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  1. Jack in the Green

    Kia 'ora (or something) from Christchurch

    Sqwuak, sqwuak, sqwuak, goes the malignantly named troll kiwi. Your country is nearly as bad as your attitude, "eviscerate". I would advise people to skip New Zealand unless you know you really like it's natural assets. There's something off about the people and society here. Maybe it's a...
  2. Jack in the Green

    Kia 'ora (or something) from Christchurch

    Do real people ever actually use that expression? I've heard it in White corporate messages, but I'm not sure I've ever heard it from a real person, much less a Maori. The whole Maori language thing here is super cringey. Maori are cool, but this bizarre obsession with their culture isn't. It...
  3. Jack in the Green

    Strength in numbers?

    I've spent a long time on my own. Years, all alone, in the deepest and darkest realm of civilization. Ironically existing in the midst of a city, living in what I feel was holy sanctuary made from the unholy, and in their midst. Was it time spent well? Absolutely it was... intense self...