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  1. HundredsOfMiles

    Featured Photos Turns out if you spend enough time in Florida you will eventually be given a sailboat.

    This all started about two years ago. An old hometown friend and I prowling Craigslist obsessively. Chugging sailing instructional books. Politicking with yacht club members. Learning to speak like pirates. We had tunnel vision. Sail off to the Bahamas on a dollar and a dream. We made quite...
  2. HundredsOfMiles

    It is I, says me.

    Hello. I've been lurking STP for a while now and figured I may as well make an account. I started my travels by thru hiking the appalachian trail and I've had the bug since. This year I set out to do the pacific crest trail and made it around 700 miles before deciding I'd rather just tramp...