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    Anyome in Europe right now?

    Hey, anyone traveling or living in Europe right now? I'm currently in the Netherlands. Looking for friends or inspiration on what to do next.
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    Anyone in Europe?????

    Anyone in Europe right now? In a bit of a funk, looking for some friendly faces or fresh ideas
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    Songs for Busking

    What are some good busking songs, specifically for Mandolin and Banjo duets? Right now I have some songs but I'm always looking for new material. Some I like to play right now 16 Tons Forgot My Name- barefoot surrender I Will Rise - lost dog What's Up- 4 non blondes Fear Not- rail yard ghosts...
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    Ride Offered Austin / San Antonio

    Hey, looking for a ride for 3 people and 2 dogs out of Las Vegas new Mexico if you have the space. Thanks!
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    Squats/Communes/Communities in Europe

    If you're looking for squat communities you have to realize that they are people's homes, not just abandoned buildings. Don't just show up at the door and expect to be let in. All my squatting experiences in Europe we're because I met people on the street that became my friends before they would...
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    Seeking Ride Seeking ride, dallas to Nola or anywhere close

    3 people 2 dogs looking for a ride anywhere in the direction of Nola. Been in this shit hole for too many daysa
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    Who's Heading to New Orleans for Voodoo Fest/Halloween?

    When does she want to leave? I'll message you
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    Seeking Ride Need ride to Washington Gathering

    Made it to Bend OR who's arounf let's goooo
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    Seeking Ride Need ride to Washington Gathering

    2 travelers, 2 dogs, looking to get to the Washington regionals. Currently in Reno, going to try to make some miles to Roseville and north. Can help with gas and stuff. Thanks
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    Ride Offered Rochester NY to CO

    Thanks for the offer I'll let you know when we get to denver area
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    Seeking Ride West from Michigan

    May be able to help, have you left Michigan yet?
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    Ride Offered Rochester NY to CO

    Room for 2 or 3 plus dogs and gear and such. All I ask is for help with gas, jugging or pitch, whatever you prefer. Leaving this Friday the 30th. My burner car is on its last legs (or should I say wheels) so no guarantee that we will make it all the way to Denver with it. Be prepared to continue...
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    Looking for a stolen dog

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    MTV True Life: Train Hopping

    MTV is literaly asking people to commit suicide. Whatever oogles actually sign up for this shit will get boot stomped to death next time they’re spotted at the hopout. But maybe MTV should film that too so that yuppies are actually discouraged from riding trains for their summer vacation.
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    Fellow vagina-owners, help me out!

    Baby wipes are important but be careful which ones you use. Certain types have chemicals that will throw off your natural pH. Go for fragrance free ones. I know some Walmart’s have a brand called Water Wipes that are mostly just water, really good for staying balanced. Also stay away from...
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    How to make a lot of money quickly

    I need to make around $1000 dollars quickly, like within a month. Anybody have any unique suggestions? The plan right now is to find a job and then also spange/busk on the weekends. I'm also open to something like being a cam girl (although neither me nor my boyfriend are that comfortable with...
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    I got puppy fever like mad. Seriously need to get a pup of my own real soon

    I got puppy fever like mad. Seriously need to get a pup of my own real soon
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    New Here: looking for a squat in mainland europe

    Me and my road dawg are actually staying at a squat in Maastricht right now. There’s a pretty decent squatting scene if you do decide to go to school here. In the meantime I would recommend heading south, maybe to Spain. Their squatting laws are super relaxed so even if you don’t find an...
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    First thing I see in Amaterdam, some yuppie with “true hobo” knuckle tats. What the actual fuck

    First thing I see in Amaterdam, some yuppie with “true hobo” knuckle tats. What the actual fuck