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  1. troublefunk

    Some good rap and real hip hop vibe.

    Love Homeboy Sandman and Edan stuff atm And this mix by Edan is some authentic mash of of what hip hop is imo.He kills it when hes cutting up Jonny the fox meets Jimmy the weed..some back to the essence kinda vibe....The dj Boogie Blind is well worth a listen too.
  2. troublefunk

    Respect to Manchester UK

    Fantastic crew from Manchester who get busy.RESPECTS!
  3. troublefunk

    Top tune of the moment

    Never heard this until earlier today.A gem from 1969.Thanks to the local 2nd hand record shop for putting me on to this ;)
  4. troublefunk

    Killer find of the day;)

    I'm a breakbeat nerd and i turned up this utter gem today.VERY happy indeed.
  5. troublefunk

    Agnostic mountain gospel choir

    I've just come across this band and i'm head over heel's in love with'em! Check the track Rainstorm on my knee's - WOW! Hope you enjoy.