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  1. jacketpunk

    Howdy! Im Vincent

    Hey! Im Vincent! My pronouns are he/him, im gay, and im a MINOR! Im a long time lurker but a first time member haha. I haven't squatted/traveled before but i hope to soon. Im a punk musician (in a band with my best friend @faunsrotting), a busker, and a big fan of horror movies! Im happy to...
  2. Romanriff

    Can you walk long distances with a heavy pack?

    I usually have no problem walking long distances, in fact I kinda like the satisfaction I get from walking town to town. I got a new pack that holds a lot more stuff but I don't know if i'll be able to walk long distances lugging it around. I don't know how much it weighs but the pack is almost...
  3. James Meadowlark

    Jax, FL- Free Dental Fillings/Extractions Feb 6-10, 2017

    This turned up in my inbox today. TIFWIW, I'm not part of this organization, but thought I would share. If you need some dental work, perhaps this opportunity is for you. Really a PSA, and I'm not sure this is the right sub-forum for announcements. According to the flyer you must not have...
  4. MetalBryan

    28 days for $420, become a yoga instructor and eat free meals

    To be upfront, I don't know shit about yoga and don't fancy myself being restrained enough to live here for a month... but my friend was telling me about this last night - Living Yoga Training - Month Long Immersion Program -...
  5. Bozo Tuna


    Greetings from a can of Tuna with a little mayo and pepper. you can call me Tuna, Im a musician/guitarist who travles, most recently came from Eugene, OR - Kansas City, KS, im into alot of music ranging from Elliott Smith to Nirvana and even some blues like John Fahey. i got a shitty old Ibenez...
  6. Peterbeanpan

    Is it basically impossible to hitchhike with 4 people?

    My friends and I are going traveling later this year and we were wondering if having too many people will cause real problems. Is 4 at all possible to hitchhike with?
  7. MattsType

    A New Book About the Short Life And Times of Jared “Goblin” Kindred, A Traveler

    For a new and interesting perspective on train hopping and the subculture of modern traveling kids in the U.S., take a look at writer Dave Kindred’s recent book, “Leave Out the Tragic Parts: A Grandfather's Search for a Boy Lost to Addiction (2021).” The book is about Dave Kindred’s grandson...
  8. BarkingDog87

    therese and mads

    Hey! Missing Therese Fredgaard and Mads P (for punk) last seen in copenhagen (I guess)
  9. Matt Derrick

    The Complete Guide to Using StP

    Read This First! 
    Welcome! Hey there! I'm Matt Derrick , the creator of StP. I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Squat the Planet website and thank you for taking the time to sign up and join our community. There's a fantastic amount of information available here, so I've designed...
  10. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    The latest trend in RV'ing: Getting way off the grid

    News & Blogs 
    (CNN)Recreational vehicle makers often boast how their RVs and trailers can feel just like home. Besides their cleverly packaged bathrooms and kitchenettes, when you park your rig at a campground you can find something else that will make you feel you never left home: neighbors. Often lots of...
  11. Crust Wagon

    I used to be a Nazi. Here's how I changed, and what I Learned.

    ______The title isn’t clickbait. About a year ago today, I was a diehard Nazi. To understand how it happened, I’ll give a little background into what kinda person I was, and what was going on in my life at that time. _______I had begun to take interest in right-wing politics around the age of...
  12. Scat

    Beware! Steven "Huck" Boutwell

    This is a warning post for the traveler underground about u/huckstah on reddit, also known as Steven "Huck" Boutwell or Hobo Huck. You might recognize him as the person who organized the Vagabus/Volunteers on Wheels, or know him as the “founder” of the subreddit r/vagabond. I was a member of...
  13. laxman

    On the road again

    Hey friends! I'm Adam, I've been living the square life in Ontario for a few years and have come to the conclusion it's definitely not for me. Ended up living in a park in Ottawa and remembered why I never settled down. Before I tried to settle in Canada I travelled the world on a budget...
  14. writhe

    SEEKING ADVENTURE (intro post)

    ESOTERIC BUT IN AN INCONVENIENT WAY / WEREWOLF-PASSING MIDWESTERN'ER WISHING YOU WELL you can call me Levi or Writhe or Bruiser, i'm a screen-printer and a walker and mischief-maker & I can fool you into thinking that I know a few tricks on the banjo, too. also really into d&d and my dog...
  15. Namesless

    Hitchhiker and homeless laborer, checking in!

    Hey everyone! I've been homeless in the US (mainly on the east coast) since 2009, and hitchhiking is my primary mode of travel full time. I work seasonally in constructions and carpentry, but my biggest passions are folk music (I play the balalaika) and exploring new places with my animal...
  16. Moonbaby

    Experiences with smoking ganja in public ?

    In NY you can smoke weed in Manhattan and no one looks twice. It’s been decriminalized and the cops don’t really give you trouble. California I imagine people giving the least amounts of fuck depending where you are And that also goes for the other states that have legalized it for recreational...
  17. Raggamuffin


    I've found this works incredibly. ~ Baking soda ~ * Supports oral PH balance so less chance of gum disease. * Lifts stains. * Doesn't have to be done daily. Just take a toothbrush (or your finger), dip it in the pot and brush your teeth. It's a cheap, simple miracle. Second best is the...
  18. Matt Derrick

    "The Anarchist's Guide to Travel" is now available! or suggestions for the next edition, please post here or contact me via email at [email protected] Safe Travels! @Matt Derrick *** Inside the book Almost all the illustrations (including the cover) were done by our own @awkwardshelby! They're an amazing artist and you can...
  19. BikePunky

    Bike Punky (Season 3 Thread)

    Howdy, y’all. Long time no post since I hit something like 10k miles in saddle during the last tour. I took time off in Tucson, the Slabs, and then started a job at a ski resort in the sierras these last 4 months. I’m down to four shifts at work and a little over a week housed up. I’ve been...
  20. Maki40

    How to get cheap/free health care?

    So, I came down with something 2-3 months ago after riding the greyhound cross country like a cold maybe rona (I did lose my sense of smell and taste entirely), and the symptoms went away but I developed tonsillitis (swollen tonsils and lymph nodes) which hasn't gone away for like 2 months now...
  21. L

    Advice for rubber tramping with no AC

    Hello, im curious about what other people do, and have done in the past traveling in a van with a dog, with no working AC. Im considering eventually buying an rv roof mounted AC, but thats alot of cash and a ways away. Iv slso considered installing a roof vent to help release the heat. Also...
  22. PrisMiQue

    Traveling with a child

    I’m getting ready to head out and hope to be able to travel more often from now on. Being a new mother for almost two years now I haven’t don’t much traveling and prior to that I wasn’t able to leave my city, so now Im really wanting to explore, even if at times I can only go for a weekend...
  23. EphemeralStick

    Tips for bad knees

    So i'm pretty hard on my knees because my work; a whole lot of bending, lifting, and crawling around. It hasn't been a problem until the last few days when they've started to really ache, even when i'm sitting or laying down. I was wondering if any one else has knee pain and if there's...

    So what up?

    I've been part of this stp for a while but I haven't really got into it yet I've been traveling since 2007 but the last couple years I've slowed down, don't really know where and what to do so if there is anyone in the same position hit me up or offer me some good advice
  25. ali

    Back in Canada, hoping to ramble

    Hey, i guess i should write an official intro since i've poked my head in the Discord and a few threads. I'm Ali, or Al, whatever. Came up as a raver, mostly underground acid/techno and outdoor parties. I've spent much of my adult life doing regular work and only traveling for shorter periods...
  26. Staylowrideatnight

    Don't bring citizens on trains

    I have a lot of great travel stories and don't want to bombard anyone with too many so here's a few for the kids. Many years ago I was bunked out at a good spot all just enjoying the moonlight smoking my cigs and drinking my last few beers waiting for a good ride and I kept seeing these teenage...
  27. Peterbeanpan

    Low key hikes in the Southern Colorado/New Mexico area?

    Heading that way soon and looking for some spots
  28. Peterbeanpan

    Anyone hit me up if you need info about the MSP area

    Guide / Tutorial 
    I am from Minneapolis/Saint Paul and know the area well, hit me up if you need help.
  29. lochnessless

    Ready to catch out of the Midwest, seeking like minds and connection

    I've been dreaming, literally and figuratively, bout hopping freight trains since I was a teenager. I live real close to the tracks here in the town I'm in. Been studying this yard a lot, talking to some of the train crew too. I work with a small construction co. directly next to the train yard...
  30. packrabbit

    Hello! I’m Bunny :)

    Hey there, not really sure how to best introduce myself. Friends call me Bunny, I’m a woman in my late 20’s and rubber tramped a bit around the west coast in my early 20’s. Getting some gear together and looking to start hitting the road soon now that I got the covid vaccine. I’d like to learn...
  31. MiztressWinter

    Sex in public places? Sure!

    So..I'm curious to know if any of you have had sex in a public place, and would like to share your story. What's the craziest place you've ever had sex? Did you get caught? Was it thrilling, or lame? Do you have a fantasy place you'd like to try out but haven't yet?
  32. MrFeels

    The Trump presidency led to one good thing...

    It had been decades since I punched a natzi. I'm totally in those mid life crisis years, So it felt damn good to punch racist jerks again. 👊
  33. PUNk

    What a great drunk find!

    Im new? And old... Yar. Intresting place glad i found it. Ello ello. Az sucks .. Fucking summer is comming....
  34. Hobo richard

    Have to give up ganja

    Long time smoker (40+ years), other than cough, no problems. I am in Washiington State, a cannabis legal state, and right after i started buying legal weed i started feeling waves of nausea. Sometimes i might sneeze hard two or three times which helped. Worse in the mornings... soon no sneezing...
  35. Childgoddess

    How to find free tarp and corage?

    I'm extremely tight on fundz right now, I want to make myself a emergency diy shelter with corage, a tarp and with some trees. Where are some free places that might help assist with getting me these things?
  36. Jillibean

    Hi from Alberta canada

    I'm a albertian living full time in my airstream .looking to hopefully get outta Canada to travel the states California to new Mexico or route 66. I like to adventure with someone else I have good frugal skills ,can cook on a fire, and bush craft all winter in Canada is is surviving it. I'm very...
  37. WildVirtue

    Captain Hotknives' Greatest Hits (Comedy, Anarchism & Community)

    I reckoned people here would get a kick out of this great comedian from the UK. He's entertained at many a campaign benefit and is one of the old school open cast coal protesters. Mixing folk, ska, punk, bluegrass and pop paradies. I’ve been compiling a library of comedians content to be able...
  38. writhe

    how'd you come up with yer tags?

    do you tag stuff? how'd you come up up with your tag? always curious how people pick theirs. can never commit to just one....feel like i'll find one someday that just 'fits' but haven't come up with anything too clever just yet. these grease pens are burning a hole in my pocket
  39. Uni Vera

    Off Grid Living

    Wanted to show you guys where I'm staying for now :D that is a very unfinished hut but I like practicing more primitive camping. Theres a trailer underneath the green tent that is the house. Been here for two years but the weather is just soooo nice right now and the west coast is calling me
  40. Wc517

    Good dual Self defense/utility knifes for a reasonable price?

    I would prefer one with a sheath that can strap to a belt or something. Also are throwing knifes practical? They would be cool to have but don't seem to have much use, other than being a cheap, legal though less effective replacement for a gun.
  41. Oreoman2002

    +10 Luck (lucky charms(not the cereal!))

    Question Photos 
    What lucky charm do y'all's have that you can't leave home without. I'll start. I've got a sonic screwdriver that I carry everywhere I go. It's been with me for years and I know it's just a prop (that also functions as a nifty IR remote). I never realized how much this thing I carry in my...
  42. slapnuts

    urbex fiend that lives in a van sometimes here

    hey there, i'm a dude based in the north east USA, (bum fuck central NY to be exact). every few months I do some traveling with a friend, we travel a few weeks at a time while living in his conversion van and it's always a hell of a time. needless to say i've spent a couple months of my life...
  43. Matt Derrick

    Website down time 1/4/21

    Website Updates Resolved 
    StP was offline for the past 24 hours due to a hardware failure in the server hosting our website. Unfortunately it took quite some time for the hard drives holding our website to be transferred to another server, which is why the down time was extended for so long. Everything is back up and...
  44. spoons

    stealth camping round bozeman mt

    hey folks, i'm moving my sis out to bozeman mt where she'll be training w a wildfire crew out there! we don't have a place to stay and are thinkin of just camping out-anyone here have any suggestions for where around bozeman might be a good place to camp for a few nights? already looking...
  45. MetalBryan

    Living at Airports

    Here's a short article about people living at airports, with some updated stats about the pandemic.
  46. Nickseck

    Tips on not fitting in?

    Hey everyone, I recently graduated from college and I’m saving up money as a DoorDashing driver so I can pursue my dream of living nomadically and visiting every county in the United States. I’ve already completed 13 states and I plan to finish up the East Coast next year. Most of my friends...
  47. Ozarknomad

    My Intro: Hi yall!

    Hey guys! I took the opp to read a bit before posting an intro and almost just didn't because I'm really not cool enough to be here. But holy wow, what an awesome community! I am super stoked this place exists because I haven't traveled in ages. These days, I'm a single (for 11 years/ asexual?)...
  48. Matt Derrick

    What is Squat the Planet?

    The Mission Squat the Planet (StP) is a travel community exploring nomadic lifestyles through minimalist travel. That’s a fancy way of saying we’re a bunch of nomads, migrant punks, hippies, and other misfit travelers that believe in the DIY ethic born out of the anarcho-punk counter-culture...
  49. Jake00

    Long time lurker, saying hi for the first time

    I'm just a dumb kid when it comes to this stuff, but I've been thinking about hitting the road for a little while lately and I was hoping I could make some friends eventually. Im really into music, been going to shows for a while and I love Ska, punk, and hardcore. I'm also a big fan of board...
  50. radulphus

    New to the website

    Hey, I'm new. I really love the concept of squattheplanet, and I am looking for like-minded individuals that are eager to travel and explore the world. I reside in Melbourne Florida, and I am ready to give it all up to travel. I've been homeless before for 5 months of my life and it was the...