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    Featured Anything you wanna know about living on the road in England?

    hey stinky! Hows it going? I dont travel full time but think can contribute to few things ppl have asked. Countryside can wild camp or sleep out in the countryside pretty much anywhere thats not immediately obvious farmers land including national parks (lake district, up in scotland) without...
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    UK Hitch/hop

    Cool plateau I'll message u tomo :) . Hopping in the UK is obviously less practical than hitching and much less practical than hopping in the us. But getting a megabus a-b for a fiver is probly more practical still but its not as fun.. Mist freight and rail transport in the UK is deasil? Are...
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    UK Hitch/hop

    Any people from the uK fancy a cheap as feck hitching/ hopping trave beginning in England, maybe the north? then heading out into europe. I I've got a fair amount of experience hitching in this country and I think freight hopping is also posible over here and I've got some idea how depending...