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  1. Lefty

    On-ramp Responses: a Smartass's Guide

    The overly concerned pet lover. "You shouldn't have your dog out here like this" Me - "half my pack is dog food, so fuck off" I get really pissed when this happens
  2. Lefty


    Glad you made it :)
  3. Lefty

    Knives for the road

    I carry a Opinel 6 in my pocket and a Morakniv either on my belt or in my pack, depending on where i am. Both are awesome quality and cost about 10$.
  4. Lefty

    Is it a dumb idea to travel with a duffel bag?

    thats a tough call, but i would say shoes/boots. i coudnt imagine traveling with shitty footwear
  5. Lefty

    Is it a dumb idea to travel with a duffel bag?

    like the green military pickle bags? i have carried one, and it did indeed suck cock, mostly because they dont have any kind of frame and will end up killing your back after a while. make sure you tie knots in the end of the shoulder straps, they tend to loosen on thier own and come undone.
  6. Lefty

    Extreme Climate Techniques and Tricks

    Hand warmers for extreme cold... Last winter some lady kicked me down a care package with about 20 of them, while flying in Austin. I stuck one in my boots, under my beanie, in my gloves, and had a couple in my sleeping bag. They can help you stay moderatley warm when trying to sleep if you put...
  7. Lefty

    Throw tent and tarp?

    Is that like one of those instant pop-up tents? They look pretty neat online but have never actually seen someone use one. I have never carried a tent, but am thinking about getting the Eureka Solitare... Idk much about throw tents, are they packable and durable? Main reason i havent invested in...
  8. Lefty

    anyone have experience/opinions with passing a service dog?

    Yeah, your right. I must have misread, or have a selective memory.
  9. Lefty

    anyone have experience/opinions with passing a service dog?

    I have been traveleing with my dog for a few years and have only had a couple issues... You don't want to register him as a Emotional support dog, as its not technically a service animal, actually you don't even have to register him at all, just Google free ID card maker and print one out...
  10. Lefty

    Official 2016 Jamboree Rideshare/Road dog Thread

    If anyone is passing through KCMO on the way there let me know. I can leave as early as the first... Can help with gas, booze, food ect.
  11. Lefty

    Cool Breeze
  12. Lefty

    Cool Breeze

    he goes by john burns on FB... people should know about this creepy fuck
  13. Lefty

    Any military veteran nomads out there?!

    I've been out for a little over a year now, i served 2007- 2013. ... 88m, '09-'10 afghan vet. Traveling is one of the few things that match the intensity, need for change and camaraderie that i liked about the army.
  14. Lefty

    More Dirty Kids Making Us Look Bad...

    i would of just grabbed a cup out of the trash and filled it up with water, or soda if no one seemed to mind or notice :/
  15. Lefty

    New Jersey STP fam. meetup?

    I'm down for the cause... I've been crashing in DE for the past couple months, I can make it up your way pretty easily.
  16. Lefty

    how did you get your "name"?

    My name was meant to be an insult, as I have severe scarring on the left side of my body. For a time I had a lot of trouble with most everything, being left handed... It also fits my lifestyle, I tend to leave a lot of shit behind. I like it though, better then the ones I best not mention here lol
  17. Lefty

    FL > CA. Ever done it?

    Wearing a stetson or cowboy had in Texas will get you rides much faster.
  18. Lefty

    share pictures of your buddy

    My road dog, Armin. Raised him from a pup, he's about 2 years old now.
  19. Lefty

    So does anyone have any jokes??

    they called you an owl...
  20. Lefty

    Weirdest thing you carry

    a 6 inch BN ruler that reads "Trains cant stop quickly! ...You can." the back has a metric conversion chart.