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  1. Hazardoussix6six

    Off and lost,

    So I've been off the road for just over one year . I've also fell back into a toxic relationship I've been on and off again for the past 4 years. An per usual its gone south with my x cheating on me again while I was locked up in kenton county KY. Don't get me wrong I love this girl to death...
  2. Hazardoussix6six

    my mistress, the road

    so as a travel sick being I always seem to find the one love of my short life...'The Road. she's always there when I need her, always welcoming with open arms, an always there no matter where I roam. when I'm housed up doing the 9-5 life, with a gf and car etc...shes always in the back of my...
  3. Hazardoussix6six

    The Pie Hole; Denver, CO

    If anyone is ever out in Denver you gotta hit up this pizza joint call ThePieHole. Dollar beers and some amazing pie! Munching on a potato slice right now. Also the entire inside is decorated in graffiti just a cool little punk pizza spot! Check it out!!
  4. Hazardoussix6six


    If you know what a steelie is...kudos. turns out you love cheap ass booze. Also tho, that shit creeps, for the price steels r king. Can get 2 24oz steels for 2.67$ in Indianapolis. Not so bad. A single pbr of the same oz is like 2.25$. Who's got a good/cheap beer story?!?!
  5. Hazardoussix6six

    Got jumped in a hick(ass) town.

    So first of all this did not happen while I was traveling. Happened in my home town actually, About 2-3weeks ago. So details are a bit fuzzy *insert copious amounts of alcohol here* but here's a jist of it. Little background on the town. Lawrenceburg,IN located about 40 miles west of...
  6. Hazardoussix6six

    Float, 2 the unknown.

    Here it is, my exit from a more than toxic city for myself. Cincinnati,oh the downfall of my trust and reliance in friends. After years off and on here I learned Cincy is the fakest city I've ever encountered. After my x cheated on me with my good friend of years, I realize Cincy is too clique...
  7. Hazardoussix6six

    Float returns to the road.

    Hello STP. My names James a.k.A Float. Travelled back in 201`1-2013 but stationed up here in cincy an been here ever since. This week I'm back to the road though. Plan on heading straight south till I hit the coast then west through Nola and Austin. No set plans obviously just have a rough...