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  1. Gabriel Pullman

    Portland zwickelmania

    Anyone going? It's free beer. You just have to make it to the brewery. Then the next Some give ya 4 to 6 beers and you do this every hour for 5 hours some breweries are closer to each other than others increasing your beer per hour. I'm using Portland max. Or whatever the rail transit is...
  2. Gabriel Pullman

    Voyage 2018 travels around

    Travels around 2018 Started in Jan off at a pot farm in Cali for travel money. Then hitch north to Bend , OR. Outta Redding Ca. Via Shasta and the head waters After making it back to Bend OR and hang out late Jan. In Feb I went hop train south to the Bay and headed south and hit Monterey Bay...
  3. Gabriel Pullman

    Hop around oregon and surroundings .

    Im bored sitting in Bend OR, bumming it hard. Got foodies and looking for Someone to hop around oregon with me. Had a friend to hop out yesterday but we didn't get out now I'm itchy to go. Anyone wanna meet at the gorge or k falls and go from there? I'm thinking going gorge and then east or...
  4. Gabriel Pullman

    fall winter tour

    Got my bike all loaded, new panniers and handle bar tape. Need a mat and tune up on thursday and new chain .Couple more days of work and get paid. Heading south to k falls via train from Bend, and bike to mt Shasta and Yreka and down the trinity alps hwy 3, and go do harvest and trim
  5. Gabriel Pullman

    Oregon food stamps cut off for ABWA

    Whats people doing for food stamps in Oregon. It said in a letter to me that starting Jan first 2019 all able bodies workable adults are to only get food stamps for three months in any I think three year or maybe one year. Some law got passed. On the back of letter it said categories that keep...
  6. Gabriel Pullman

    New here, like to travel

    I'm new my friend Oscar motherfucking Roth told me about it. I'm here for details on how to travel more efficiently. And to help others do the same.