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    Banned user 'it's me ryan' aka ryan nash, for staff harassment

    I can do that. Should be also mute @Its Me Ryan so he can't just start a new thread?
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    Banned user 'it's me ryan' aka ryan nash, for staff harassment

    I feel like we should lock the thread with an explanation that we don't want a massive flame war but say that Matt will come through later to address the issue in a Den of the Banned thread.
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    Banned user 'it's me ryan' aka ryan nash, for staff harassment

    Yikes. Definitely sounds like a wingnut to me and looks like he should be banned again. That said, I think we should have @Matt Derrick issue the ban and post the Den of the Banned thread with an explanation as to his history with this person. Normally I'd say the staff involved in a conflict...
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    I'm getting ready to leave town tomorrow morning, otherwise I'd be down. :/

    I'm getting ready to leave town tomorrow morning, otherwise I'd be down. :/
  22. MolotovMocktail

    Dirty kids are basically Pokemon trainers

    I always thought it'd be hilarious if someone bought one of those onesies and patched and studded it.
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    Event Cascadia Convergence & Campout 6/29-7/1 WA

    I'm thinking about going to this little gathering if I can catch a ride from Seattle. Thought I'd post it here if anyone else was interested! "The annual Cascadia Convergence is a space for Cascadians to come together to share, learn, connect, and...
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    Banned tatternutz, creeping on female members

    Yeah I don't like seeing this stuff on StP either. I know the reason we don't have a "no specifying genders" rule is because it would seem like a double-standard to ban men looking for women but not women looking for women but I honestly think it's pretty clear when someone specifies gender...
  25. MolotovMocktail

    News & Blogs Featured Bitter to better: Squatters transforming a derelict pub

    Interesting story about some folks squatting in London! Activists and squatters have moved in to a derelict Romford pub, The Bitter End, with the aim of transforming it into an independent environmental and cultural space. In April, photographer Ed Gold spent three weeks living alongside...
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    STP memes

  27. MolotovMocktail

    STP memes

    Ooh, this is gonna be fun. :) @Odin @Oogles
  28. MolotovMocktail

    back at it again

    Wow, reading this was like riding a roller coaster. Good luck on the road. Also, why do you need a crossbow?
  29. MolotovMocktail

    Propane backpacking stoves?

    Is this the adapter? I have this stove that's cheap as hell but I've only used it on butane and wouldn't recommend it for much more than boiling water because it has a serious problem with hotspots. I was using pretty cheap cookware though so maybe thicker cookware would have helped distribute...
  30. MolotovMocktail

    New Starbucks policy: No purchase needed to sit in cafes

    That or there will be a lot more Starbucks stores calling the cops on folks. Ideally they'd install sharps disposals boxes in bathrooms since people already shoot up in their bathrooms and employees can get pricked by dirty rigs. Too bad an international corporation like Starbucks would never...
  31. MolotovMocktail

    Suggestion Date n Time.

    There's nothing inherently wrong with resurrecting an old thread if you have something relevant and useful to add. It only becomes a problem when folks reply to old road dawg posts and stuff like that. Hopefully this new feature will help people realize when the person "passing through SF"...
  32. MolotovMocktail

    Religious Oogles

    Yeah, that's pretty weird. On a somewhat related note, when I was in Thailand I saw Buddhist monks in their orange robes hitchhiking on the side of the road. I would assume they got rides faster than I did. :p
  33. MolotovMocktail

    Do I need a student ID or whatever to get into the University of Washington student union?

    Yeah, I would guess so as well. I've been there a couple times years ago just to use their pool tables, always with a UW student. Couldn't hurt to walk in and see if they have some sort of guest pass or maybe try to find a chill student who will let you tag along.
  34. MolotovMocktail

    Do you identify as asexual

    I'm not even going to attempt to address the absurd statements you're making about feminism and I'm certainly not going to watch any videos about MGTOW, which to me seems to be an extension of the severely misguided "men's rights" movement. What I will say is that any choice you make about...
  35. MolotovMocktail

    My podcast interview with Zero to Travel

    My favorite part is when you were talking about cops and the dude went on a whole thing about how "not all cops are bad" and how people are nervous around cops "for no reason" and you stayed completely silent. :P
  36. MolotovMocktail

    Merry Crustmas everyone - It's that time of year again!

    Oh man, the U District is great for dumpstering at the end of every quarter. It's best when everyone moves out for Summer break though. You could furnish an entire place just with the stuff those kids throw out as well as find lots of unopened food. Happy diving!
  37. MolotovMocktail

    Anyone gonna be @ Folk Life 2018?

    I used to go to Folklife every year but I haven't been for a few years because I got tired of running into folks I didn't like because everyone in Seattle goes. Also in recent years the police presence at Folklife has gotten crazy. SPD sends out hundreds of cops to patrol the area on bike and...
  38. MolotovMocktail

    Seattle, WA

    I grew up in Seattle but have never been homeless there but can answer some of these questions based on what I know and have heard from other folks. 1. They do. I once went to Orion Center for an event with friends and even though I wasn't staying there or asking for resources I still had to...
  39. MolotovMocktail

    hitchhike nightmare tips

    I've never met anyone who does this and don't see why you would. Usually when someone picks up a hitchhiker they're doing it as an act of kindness, not because they're looking to cut down on travel costs. Maybe if you get a super long ride from someone and you have some cash, you could throw in...
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    Moved to Missed Connections section of the forum. Hope you find him!
  41. MolotovMocktail

    I think garbage is one of the things I'm most passionate about.

    I think garbage is one of the things I'm most passionate about.
  42. MolotovMocktail

    Matt Derrick is a fascist?

    Hmm, if someone thinks that wanting to make a space safe and welcoming for people who identity as "lgbtq/feminists" makes someone an asshole, then they should probably reflect upon their values long enough to realize that they're the asshole.
  43. MolotovMocktail

    MTV True Life: Train Hopping

    "Wait, your crew is in Oregon? No, I meant the other Portland!"
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    Just realized that I never posted a pic of the backpatch on my current jacket. I also handsewed a lining for this jacket with some hidden pockets for lighters and a knife.
  45. MolotovMocktail

    Hijacking water....

    I've tried the soda can shim a few times on locked dumpsters and never got it to work. I think it only works on really cheap locks.
  46. MolotovMocktail

    Well It’s Official, I’m Going To Be A Housey.

    Yeah, this isn't really the right place for that. I would advise taking this to private messages. Please note that I'm not taking a stance on this conflict, I'm just doing my job as a mod to keep things running smoothly.
  47. MolotovMocktail

    Stranded as fuck in EL CENTRO

    Hey, this isn't really the right place for that. Try posting a new thread with some info about yourself in the introductions section. Welcome to StP!
  48. MolotovMocktail

    Busking for Bitcoin

    I've heard a few people say this recently but a few years ago, there was pretty much no reason to buy Bitcoin unless you were trying to buy drugs, weapons, or illegal porn online. It's only recently that it's really taken off as a legitimate investment source. As for the OP, I agree that not...
  49. MolotovMocktail

    Roadside Clothes

    I have a pretty sweet corduroy blazer I found sitting on top of a dumpster. I get compliments on it every time I wear it and enjoy people's reaction when I tell them where it came from. :)
  50. MolotovMocktail


    Hi, welcome to StP! Normally introduction threads have a little more information than this. If you want responses from the community, it'd be helpful if you told us a little about yourself, what brought you to StP, etc.