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  1. BirdDaddy

    Sharing what i think to be a treasure Looking for somthing like this myself in a year or so. I hope one of you sailors out there can become a captain or a captain commidore or what ever... it's a bitchen boat, he'll of a steal I would go all...
  2. BirdDaddy

    How does one forgive himself?

    I'm having a hard time. It has been one year and 7 days( 1 year 6 days and 17 hours actually) since my ex left me. We were together four and a half years. June 1st 2013 to January 7 2018. She was the light and soul of my life, my reason to thrive. We met while I was on the run from 2 felonie...
  3. BirdDaddy

    Quartzsite Arizona

    I have been doing some investigating and thinking about wintering in quartzside this winter. My brother has been going for several years and says it's promising and warm. Being as I just fucked my leg and am not skiing this year i decided to not be a lift operator at a ski resort or even be in...
  4. BirdDaddy

    quartzsite gemshows... work?

    has anybody on here ever been to quartzsite for the gem shows? im thinking about taking my bus down this year in hopes of finding some labore work. if my leg allows it of course. i was wondering how ez work is to find.
  5. BirdDaddy

    Agreement reached on possession of Bus!!!!

    After a long couple of months, the ex-girlfriend has finally decided to let me keep Finch. Finch being the first bus we purchased together and converted into a home. It’s named after my best friend Cody John Finch Kandler who originally inspired me to live the lifestyle of a vagabond . Finch...
  6. BirdDaddy

    Forced indoorsthing

    I’m not much of a wrighter, I have a hard time spelling and a real hard time sitting still. I’ve been on stp since 2011 and have never posted a thread. Never felt like I had time enough... so here I am laying naked in the hospital trauma care facility with 2 broken feet, a broken heel, multiple...
  7. BirdDaddy

    Hoping Freight Truck?

    I been on and off the road for 12 years now. I have always wondered about the possibility of hoping on a freight trailer at a truck stop. I feel like it could be possible to ride some of these,( I'm thinking short distance, like if stuck in a Podunk town and cant thumb a ride) though once on and...
  8. BirdDaddy

    Capt. Squee, of the USS Squishmitten.

    Ill spare you the small details and make this a to the point post. I'm looking for a man I met in 2013 leaving the national rainbow gathering. We shared quite a memorable road trip. he Acquired the Squishmitten whilst I was aboard its travels. The acquiring of said Ship was the end result of a...