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  1. Anagor

    Hello introduction want to meet adventurers

    Welcome! Greetings from the other side of the world! :)
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    How many pairs of clothes do you take with you on your travels?

    Where do you get woolen clothes from? Are they not quite expensive (compared to cheap cotton t-shirts or hoodies)? My clothes are pretty much ruined, so I think about where to get some new stuff (or used) for cheap ...
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    Can you come to Bonn, Germany? Would like to have a few beers with you. ::drinkingbuddy:: Just...

    Can you come to Bonn, Germany? Would like to have a few beers with you. ::drinkingbuddy:: Just kidding, have fun in Portland! :)
  4. Anagor

    Best place to do community service?

    Was that for those 2 unopened beers at the beach? Never did community service, but I would suggest homeless shelter, day centre or church. If homeless shelters/day centres are similar to the ones I experienced in UK, it should be easy work (like giving out meals, preparing packs of food or...
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    How many pairs of clothes do you take with you on your travels?

    You have a kilt?
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    How many pairs of clothes do you take with you on your travels?

    That's why I almost always wear underwear. Had it a few times that I sat down with legs crossed and ended up with a huge rip in the crotch area. Worst experience with going commando was with a pair of sweatpants with age-worn elastic. I don't like sweatpants anyway, but those were really bad...
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    Best way to panhandle?

    deleted cause of double post for some reason?!?
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    Best way to panhandle?

    First of all ... know the law. Don't have hands on experience about the situation in US since I'm from Europe, but I think it can be different from State to State, County to County perhaps even. For example in UK begging is illegal and you could get arrested for flying a sign or asking people...
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    Nice! A good friend of mine made a similar top once. I really admire the patience and dexterity of people modifying clothes like you did. I don't have this. I barely have a motivation or patience to quick'n'dirty stitch together something with dental floss or alike. So all my "punk" clothes I...
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    Never disappoint the god of gutter punks! ::drinkingbuddy::

    Never disappoint the god of gutter punks! ::drinkingbuddy::
  11. London - Camden Town

    Comment by 'Anagor' in item 'London - Camden Town'

    Made similar experience once as I sat near Borough Market (Southwark) on a saturday ... was about to make some money with my harmonica. Made no money for an hour but within 20 minutes I had 4 large (expensive) bags of pasties. All from (apparently) tourists who paid like 8 pounds for one or two...
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    Photos Featured Up and Down the Coast (Good Time With Good Mates)

    Yeah, same here. Some people like to blend in with members of the general public. Me not. Ripped jeans, vest with most pocket partly ripped off, broken shoes, dirty backpack, fuck it ... Never made really bad experiences, though. Sometimes I noticed that security was following me around in...
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    UK will always be part of Europe. At least as long as they don't move their islands away to...

    UK will always be part of Europe. At least as long as they don't move their islands away to somewhere else. ;) Not part of the European Union, though. Perhaps. Nobody knows if the Brexit comes or not and if in what way. But it's okay, plenty of time left. 19 days to be precise, lol
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    Walking shoe recommendations?

    Sometimes I'm jealous of people who like to wear boots cause, yeah, if you have good ones they will last for ages. But I'm used to wear lightweight shoes since like 30 years and I really hate wearing boots. I can wear boots or other heavy shoes for a few hours or so while doing some gardening...
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    Hello from the Netherlands!

    Hello from Germany and welcome to StP
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    Why you DONT want to be a Gypsy (from meeting the real gypos.)

    Another thought ... What's the point categorizing people in the first place? Everyone is an individual person. Okay, to some extends you can categorize. I would describe myself as Cis Male, citizen of Germany and (when I work) Software Developer. Because that is what I am (sex, where I was...
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    Why you DONT want to be a Gypsy (from meeting the real gypos.)

    Yep ... There are even political parties calling themselves pirates: :)
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    Schwillam/Sirius/Dru/Sean/Audio/What the fuck Ever.

    Just one thought I wanna chip in ... Drug addiction is no excuse for being an asshole. I don't do what normally is referred to as drugs (I like to drink and I'm a nicotine addict, weed rarely) but I met many people in the last years who have a serious heroine habit/addiction. Some of them...
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    Dealing with damp in my house on wheels

    Not from personal experience, but I read that cat litter helps. Just put some of it on one or a few trays in your van. Cat litter is very hydrophilic, so it apparently even absorbs moisture from the air. Other people recommend to put salt (which is also hydrophilic) in some socks and put them in...
  21. Anagor

    Infected tooth ... swollen lower jaw

    Yeah, that's true. But anyway, my problems went away. After some time of taking Ibuprofen and cleaning my mouth with water and garllic. Thanks for caring and all your input, though. :)
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    St Augustine anti-homeless group harasses StP community

    It is horrible how "conservative" and bourgeois people call themselfes "Christian" while they do quite the contrary what Jesus taught. I know many Christians who do very good things. Helping homeless people with food and clothing and toiletries. Like a weekly foodrun in Bristol organnized by...
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    Looking to interview Hitchhikers for a Magazine in NYC

    Well, maybe yes. But I would suggest before you talk to someone and allow an interview and photos to be published ... make a contract that you need to authorize that interview and the photos. For example: some time ago a friend of mine was interviewed by people who claimed to "help the...
  24. Anagor

    Fast place to crash in Berlin

    Hi! Have not been traveling to/in Berlin yet, but you should find a lot of punks and potential squatters at Alexanderplatz ("Alex") ... They might know where good places to sleep or good squats are located at the moment. Also, as I heard, there are...
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    Crusty by Choice or Consequence

    Well, I can understand where you are coming from and yes, you are right. On the other hand after having to follow some kind of dress code all my life (first cause of parents/school, later cause of studies/work) I found it liberating to just wear what I want without caring about what other...
  26. Anagor

    Olive Green: The adventures of a weirdo

    To add to what @almostvicious said: Have been in Antwerp and it was really nice. There was a squat a bit outside of the city, apparently a residential area built for Army employees, was about to be demolished. I don't think it's there anymore, but there should be other squats around. Be...
  27. Anagor

    Calling all dumpster diving friends

    Yeah, a few fuckers can ruin it for everyone. Same with sleeping rough. When I sleep in a doorway, I'm up and leaving quite early (like 6am) and I don't leave anything behind, no trash, not even a cigarette paper. I make sure everything is clean. Others sleep late so the owner/employee of the...
  28. Anagor

    Calling all dumpster diving friends

    Same here, plus donations sometimes (especially in winter, around Christmas). Never took much, though. Don't like to carry around stuff and also don't mind wearing super worn out stuff, so I mostly only looked for clothing when it was really needed. Often, when I found or was given something I...
  29. Anagor

    Calling all dumpster diving friends

    True. But actually, I never had this and did not need it cause I never "dived" literally. I just opened containers, dumpsters whatever you call it and looked inside. If I saw something worth it I carefully tried to get it out. Used a stick sometimes to dig around. But never actually climed into...
  30. Anagor

    Calling all dumpster diving friends

    Yep. Also, especially if you get clothes from charities' dumpsters, check for durability. There may be a reason they threw it away instead of selling it. Once I found a pair of jeans my size in such a dumpster and I liked them. Had a few tiny rips here and there and the denim felt quite soft...
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    Calling all dumpster diving friends

    Good for clothes and shoes as well. When the students are going back home (especially if they are from a foreign country far away, let's say in your case Europe or Asia or alike) they normally leave behind everything not really personally valueable to them. Space in suitcase(s) is limited so...
  32. Anagor

    Olive Green: The adventures of a weirdo

    Nice to read about traveling in Germany. Funny thing is, being from Germany I never really traveled here. Most time I spend in UK, some time in Belgium and Netherlands. Went to Basel once for two weeks, was cool. :)
  33. Anagor

    Noob's Introduction.

    Hi! Welcome to StP! Don't worry about that. I started traveling 2014 at age of 41. Never had left my parent's house as well, did not graduate from University were I spend ahem a few years. Was not really what I wanted to do, I just decided to help family as they needed help. Travelled for...
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    Comment by 'Anagor' in media 'oopsie'

    Stay warm! Hope you have enough warm clothing! All the best!
  35. sib.jpg


    Made this sign on my way to summer solstice two years ago. Made a few quid.
  36. IMG_20171201_094314.jpg


    Traveling pants (might need some sewing soon)
  37. IMG_20161104_104623.jpg


    Squat Bristol
  38. IMG_20161104_153203.jpg


    Squat Bristol
  39. IMG_20161103_135212.jpg


    Squat Bristol
  40. IMG_20170420_122259.jpg


    Squat London Kentish Town
  41. IMG_20170420_163422.jpg


    Squat London Kentish Town
  42. IMG_20170502_182833.jpg


    Squat London Kentish Town
  43. IMG_20170420_122248.jpg


    Squat London Kentish Town
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    Comment by 'Anagor' in media 'oopsie'

    Me as well! To be a bit more on topic again: all the best and I hope it heals soon. Take care not to get an infection!
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    Comment by 'Anagor' in media 'oopsie'

    I wore only once boots the whole time traveling. Those were really good and I liked them cause they were already worn in by me years ago. Actually my old army boots I had to wear during my 10 months army service (was mandatory those days here). Very comfortable and in mint condition (almost, as...
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    Comment by 'Anagor' in media 'oopsie'

    Somehow I'm a shoe killer, lol. I don't like wearing heavy shoes, so I normally stick to canvas shoes, lightweight sneakers or alike. And since I normally get them used they never hold long on the streets. You mean by police? No, they just hooted and drove off.
  47. Anagor

    Comment by 'Anagor' in media 'oopsie'

    Never tripped over shoelaces. But once I was rushing across the street with friends at red light wearing broken shoes, one was held together with tape in the front. There was snow slush on the streets and the tape got loose and I tripped over my falling apart shoe and fell down. Luckily I did...
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    Personal rules, morals, whatever ya call it on the road

    Naw, I miss England, seriously. I miss London and Bristol, I miss friends I have there. If I could, I would take the coach to London this night. Unfortunately I have responsibilities here atm.
  49. Anagor

    Personal rules, morals, whatever ya call it on the road

    Off Topic: nice seeing just another person from Europe and my favourite country here on StP. :) Seriously, stuck here in Germany I miss England big time.
  50. Anagor

    Personal rules, morals, whatever ya call it on the road

    Well, yes. But there is a wide range. There are many people I know who are really talented, playing guitar, banjo, saxophone, singing ... me on the other hand I play some tunes on the harmonica which is not sooo virtuous. But anyway, yeah it's at least I do something, not just asking for spare...